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Single Topic Lectures Lecture Series Bhajans  Chanting  Audio Books
 3Cs Success  Bhagavad Gita Lectures 1-18   Bhajans 1  Bhagavad Gita chanting  The Fall of the Human Intellect
 Ancient Wisdom Modern Business    Bhajans 2  Sacred chants  Select English Poems
 Art of Parenting    Bhajans 3  Upanishad chanting  Governing Business & Relationships
Born in Captivity         The Holocaust of Attachment
 Dilemma of Choice        Vedanta Treatise- The Eternities
 Elements of True Service        Thesis on God
Essence of Leadership         
 Excellence of Enlightenment        
 Fundamental Values of Life        
 Glory of Renunciation        
 Governing Business and Relationships        
 Guidelines for Education        
 Harmony In Marriage        
 How to Mould Your Children<        
 How to Practice Self Control        
 How to Select a Guru        
Intellect vs Intelligence         
 Intense Work Is Rest        
 Knowledge of the Ultimate        
Life is to Give         
 Live by Choice Not by Chance        
 Making Relationships Work        
Message for Youth         
 Message of the Gita        
 Middle Path        
 Mind and Man        
 Obstacles on spiritual path        
 Power of Action        
 Power of Devotion        
 Price of Peace        
 Renunciation in Action        
The Art of Parenting         
The Art of Self-Management         
The Fall of The Human Intellect         
The Fundamental Values of Life         
 The Holocaust of Attachment        
The Middle Path         
 The Need of The Hour        
 The Strength of Emotion        
 Thesis on God        
Three Yogas         
 Timeless Truths Classical Living        
 Vedanta The Manual of Life        
 Virus of Attachment        
 Viveka & Vairagya        
 When is Enough Enough        
 Who Am I        
 Your Mind Plays Havoc        

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