Swami Parthasarathy has earned the unique distinction of presenting the timeless philosophy of life in contemporary thought and language through his writings and discourses.

His best selling book, Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities is in its 13th edition and lauded as the 'Book of the Planet'. This seminal work serves as the life manual for humanity and contains the knowledge required for self development. His new book Governing Business and Relationships gives the knowledge to achieve lasting success at work while attaining harmony in all relationships.

In addition, Swamiji has authored five acclaimed commentaries on select ancient Vedantic texts and practices. Another work, titled 'Select English Poems', is a compilation of philosophical masterpieces from English literature.

To impart the knowledge of Vedanta and its practical application to life, he has been traveling all over the world tirelessly over the past five decades. His discourses have been a revelation, profoundly impacting the lives of his audiences.
Swami Parthasarathy has founded the Vedanta Academy in India, which serves as a world resource for Vedanta knowledge through its continual residential courses. The Academy offers complete facilities for the study and research of Vedanta in both short and long term courses. The Corporate Wing of the Academy is a new, modern centre designed to offer residential retreats for management personnel and professionals.

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