Three-year course at the Vedanta Academy


The Vedanta Academy offers continual three year full-time residential courses for students from all over the world regardless of race or religion. The curriculum, composed and conducted by Swami Parthasarathy, includes in-depth analysis of a range of texts expounding Vedanta Philosophy. The study is complemented by select works from English literature and poetry. The course also includes a module for training students in Sanskrit language and verses. On completion, graduates are awarded a diploma in Vedantic Philosophy.

Course schedule

With no weekends and vacations, the course is carefully designed to instil disciplines for the body, mind and intellect for comprehensive development of the personality. To develop the physical body students engage in yoga, gym, sports and jogging. The mind is catered to through devotional singing and a selection of prayers. However, the central focus at the Academy is the development of the intellect through lecture, audio and video presentation, group discussion and individual study. All examinations are open book to focus on understanding rather than memorising the knowledge presented.

Rise 4:15am
Prayer 4:25am
Self-study, Gnana 4:30am
Tea 5:45am
Yoga 6:20am
Gayatri mantra chanting 7:00am
Jogging/Sports/Gym 7:05am
Breakfast 8:30am
Class 9:30am
Campus work, Karma 11:00am
Lunch 1:15pm
Rest 2:15pm
Choice of Gnana/Karma/Bhakti 3:30pm
Tea 4:45pm
Sanskrit lessons* 5:00pm
Gayatri mantra chanting 5:55pm
Group discussion 6:00pm
Community singing, Bhakti 7:15pm
Dinner 8:00pm
Retire 9:00pm

* Timing subject to change

How to apply?

Students between 18 and 30 years are eligible to apply for the three-year course. Matriculation and a basic knowledge of English is required.
Please email us at for further information.

Information for donors

The Academy is funded by the Vedanta Cultural Foundation, a public charitable trust registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act. The Foundation welcomes donors to donate towards student and research scholarships for the three-year course. The students are provided with room and board, tuition, books, stationery, toiletries and minor medical facilities. A patron may donate in full or in three annual installments. The donations enjoy tax exemption in India. Please contact us for further information.