Frequently Asked Questions

What is this 'ancient wisdom of the Himalayas', actually?

One class of thinkers has worked upon the objective world to provide humanity with greater peace and happiness. They are the scientists. Science has made a colossal contribution for human welfare. It has developed the world to near perfection, with press-button comforts. Nevertheless, people are not as happy as they should be. In a perfected world there seems to be only worry and anxiety, suffering and sorrow everywhere. That is a paradox. Another class of thinkers investigated the cause of the paradox. They were the ancient sages living in the Himalayan ranges. These great philosophers analysed the anatomy of an experience. And discovered that the subject, the individual was unattended, neglected to a point of fault. While the world was well taken care of by science. Consequently, the unprepared individual lived in stress and strain in a world of plenty and prosperity. The sages thus focussed their attention on the subject, the individual. And gave out the sublime philosophy of Vedanta. The knowledge designed to rehabilitate the individual to perfection. Access to this knowledge was difficult as it was composed in terse Sanskrit. Over 60 years of study and research Swami Parthasarathy has presented it in contemporary language and thought.

What does the word Swamiji mean?

Swami = Continuous giver, suffix “-ji” is a term of respect.

Why does Swamiji have a red line on his forehead?

Tilaka, the mark on the forehead is to remind one another to dedicate all actions for one’s progress towards Self-Realisation. It suggests that the Self is the supreme goal and that one should endeavour to reach It through every activity of the day.

Why does everyone wear the cream-coloured uniform at the Academy?

A uniform dress code creates a feeling of cohesiveness and camaraderie among members. It dissolves distinction or disparity in the group. Ushers a sense of decorum and discipline. Most importantly, it standardises one’s attire so one has more time to focus on study rather than what one is wearing on the day.

What is the age group of students or delegates at the Academy?

The three-year residential course is open to students in the age group of 18 to 30. The Academy’s short-term programs are open to all above 15 years.

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