Vedanta Treatise – The Eternities

For those seeking answers on the purpose and ultimate goal of human life, this is an intensive answer. The Eternities: Vedanta Treatise is the seminal work by A. Parthasarathy, and forms the core of the findings of over 60 years of research and study into the ancient wisdom of the Himalayas.

  • Vedanta Treatise The Eternities

  • 436 PAGESA. Parthasarathy

    The book expounds the ancient philosophy of Vedanta. It presents the eternal principles of life and living. Living is a technique that needs to be learnt and practised by one and all. The technique provides the formula for remaining active all through life while maintaining inner peace. It helps one develop a powerful intellect to meet the challenges of the world. Above all, the Treatise helps one evolve spiritually. It provides the knowledge and guidance to reach the ultimate in human perfection. The goal of Self-realisation.

    The book is specially bound in leatherette (imitation leather) with flat lay binding.

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