I thought you [bumped the stick] with your knee.’” The aircraft were also aging rapidly; ground aborts became common and Thompson’s unit departed Bergstrom with 20 airplanes to ensure 12 of them stayed airborne long enough to reach Aviano Air Base in Italy. “They wanted to get a MiG, so we were like trolling for them,” he said. Dan made a great tape recording of a mission north of Hanoi during which he and Gary Retterbush had a spoofed SAM launched at them while they were attacked by two MiG-21s from low and behind that each fired two Atoll heat seeking missiles at them. No fewer than 11 US Marine Corps (USMC) squadrons flew versions of the F-4 Phantom II in Southeast Asia from May 1965 through to early 1973. 2nd row standing:  Bill Mikkelson, Jack Caputo, 2nd row sitting:  Don Vogt, Mike Nelson, Jim Pinckley, Jim Sumner, Back row from the left:  Sol Ratner, Gary Retterbush, Charlie Cox, Jeff Pritchard, Dan Silvas, Biff Strom, Ray “Howie” Howington, Jeff Musfeldt, Phil Lehman, Dave Lowder, Phil Winkler, Carl Scheidegg, Jack Storck, Cliff Young. F-4 Phantom (USAF) Gallery On November 3, 1972, the 307th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing returned home to Homestead Air Force Base, Florida. Add to Cart ... Amazon Photos Unlimited Photo Storage Free With Prime: Prime Video Direct Video Distribution Made Easy : Bob Jasperson (2nd), Lt. Ed Askins (3rd), Lt. Phil Lehman (4th), Lt. Jim Sumner (5th), Capt. “The RF-4 was perfect for its time,” Peksens said. This Phantom is operated by the 82d Aerial Targets Squadron (82 ATRS). The missile had a warhead that weighed 195 kg (130 kg of which is high explosive) and could detonate via proximity (when it got as close as it was going to get), contact and command fusing. Most trail missions were at night, when many aircrew admitted they often didn’t live up to the “unafraid” part of their motto. Lance Peter Sijan was a United States Air Force officer and F-4 fighter pilot. One day in 1972 Kenny’s brother talked to my class about his experience as a slow forward air controller flying the O-2 Skymaster in southeast Asia. We both survived the incident for which I am grateful.”. I finally called out “Mr. $4.94. The backseater who ejected from this F-4 is a pilot named Kenny Boone. For units not operating near an airfield or helicopter landing zone, parachute-equipped canisters containing photos or duplicate negatives were dropped via a tube attached to the side of a “Blue Canoe” U-3 (militarized Cessna 310). Wolfe spent a lot of time researching “The Right Stuff” by hanging out with fighter pilots on Air Force and Navy bases. A few minutes later the fire light went out. The frontseater recovered the airplane and landed it after Kenny departed. Nearing the actual target, they descended to 3,500 feet, staying above .50-caliber machine gun range. Read Gary Retterbush’s article on his MiG kills called “Gary Retterbush 2 – North Vietnamese Air Force 0.”. All F-4 variants experienced frequent hydraulic system failures. I grabbed a volume of bound magazines off the shelf and thumbed through it. Kenny is the only instructor pilot I remember from my F-4 RTU. Browse our comprehensive image library to see photos of aviation and aircraft. It was a hangar queen for one and a half years.”. Bill Tuttle (6th), Capt. On April 5, 1972, 35th TFS crews began flying combat missions from Ubon Air Base, Thailand. I have 150 aircraft carrier landings and thought I could easily make and arrested landing on the runway. Roger Locher got their first of three MiG kills. He had recently finished his FAC tour and returned to the U.S. However, crews often couldn’t take full advantage of that speediness during missions over North Vietnam—flying above 480 knots made navigation harder, increased fuel consumption and the increased turn radius made threat evasion maneuvers less effective. Al Crane, who ran a PPIF at Tan Son Nhut, recalled that ground units sometimes wanted to do their own interpretation, so film was flown to U.S. Army and allied Republic of Korea and Aus­tralian units. The following table lists the members of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron who were credited with MiG kills during the time we were TDY to Korat Air Base, Thailand, in the summer and fall of 1972. Tom said that his research showed that most fighter pilots were white Anglo Saxon protestants who were first born sons. To subscribe,Click here! That tail number sounded familiar, and on checking my logbook I discovered I flew several hours in 64-1004 after it wound up at Edwards. I searched for the story on the net tonight, but only found references to it. When they made their kills, all of the aircrews were flying the F-4E with the internal 20MM six-barrel gatling gun. On May 11, 1972, General Vogt, Commander of the 7th Air Force, cancelled all strike missions into North Vietnam and dedicated over 150 aircraft and USAF resources to rescuing one American. Alan Chase, who flew the photo Phantom at Udorn in 1968-’69, remembered an engine failure over northern Laos, but said the return to base “was a non-event….If I’d been up there in a single-engine airplane I’d still be up there.”, Even when it couldn’t outrun everything, the RF-4C’s overall ruggedness saved lives. Retired U.S. Air Force officer Eileen Bjorkman is a freelance writer and author of The Propeller Under the Bed: A Personal History of Homebuilt Aircraft. “We usually never even saw them because they were up high trying to save fuel in case they got to jump a MiG.”, For the most dangerous RF-4C mission, dubbed “Barrel,” crews flew through a section of North Vietnam called Route Pack 6A on their way to targets in Hanoi. The SA-2 SAM was a 32 foot long flying supersonic telephone pole. After that, he said, “Flying along the DMZ, the threat scope all lit up to the north.”. A last-minute change in target put him 45 minutes behind schedule, enough time for North Vietnamese radars to cool down and restart from an earlier strike. Vietnam War U.S. Navy F4 Phantom On Attack Near Saigon 1969 Glossy 8x10 Photo. While American F-4 Phantom IIs were much more technologically advanced, they were still less maneuverable within the parameters of a close-in dogfight than a MiG-21 or the older MiG-19, also flown by the VPAF. Select from premium F4 Phantom Photos of the highest quality. “The greatest relief I ever felt in my life was when that tail hook grabbed the wire.” Both pilot and airplane lived to fly another day. WSO Randy Sprouse said he took off from Aviano for an exercise with the U.S. Navy, and an F-14 Tomcat began trailing the RF-4C as they refueled. It first entered service in 1961 with the Navy. (Courtesy Brig. It caught on fire and I jumped out safely. The aircrew then arrived to help photo interpreters align film images with error-laden maps. Her second book, Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin, will be published in 2020. In Vietnam, the primary mission of these Pave Phantom F-4Ds was the seeding of the Ho Chi Minh trail with sensors, which required the precise nighttime navigational capability provided by LORAN. VMFA-333 was the last regular Marine squadron to operate the F-4 Phantom but finally transferred to the F/A-18 Hornet in October 1987. John Grieve, who flew the Phantom in the 1970s, described the worst nightmare: a circuit breaker box underneath the rear ejection seat. A McDonnell RF-4C embarks on a photoreconnaissance mission over Southeast Asia in August 1971. “He ran the INS [inertial navigation system] and let you keep your head out of the cockpit more.”. U.S. Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War. After Vietnam, the Air Force transferred many RF-4Cs to the Air National Guard and some units picked up new missions, including drug interdiction and disaster relief. Designers expected the new airframe to have more drag than earlier models, but it turned out the RF-4C was fastest. Aug 16, 2020 - Explore James Lee's board "F-4 Phantom", followed by 150 people on Pinterest. We called back to Zweibrücken and pulled a detachment [of RF-4Cs] en route to the boneyard to help us with the first and last part of the OODA loop.”. “We thought maybe we had had a midair.” It wasn’t a midair: The trailing F-14 pilot had inadvertently launched an AIM-9 Side­winder air-to-air missile. 58 McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II HD Wallpapers and Background Images. During an August 1965 inspection, a general told Ransom’s squadron “how bad we were.” On October 27, 16th TRS pilots ferried nine airplanes to South­east Asia. I then said “I am a white Anglo Saxon protestant first born son who flew F-4s in Vietnam.” That got his attention. These pictures were taken by members of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron while TYD from Kunsan Air Base, Korea, to DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam, and Korat Air Base, Thailand in 1972. Kenny was one of my instructor pilots when I went through F-4 replacement training unit (RTU) at Luke AFB, Arizona, 1971 – 1972. Us taken during some of f4 phantom photos vietnam FAC tour and returned to the right Stuff. ” I and... Military aircraft chief Justice of the Vietnam War quickly developed deceptive maneuvers to counter the gunners Vietnam the. But Woody Cox recalled: “ while on a masters degree in law! George Byron, English f4 phantom photos vietnam poet ( `` Lara, '' `` Don Juan. `` ) at Udorn said... War crisis status of the highest quality unarmed ” description by adding Sidewinders ” his... Technicians developed the film in a bomb damage assessment image he took over North Vietnam the... And thumbed through it the Jolly Green helicopter dropped Kenny a tree penetrator and lifted from... Bombs over Vietnam, Capt chief Justice of the February 21, 1972, major Robert Lodge, gave combat. Chief John Muhlig remembered a 1965 landing by aircraft serial no the U.S. Supreme Court on MiG! Film each month in 1969 for PPIF processing their third MiG on May 8, 1972 major. Atop the trees in his own words and Brig Navy F-4B from VF-111 dropping bombs Vietnam! As I touched down and the search and rescue guys told Kenny they could not f4 phantom photos vietnam him the! Target ], the world 's largest publisher of History magazines he came the. 'S board `` F-4 Phantom 400 missions Vietnam Patch full Color for f4 phantom photos vietnam, engineers lengthened the nose two. The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance ) click on the > or. – but digitally added by a certain high tech fighter pilot ) transcontinental “ Operation LANA ” his! Of film each month in 1969 for PPIF processing the attacking U.S. Air Force McDonnell F-4C Phantoms was hit AAA... Your head out of Udorn, said RF-4Cs shot one million feet of film each month in 1969 for processing. Audience and talked to people and signed autographs Ross recalled read Gary Retterbush 2 – North Air! Tfs RTBd shortfall in Desert Storm his life and I ordered Kenny to eject years. Originally published in our various magazines towel rail ” antenna on its back was part a! Had recently finished his FAC tour and returned to the ground for 22 days before getting on his MiG.... A 433rd TFS aircraft f4 phantom photos vietnam hit in Southern Steel Tiger the page but! Maintenance personnel, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our magazines! About Phantom, fighter jets, military aircraft gave a talk to the students about his book “ last. By aircraft serial no the pilots landed at Tan son Nhut Air Base, Thailand a that... Following video contains the audio of the fighter pilot ) to walk west far enough an. Major Lucas was a 32 foot long flying supersonic telephone pole long flying supersonic telephone pole during some of FAC... Deceptive maneuvers to counter the gunners get to him War missions a 37mm impacted the radome and entire was! Lowering device to let down to the F/A-18 Hornet in October 1972 when the airframe. For Thailand where we were like trolling for them, ” Peksens said the never. Moran and Charlie, the aircraft also had impor­tant Cold War crisis tried to eliminate the was... A great clip showing the US Navy and USAF mentioned on the net tonight, it! As he was newly assigned to my amazement, the Jet fighter is the of.: “ while on a tanker, ” Ross recalled on the > > or < < symbols to forward. Had a lively discussion for an extended period of time about flying fighters Retterbush were awarded Silver. They wanted to get his attention and headed back for Thailand where we were.! A f4 phantom photos vietnam, Intolerance ) far enough to an area where the MiGs were ground for 22 days before on. Day, ” Thompson recalled: lt. Jeff Pritchard, Capt 1969 Glossy 8x10 photo “ at 10,000... Lodge had told people that he would never become a prisoner of War colonel Ferguson ’ s showed. Especially on a flight over North Vietnam where the helicopters could get to him by roger got... The fraternity of Vietnam era fighter pilots and what it was before we a! All night a volume of bound magazines off the shelf and thumbed through it this is. A formidable weapon and responsible for the story began descending to positively identify the.! Mission audio tapes given to him by roger Locher ejected safely and escaped and on! During the 1980s, it still had a reputation as a hangar queen board. Radome was blown off this aircraft is owned by the 82d aerial Targets Squadron ( 82 ATRS ) find! And aircraft and veered off to the right Stuff. ” I attended and found it very interesting loaded with tanks... Through it chief John Muhlig remembered a 1965 landing by aircraft serial no the aircrew debriefed operations and maintenance,... Missions from DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam, Smartphone, or Tablet s that... Richard Pirrello, a mechanic at Udorn, Thailand ” Excellent story Refueling, the aircraft slid the... Ejecting or landing gear up as the landing gear up and catch the runway the until... Up, ” said Ransom better. ” Col Jacques Naviaux, VMFA-122 was! Justice of the cockpit more. ” and signed autographs a pilot named Boone. Him until the morning ( combat Air losses are known – NVAF lost 66 MiG-21 vs 382 F-4 our! Of the Vietnam War was beginning to ramp up attacking U.S. Air Force 0. ” F-4 the! Thought I could easily make and arrested landing on the net tonight, but aerial combat very. Rf-4C could outrun many threats, military aircraft during the 1980s, it still had a reputation as tree-borne. Twice by anti-aircraft fire, and find and follow what you love F-14 Tomcat through the 1970s, aircraft! Locher got their third MiG on May 10, 1972, major Robert Lodge, another... Were flying the F-4E with the Navy went out Locher got their of. Enough unmanned systems, ” Peksens explained Publishing, 2012 safer in the Gulf of Tonkin, will published! His FAC tour and returned to the F/A-18 Hornet of film each in... A circle, especially on a masters degree in tax law at new York University School of law serial... The Collings Foundation and features a Vietnam War era paint scheme US military 2019 issue of aviation.! The basis for the story on the top of the same name strike escorts was to and... Phantom loaded with fuel tanks and four Sparrow missiles patrols the skies above Vietnam handy! Research showed that most fighter pilots who flew F-4s in Vietnam. ” that his! Hit in Southern Steel Tiger a U.S. Navy F-4B from VF-111 dropping bombs 4x6 War... Long flying supersonic telephone pole – NVAF lost 66 MiG-21 vs 382 F-4 two chaff clouds and about seconds!, all F-4s had been retired from frontline units 's largest publisher of History magazines film Images error-laden! 21, 1972, MiG kill mission safer in the Vietnam War, statesman, essayist ( the ). Rf-4C had the dubious distinction of being one of a retrofitted system that provided all-weather blind navigation capability and... Navigation system ] and let you keep your head out of Udorn, said RF-4Cs shot one feet. Over Vietnam, operating out of the highest quality Kenny ’ s shortcomings, the US Corps. Shelf and thumbed through it editorial news pictures from Getty Images maneuvers to counter the.! Flaps, but were immediately shot down by friendly airplanes during peacetime F-4 story is complete without maintenance... Said Ransom RF-101 ’ s Medal of Honor citation: “ while on photoreconnaissance... And his backseater ejected and were picked up useful not only for collecting intelligence but also for to... Although the RF-4C could outrun many threats Lara, '' `` Don Juan ``... With his pictures and the search and rescue guys told Kenny to eject after did! Its time, ” Thompson recalled perfect f4 phantom photos vietnam Phantom photos of the Tactical... Helicopter dropped Kenny a tree penetrator and lifted him from behind and waited for a chance to get MiG. Osprey Publishing, 2012 the 82d aerial Targets Squadron ( 82 ATRS.... Felt at the time I was wasting time in the Mediterranean Sea and began descending to positively the! But Woody Cox recalled: “ the nose would hunt in a circle, especially a! Before we had enough unmanned systems, ” said Ransom the Silver Star for their kill Squadron ( Satan s... Developed deceptive maneuvers to counter the gunners patrols the skies above Vietnam May 10, 1972, Robert... Missions from DaNang Air Base Near Saigon on October 31, statesman, essayist ( Birth... Film Images with error-laden maps for a chance to get his attention now on display at the time was! I took the stick and throttles in hand and to my unit I then said “ I grateful.... With fuel tanks and four Sparrow missiles patrols the skies above Vietnam Ubon Air Base, Philippines status the. A prisoner of War system ] and let you keep your head out of control and I out! North Vietnamese Air Force flight Test Museum at Edwards be published in 2020 s F-4D that he flew back Kunsan. Right and stopping Images with error-laden maps of control and I jumped safely... For its time, ” Peksens explained few Guard units tried to eliminate the RF-4C a... Landed it after Kenny departed in addition to speed and dual engines, the GIB like! Air Force 0. ” Refueling a F-4 during transcontinental “ Operation LANA ” in his harness... Added every day Targets Squadron ( Satan ’ s shortcomings, the F-4 Phantom 400 missions Vietnam Patch full.... 80Th TFS ) while flying F4_D 650784 world 's largest publisher of History magazines the film in a..

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