Spandam pointed at the flag on top of the Tower of Justice, and told Luffy that the organization after Robin is over 170 affiliated nations. Sogeking poses after sniping down Spandam. He crushed the CP9 agent and threw him from the Tower of Justice to the main island. Under Luffy's order, Sogeking takes aim at the World Government flag. 1920x1080 Japana-Seven: The 7 best One Piece anime filler arcs - Japanator. Luffy attempted to get it back, but Fukuro evaded with Soru. However, when he lands he is shrunk from the side effects of Gear Third, and hid from Lucci until he can return to normal size. RELATED: One Piece: The 10 Best Episodes Of The The Enies Lobby Arc (According To IMDb) That would be Enies Lobby, a pivotal arc that would not only feature some of the series' heaviest drama but would also present foes that would really force the Straw Hats … Franky shouted out that this is their last chance to escape, as there is an escort ship at the end of the bridge. Story Arcs After the Straw Hats leave Enies Lobby, the story shifts forward two days where the heroes have returned back to Water 7. At the same time, she insisted in her mind that the crew will be coming to save her. Luffy stupidly suggests a few animal combination's with lion (due to the lion shaped sternhead) but Franky makes a suggestion that Iceburg came up with; since Luffy wants to be the king of pirates then he and the Straw Hats should have a ship that should "sail thousands of oceans just like the sun" thus the name "Thousand Sunny". The water began to fill up the passage, engulfing them all. Reunited with Sanji and Sogeking shortly thereafter on the Rocket Man, the Straw Hats, along with the Franky Family and Galley-La, began an all-out assault on the government island of Enies Lobby against thousands of Marine soldiers and the Cipher Pol agents in a last ditch effort to rescue their friends Nico Robin and Franky before they are dragged through the Gate of Justice. The Marines are astonished by the crew, noting that one pirate crew was able to take down Enies Lobby and CP9. Luffy, however, tells Garp and Koby (though forgets Helmeppo again) that he will see them soon and gives one last thanks to the people of Water 7 before Franky activates the the Coup De Burst (a cannon on the back of the ship) to catapult the ship into the air just as Garp launches the ball. In Kalifa's room, Nami's battle seemed to have ended prematurely - she lay paralyzed on the floor as Kalifa calmly took a bath. Spandam fumbled with the control panel for a few moments, during which Lucci noticed Chimney and Gonbe, but does nothing. In the end even his strongest attack could not defeat Kumadori, and he fell, badly wounded. Besonders gut hat mir der Kampf Ruffy vs Lucci gefallen der war wirklich einsame Spitze. 431-441, 11 chapters As a CP9 member, he wore a black one-piece clothing. Sogeking also tells Robin that she is now free to do whatever she wants, and Robin made her decision. Among them is a large waterfall under the island, leading to nowhere except a huge black void, although there is water down there. For episode 291, 2912 and 303, it takes place in the middle of Enies Lobby arc, one of the best One Piece filler. If you enjoy this One Piece Arc review, or are interested in other manga reviews, consider following my blog, or on social media! Article détaillé : Enies Lobby. Meanwhile, Sogeking tried to steal the key from the sleeping Jabra without a fight. The Combatant of the Strawhat Pirates, Zoro was the second-strongest Strawhat in the arc, only after Monkey D. Luffy.… For some reason a large amount of land, as well as the buildings on it, hangs over this void only connected to the rest of the island by a small bridge of land. Next anime → Everyone is curious as to who Luffy's father may be. Shanks is about to meet Whitebeard and does some kind of big entrance, defeating the lower ranked ones of his crew with nothing more than his "Haki". Franky suddenly gets a call from Zambai that the stuff he bought with … Lucci found Luffy, and began to attack him. On the bridge, Franky, Sogeking, and Zoro took on the Captains and Lieutenants, as Franky noticed that there are Devil Fruit users among them, making the fight more difficult. Luffy tried to hit Lucci with a Gigant Whip, but Lucci dodged it as the attack destroyed the mast of the ship. Finally, Usopp realized they were serious about leaving without him so he yells at the top of the lungs that he was sorry and with tears streaming out his eyes begs to rejoin they crew. Spandam ordered the Marines to take back Robin, but the Marines stopped as they see the Buster Call approaching. This forced the Straw Hat Pirates to get a new ship, which turned out to be the. The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the manga and anime series, One Piece, and the third in the Water 7 Saga. They were also wondering what bounties they will get, since the entire Enies Lobby's destruction is blamed on them (while mentioned nothing of Franky Family or Buster Call), but they are all excited—except Nami, who sees it as a bad thing, and Robin, who sees it neutrally. In the moment before Kumadori finished him, he remembered the last time he took three Rumble Balls in a row, and how he woke up to hear that a monster had destroyed much of his village. Enies Lobby has extremely strange oddities that many islands are not known to have. The Vice Admiral ordered him to ignore her, and began to explain about Lucci's past. He explained that if it's Lucci, then he will survive. Meanwhile on an unnamed island, Smoker has just caught another pirate when Tashigi reminds him of the award ceremony for what happened in Arabasta. On the bridge, Spandam dragged Robin by a rope, gloating that no one will ever reach her because he set up landmines behind them. They fired him to a spot near to the Kings of All Beasts and Luffy is seen holding his underwear. As the shock of Luffy's background settles, Garp states that his intention was not to arrest Luffy, as he was his grandson. Hearing Robin's warning, Luffy tried to force his way past Lucci to reach her, but Lucci fought back fiercely and stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to continue the fight. Finally, Luffy reached the bottom of the judicial tower, where he can see the Gates of Justice in front of him. @felixsiauw: “Kenapa Takut Poneglyph? The Franky Family continued to rush to the Gate of Justice; meanwhile, Sogeking (blown off from the attack on the tower) falls to where Sanji and Zoro are located. Them not fighting the main villains wouldnt have affected them at all. The celebration is cut short when the Buster Call arrived, and the top of the judicial tower is blown up. The boy emerged from the explosions, killed the pirate's captain and ended the incident. Garp then tells everyone that, in the end, he entrusted Luffy and Ace to a friend of his to make them into strong Marines. Now more determined than ever, Luffy got up again to fight. Kaku revealed more impressive abilities through the use of his Devil Fruit, using his nose as a larger version of Shigan; the deflected blow easily cut into a boulder nearby. He was the bartender of a barin Water 7 Arc before he was revealed to be an assassin of CP9. There is an explosion as Franky triggered the landmines and is blown into the water, and Spandam laughed that no one will save Robin. Post-Enies Lobby Arc (21) Enies Lobby Arc (13) Friendship (5) Fluff (4) Angst (3) Hurt/Comfort (3) Humor (2) One Shot (2) Flirting (2) Oral Sex (2) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Meanwhile, Spandam gloats with overconfidence until a Marine finally reports in that casualties are mounting at a horrendous rate: over 2,000 so far, with Luffy himself responsible for half that total. As the two swapped blows and taunts, Franky began to flag due to lack of cola, but their fight was interrupted by Kumadori and Chopper, who burst in through one wall. Franky arrived and decided that the only way to stop Chopper is to knock him into the ocean. Franky then states the Thousand Sunny will do everything the Going Merry can do and better and will pick up its torch for the Straw Hats' adventures as the ship escapes from the Marines. 15 years ago, an incident happened where 500 soldiers were captured on an island by pirates. They tried to get Sogeking to leave, but he is slowed by injuries. Aokiji states that he originally intended to end Robin's drifting with her capture, but he himself was very surprised when the CP9 were defeated. He joined forces with Franky, and after "accidentally" giving the cyborg the wrong drink several times, Chopper gave Franky a full cola refill. Nami answers 'yes', but she says that the direction is pointing a little too downwards. The target of a Buster Call is usually to destroy anything from a criminal or group of criminals to an entire island that has proven to be extremely dangerous to the World Government. In the dungeon, Kumadori has Nami trapped with his hair attacks, giving her no opportunity to use her Clima-Tact. Luffy escaped the bombardment, returning to the tower. The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy,, Robin's past which was foreshadowed since the. He encourages Luffy to follow his dreams, saying that the stability of the world must be questioned and that the time they meet will soon come. Two seconds remain in the countdown as Robin moved Luffy towards the sea. He says that the one to conquer such a sea is to be the new "Pirate King" and invites Luffy to meet him there, when both their goals are accomplished: Luffy becoming Pirate King and Koby becoming a new Marine admiral. Luffy’s train is thrown off course, but the group gains a powerful new ally! He wants to stay on Water 7, but also wants to go with the Straw Hats. Luffy broke through it with his new Gear Third. 1 2. Luffy looks on in surprise as he identifies, much to everybody's shock, Garp as his grandfather. The battle with Luffy and Lucci raged on. Meanwhile, Usopp, high above on the tower, came up with a plan. There are a few fillers added before the crew depart the island. Robin admitted she is afraid of death, and tried to escape, even biting down on the bridge to stall for time. He finally takes off his mask, and cried out for Luffy. ; Act of True Love:. Arc Enies Lobby. They proceed to discussing the menace represented by that man. Most of this selection is a chaotic fight scene with multiple characters in multiple locations (as becomes characteristic of the series), but the real meat is the flashback to Robin’s childhood, one of the best moments of the series so far. Meanwhile in the Puffing Tom, Sanji, Sogeking (Usopp) and Franky attempt to rescue Robin. File:CP9 Stands on the Tower of Justice.png, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. In anger, Spandam pushed Franky over the balcony, but Kokoro contacts the Straw Hats and told them to jump into the waterfall. Franky, now super-charged, punched Fukuro out of the building, and their fight continued outside, taking them down into the ocean and then high above the Tower, where Franky ended the fight with his Coup de Vent cannon. Monkey D. Garp, Luffy's grandfather visits the Straw Hats. Sodom and Gomorrah have been patched up as well. Familiar Faces, Family Legacy Revealed, and a Warning, The Battle of Night and Day: Blackbeard vs. Fire Fist Ace. In this episode we cover chapters 375-398, covering the first half-ish of the Enies Lobby arc. 2 - Enies Lobby Arc 1 - Usopp Loses His Temper! Year(s) Released: Spandam is suddenly hit in the head by a missile, and the Marines waiting to transport the prisoner are also attacked. Follow 2114. The ships which do not sink are all empty, and many people speculate that the vacant ships are haunted. Galley-La has begun fixing the damages to the city by the Aqua Laguna, while the Franky Family repairs their house. Spandam, with Lucci and Robin behind him, walked down a spiral staircase, Spandam laughing and taunting Robin all the while. In dem arc gabs wirklich so viele tolle Kämpfe und andere super Ereignisse. RELATED: One Piece: Franky's 5 Most Triumphant Victories (& His 5 Most Humiliating Defeats) However, as the series transitioned into the Enies Lobby arc, the Franky Family became a … Kokoro, who had been drinking, wondered where they went. Sanji is very excited because of the amount of young mermaids there (a dream that is crushed when he remembered that Kokoro is a mermaid,) at this she angrily yells there are much younger mermaids. Luffy goes on to explain that he has nearly been killed many times by Garp in the past. Suddenly an outcry from the shipwrights sound out as they realized a Marine ship has docked at their port, recognizing it as the ship of the legendary Vice Admiral Garp, who cornered the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Open Upon the Great Sea! Lucci informed his commander that they are being followed, and Spandam ordered him to wait behind to hold off any pursuit while he takes Robin to the Gates of Justice. Enies Lobby Location » Enies Lobby appears in 14 issues . First he wore a female mask, then a bear mask after t… Coincidentally, a man named. Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Chopper, the Franky Family, the Galley-La carpenters of Dock 1, Kokoro, Chimney, Gonbe and Yokozuna left Water 7 in the prototype Sea Train, Rocket Man, and head for Enies Lobby despite a heavy storm known as Aqua Laguna. Luffy yelled back that he does not care and wishes to save his comrades first. ; Unexpected Character: Turns out there was one more crew member to help out during the raid of Enies Lobby, and it's none other than... the Going Merry herself! Usopp tried frantically to defend himself against Jabra, but even his new Kabuto is no match for the CP9 agent's speed. Jabra finds Kaku's new appearance very funny indeed, and they get into an argument until Zoro reminded Kaku of their fight. Meanwhile, Franky and Fukuro's battle continued into the kitchen, each one trying to punch harder than the other. Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. The Marines now noticed that the pirates are escaping through the escort ship, fire at it, and destroy the ship. 1024x1536 Nami: Enies Lobby by Dark-Nami on DeviantArt. I love One Piece and Enies Lobby is da best. Luffy tells Garp that Shanks saved his life, and a fight between the two breaks out. Sep 9, 2020 - Franky Water 7 Galley La CP9. Wiki Points. After a bit of conversation amidst the Straw Hats about this, Fukuro explained that seastone is as hard as diamond, and the handcuffs could never be removed without the key. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1024x1536 Nami: Enies Lobby by Dark-Nami on DeviantArt. Back at the battle, Lucci hits Luffy with the most powerful Rokushiki technique he knows, damaging Luffy heavily. Garp tells two mysterious Marines to wait as he unceremoniously breaks down the wall to where the Straw Hats are staying and then punches the sleep-eating Luffy, waking him up. Luffy also heard the voice, hearing someone tell him to look below. While Luffy was initially eager to pick him up, Zoro was against it, stating that Usopp should not be permitted to return as if nothing had happened, filled with pride after leaving of his own volition, and challenging Luffy to a fight. 司法の島!エニエス・ロビーの全貌! Shihō no shima ! Assault on Enies Lobby Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Chopper, the Franky Family, the Galley-La carpenters of Dock 1, Kokoro, Chimney, Gonbe and Yokozuna left Water 7 in the prototype Sea Train, Rocket Man, and head for Enies Lobby despite a heavy storm known as Aqua Laguna. He walks away, then notices Luffy's poster and asks about it. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Buster Call is now upon Enies Lobby and is about to destroy everything. The Fallen. Franky caught up to Luffy and Lucci, and asks Luffy if he needed help. Months old project I found, just finished the last minute now :pSongs:Imagine Dragons - Natural Naruto Shippuden OST II - Hyouhaku + Kokuten (Lucci's backstory) Back on Water 7, the Straw Hats eagerly wait for their new ship, which would be done in five days. Enies Lobby Arc. Usopp reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile in the Puffing Tom, Sanji, Sogeking (Usopp) and Franky attempt to rescue Robin. 1920x1080 Enies Lobby Arc. Ace’s Execution. She then used Mirage Tempo to confuse Kalifa before eventually defeating her with a Thunder Lance Tempo and taking her key. Enies Lobby has extremely strange oddities that many islands are not known to have. A Fight in the City of Water. Wiping the last of his tears, he yelled defiance at the Marines. Sogeking had fired the shots from the top of the Tower of Justice, a distance that none of the Marines could hit with any weapon and none could see without binoculars. After the events of the Thriller Bark arc, Luffy notices that the piece of paper that … Until it is properly renovated, the original source website for most of the text is sourced from The One Piece Wiki[1]. In the tunnels beneath the towers, Nami, Kokoro (carrying Chopper on her head), Chimney and Gonbe continued their escape. Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji rush to the scene stating that Garp is on the other side of the island. Discover more posts about enies lobby arc. The massive doors are the only thing standing between Robin and Franky and their respective destinations: Marine Headquarters and the terrifying prison of Impel Down. Garp tells the two Marines he told to wait to try to stop him. Luffy is able to land an attack on Lucci, who is forced back with pain. In one of Water 7's alleys, Usopp hurriedly runs toward the new ship, stating that he had perfected his return to Straw Hats, believing that his crewmates will actually be cheering for his return. The Water 7 + Enies Lobby arc is still my favourite storyline in the entire manga. There are also … With Chopper safe and out of the water, Franky remembered that Nami told him to head towards the Gates of Justice to try Fukuro and Kumadori's keys on Robin's handcuffs, so Chimney and Gonbe show him the way. They also reveal that he is a son of a pirate. The group then discuss Luffy's fight with Lucci, claiming that Luffy always seems to know exactly which opponent he has to fight so they aren't overwhelmed. Franky uses this pain to hide the outpouring of emotion he feels as everyone tries and eventually succeeds in convincing him to go with the Straw Hats.

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