Contenue Monogatari Series Second Season : Nekomonogatari:Shiro: Tsubasa Tiger Kabukimonogatari: Mayoi Jiangshi Otorimonogatari: Nadeko Medusa Onimonogatari: Shinobu Time Koimonogatari: Hitagi End The celebrated writer has also suggested the best order to watch the Monogatari series. Sometimes these vignettes are combined and released as a regular weekly series (BAKEMONOGATARI, MONOGATARI SERIES: SECOND SEASON). If you are planning to watch the popular series again, mix it up a bit this time. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Misc. Monogatari Series: Second Season Jul 7 – Dec 29, 2013 | TV | 26 episodes × 24min. Monogatari Series: Second Season Jul 7 – Dec 29, 2013 | TV | 26 episodes × 24min. If you’re watching it for the first time, follow the release order as it is easier to … 5 months ago. Monogatari Series: Order for the first-time watchers For those who are deciding to watch the series we recommend should definitely go with the sequential format which we have described below. With a total of 24 novels, many fans might not want to invest a lot of their time to finish all of them. Just note that other installments are comparatively less accessible and that watching this first will also remove the mystery element mentioned in Anime Release Order. share. Every Monogatari Series Frame in Order. Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Torus; JANUARY. Viewers who are familiar with the basic plot and the main characters can watch the series based on the chronological order. For first-time viewers of Monogatari, this is the easiest way to get started. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. This is Nisio Isin's suggestion, and it makes a lot of sense. The anime is directed by several directors and produced by the animation studio Shaft.The series debuted with Bakemonogatari and aired 12 episodes between July 3 and September 25, 2009, on the Tokyo MX television station. Don't be thrown off guard by chronological order. While some might say that it's ideal to start with the origin story, Kizumonogatari, beginners might end up getting confused. Note that as of the time writing this article: As such, there are different limitations depending on whether you're watching or reading and certain parts of the series are currently unavailable entirely to English speakers. Plusieurs adaptations en anime produites par le studio Shaft ont vu le jour à partir de 2009. In order for stories to be told well, they have to evoke feelings, reactions, and attract audience that appreciates its ideas. If you have your own comments on either watch order, let us know in the comments section below. Of course, the biggest flaw is that you lose out on a lot of the mystery elements since Monogatari is intentionally told out of order. Sega Monogatari Series: Hitagi Senjougahara Premium Figure (Version 2) 4.6 out of 5 stars 45. From the popular MONOGATARI Series by NISIOISIN comes the FINAL season of the novels in a beautiful new box set. 24,330 Views . Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Mountain; Monogatari Second Season – Nadeko Medusa (Parts 3-4) DECEMBER. Moi qui voulais revoir Monogatari series sous un ordre chronologique, merci pour cet article ! One of the biggest hurdles for newcomers wanting to get into the Monogatari series is the watch order. Go this route if you want to experience the story as it was originally intended, at the cost of missing the mystery and anticipation element of Kizumonogatari, among other minor differences in the meta-narrative. Episodes are sliced on a 6 FPS rate with removed duplicates. As it seems to follow its own canon, it should be considered separate from the rest of the series. OPs and EDs are posted only on the first episode of each version. While there are a few other reshuffles in the meta narrative, the biggest difference with this order is that it presents Kizumonogatari, the origin story, as a mysterious missing part of the story to be anticipated later in the series just before the finale of the main story. 04. Following this order provides the most seamless viewing experience. Episodes are sliced on a 6 FPS rate with removed duplicates. But by following the recommended watch order for the Monogatari series, especially for beginners, you should have an easier time consuming the content and understanding the beautiful story of this one-of-a-kind anime. You won't feel lost since no story arcs are broken up, allowing you to understand the story clearly. A dedicated viewer may need to try and pinpoint exactly which episodes to watch the Koyomimonogatari shorts in between, which is another reason this order is more suitable for a rewatch. If you're a big anime fan, then you know that the Monogatari series is immensely popular. Release order means nothing in MONOGATARI’s world, and watching chronologically is definitely a task, especially for those new to the series. Monogatari Series: Second Season revolves around these individuals and their struggle to overcome the darkness that is rapidly approaching. Coming January 21, 2020! Note that these Koyomimonogatari arcs are mostly rough estimates as most seem to take place either during or in between certain arcs and anime series episodes, making it hard to fit them in a linear list. $30.04 $ 30. Monogatari Chronological Order Owarimonogatari 2 has aired and it’s, as of right now, the final installment of the Monogatari anime. With so many entries and non chronological releases, fans have a few different ways of experiencing the series’ narrative. Posts 325 frames per day. report. This guide is meant to help you find the best Monogatari series watch order depending on how far into the story you are right now. [Features] Five 12” LP Records All the opening and ending songs from "Utamonogatari (2016)" and "Utamonogatari 2 (2019)" **Content subject to change [Price] $139.98. The Monogatari series is one of the most popular franchises in the Anime/Otaku subculture. Both due to complications in orders of release and meta narrative story telling, there are multiple viable orders to experience the series in. MONOGATARI is a series of character arcs wrapped up in four-to-five-episode-long vignettes. Posts 325 frames per day. This could also be considered the "Vertical" release order as it is the publishing company behind the English release. OPs and EDs are posted only on the first episode of each version. I have the following available: Nisemonogatari Bakemonogatari Monogatari What other seasons/movies are there (if any) and what order should I watch all of them in, including the 3 mentioned above? Unlike anime release order, all shuffles in chronological placement are fully intentional for the narrative. Unique to Seco… And like I said please try to order it with prequels last ex. Eh bien, vous êtes au bon endroit pour comprendre l'ordre de la série et savoir par où commencer et comprendre ce qu'il s'y passe. See Story Timeline for specific story information. Only a handful of anime can match it in this regard. La série a commencé sous la forme d'histoires courtes écrites par Nisio Isin pour le magazine Mephisto. Hanamonogatari (花物語) es el quinto anime emitido de Monogatari Series. Be the first one to write a review. Generally, go this order if you want to experience the series as people did when it came out, like the idea of experiencing an origin story before a finale, and or take interest in seeing how the presentation has changed and improved over the years with each installment in the anime adaptation, at the cost of missing the originally intended order by the author. Now since the Monogatari series contains a total of 8 animated series and 3 movies (3 part Kizumonogatari movie scheduled to air), many anime watchers get confused about how to watch the series or where to start and what order to follow. $56.81 $ 56. If you have the time, I recommend reading all of the light novels. Monogatari Series – Mayoi Jiangshi; Monogatari Series – Shinobu Time; Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Shinobu Mail; Monogatari Series – Tsubasa Tiger; Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, Sodachi Lost; Monogatari Series – Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End; Tsukimonogatari; Owarimonogatari (Second Season) Zoku Owarimonogatari In what order should you watch Monogatari series? This Season concludes the first major story arc in the series. If you prefer following the chronological order, then Kizumonogatari is the first series to watch. Monogatari Series – Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End; Tsukimonogatari; Owarimonogatari (Second Season) Zoku Owarimonogatari; Hanamonogatari; Koyomimonogatari; We hopes this helps new and veteran fans alike that need a little more Monogatari in their lives. It follows the release order of the light novels, which means this is the order in which the author intended them to be read. Author Nisio Isin claims in the authors note of the novel that he thinks Kizumonogatari can come before Bakemonogatari, so if you'd like to experience it first and then proceed with one of the previously mentioned orders, it is another viable option. This is less of an order and more of a minor adjustment to the former. That being said, however, I know that this order isn't for everyone, especially for those who are just getting into the Monogatari series. A multitude of short stories have also been released, though it seems unlikely they will be adapted into anime. Utamonogatari LP Box Limited Edition. Monogatari Series Second Season (〈物語〉シリーズセカンドシーズン, Monogatari Shiriizu Sekando Shiizun), is the fourth Studio Shaft anime adaptation of the Monogatari Series light novels. SHAFT released each series in the intended order. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Keep in mind that this series acts as a puzzle in terms of the order arcs are experienced. There are 5 seasons in the Monogatari series: First Season, Second Season, Final Season, Off Season, and Monster Season. This is the release order of the Monogatari series and is highly recommended to those who are thinking to give it a shot: Monogatari Watch Order! In terms of anime, Final Season currently consists of another single arc book adaptation with Tsukimonogatari, another compilation adaptation with Owarimonogatari containing its first two volumes, an ONA series adaptation of Koyomimonogatari that was distributed on an app of the same name in Japan, and the adaptation of the third and final volume of Owarimonogatari that released as a two day special. Monogatari Series consists of a complicated timeline, both in terms of release order of the light novels and anime series as well as chronologically. Monogatari Series Watch Order. The paranormal drama series Monogatari continues to bring in new fans worldwide every year since its debut novel released in 2005. La serie de Monogatari se centra en Koyomi Araragi, un estudiante de tercer año de instituto que es ahora casi humano después de haber sido vampiro por un tiempo. 14K likes. Not really, in my opinion. A new semester has begun and with graduation looming over Araragi, he must quickly decide the paths he will walk, as well as the relationships and friends that he'll save. Misc. Monogatari : Seconde saison: 26 6 juillet 2013 – 28 décembre 2013: Hanamonogatari: 5 16 août 2014: Tsukimonogatari: 4 31 décembre 2014: Owarimonogatari: 13 3 octobre 2015 – 13 août 2017: Koyomimonogatari: 12 10 janvier 2016 – 27 mars 2016: Kizumonogatari: 3 films 8 janvier 2016 – 6 janvier 2017: Owarimonogatari II: 7 12 août 2017 – 13 août 2017: Zoku Owarimonogatari: 6 Other times they’re released as the lone character arcs they are, dropping four episodes out of the blue and then vanishing until the next arc … comment. Despite being a prequel, it doesn't provide a solid foundation for the entire series if it's the first thing you watch. It's also the least accessible order as it requires the viewer to jump back and forth between anime cours and novels in some places instead of finishing each at a time. Put simply, this is the order in which the various parts of the series were released in anime form, and it’s slightly different from the release order that the original author intended (light novel order). 1 Sinopsis 2 Episodios 3 Temas musicales 4 Album-Soundtrack 5 Reparto 6 Trailer 7 Curiosidades 8 Enlaces externos 9 Navegación Suruga Kanbaru continúa asistiendo a… Monogatari Series Anime Order. Un día, una compañera de clase llamada Hitagi Senjōgahara, quien nunca habla con nadie, cae desde una alta escalera en los brazos de Koyomi. Well, it seems we’ve concluded the post of Monogatari watch order. Monogatari watch order recommended by Nisio Isin! This is, though, the intended watch order by SHAFT because the shuffled storytelling adds to the ambiance of the show as a whole. The arcs generally alternate between the two time periods, with 3 happening in the summer, and 2 in the fall/winter period. “Bakemonogatari” (translated “Ghost Story”) was written by Nisioisin, one of the most popular writers in Japan, and the series consists of 5 different stories. With studio Shaft temporarily skipping Kizumonogatari and no official English translations for the series arriving until 2015, this is generally how most longtime English speaking and or anime-only fans experienced the series. All have their pros and cons, so it's up to you to decide which sounds like the best option for you. Volume 3 Mini-Album, manga_Monogatari_Series Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t5fc1fk3t Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.4. plus-circle Add Review. 1.3k comments. For a long time, this was the rule of thumb order for anime only watchers (and the entire English speaking community) as it was mostly the only plausible order for each respective group. 14K likes. 24,330 Views . Monogatari Second Series - the anime that not only attracted me to its franchise - but also presented it in an extravagant way that takes the art of storytelling to a whole The Monogatari Series 2020 Watch Order. The Episode List page is another helpful resource for this order. The chronological order does have some pros and cons to it. Has too many Standalone series that makes first time views difficult to understand the series Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu,Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu,Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu,Bakemonogatari,Nisemonogatari,Nekomonogatari (Black),Monogatari Series Second Season,Tsukimonogatar Él descubre que Hitagi no pesa casi nada, una contradicción física. comment. Zoku Owarimonogatari screened in Japanese theaters as a special, with a six episode TV broadcast planned for 2019. 81. It centers around Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who survives a vampire attack and finds himself helping girls involved with a variety of apparitions, deities, ghosts, beasts, spirits, and other supernatural phenomena. VOFAN, who has created beautiful cover artwork since the beginning of the series, has created exclusive new artwork just for this project. Doing so fills any gaps in the story and provides you with a better viewing experience. Every Monogatari Series Frame in Order. | ★8.77 (257,800) | MAL Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Magica Quartet x Nisioisin Those who followed the series since 2009 took this route, because there really wasn't any choice. First Season consists of the books / anime cours: Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, along with Nekomonogatari Black. I mean there is so many I was told that you should watch Bakemonogatai first but then I find out there is a monogatari season 1 and 2 so someone please help. More than anything, Monogatari is an elaborate puzzle with carefully designed pieces that form an intricate and elegant plot. La série comprend 23 volumes en juillet 2017. Monogatari Anime Series Order To Watch. Have you always wanted to watch Monogatari but you don't know how to start? Most of these stories fill in the gaps and set up the next season. For … Second Season was initially supposed to be titled Zenmonogatari, meaning every story. The Monogatari Series 2020 Watch Order. Shaft has been animating NisioIsin’s occult-detective light novel series since 2009. Basically a minor adjustment to anime release order, arguably makes certain plot points flow better together. If you want to give it a shot, though, then here's the watch order. 17.2k. These aren't official, but are subjective orders that are more like fusions of anime and novel release order that make slight adjustments. This is the reason why so many people get confused when watching Monogatari for the first time. Written by novelist Nisio Isin, Monogatari is a light novel Japanese series. No anime adaptations have been announced for it so far. THE IDOLM@STER Break! In reality, he's never thrown a punch in his life. Monster Season consists of even more stories so far with Shinobumonogatari , Yoimonogatari, Amarimonogatari, and Ougimonogatari. That means anybody who's looking to get into Monogatari can do the same. Most of the people who are kind of interested in the series skip it because of the order. Episodes are sliced on a 6 FPS rate with removed duplicates. The anime covers only the first three seasons. The style is also different compared to the rest of the series, which might surprise and turn off first-time viewers. Has too many Standalone series that makes first time views difficult to understand the series Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu,Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu,Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu,Bakemonogatari,Nisemonogatari,Nekomonogatari (Black),Monogatari Series Second Season,Tsukimonogatar Sega Monogatari Series: Suruga Kanbaru Premium Figure (Version 2) 4.8 out of 5 stars 21. No anime adaptations have been officially announced yet, though one source from Aniplex suggests that an adaptation is in progress. Even if you don't watch chronologically, chronological placement should be kept in mind during traditional viewings. For now, here's the release order of the Monogatari series. FREE Shipping by Amazon. His light novels should be read by all! At least, that’s what our Monogatari watch order recommends you. Caleb likes to think he's Jiraiya, a ninja/author. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Whether you're about to start watching Monogatari or you're already a few seasons in, it can be confusing to determine when you should watch Kizumonogatari. La serie de novelas ‘Monogatari’ comenzaron en 2006 con ‘Bakemonogatari’ y terminaron en 2014 con ‘Zoku Owarimonogatari’. Nisio Isin also has his own suggestion for the best order to watch the Monogatari series. As a fan, I couldn't help but give this a try, and I liked it. You can't go wrong with it because you won't find yourself lacking any information as you progress through the series. Each season has its own "monogatari" installments, and each installment has its own arcs, usually ranging from 1 - 7 arcs per installment. The anime series is the work of SHAFT and was developed for 26 consecutive volumes itself. FREE Shipping. As noted earlier, beginners will do well by watching the series according to the release order. Category Name Link Size Date; 11 Monogatari Series Megapack: 95.0 GiB: 2021-01-12 12:56: 1: 11: 23: 3 Monogatari Series Music Collection: 31.9 GiB: 2020-11-30 14:56: 9: 4: 311 [RAW][物語 第01-23巻] Monogatari Series Vol 01-23: 1.0 GiB Can someone help lol I wanna watch the monogatari series in order but I have no idea which ones come first and I'd like the prequels last please. Tsukimonogatari So far, it seems these will continue the story into a new major story arc. By now, you probably know that it's a prequel, so there's a natural inclination to watch it first. Plus tard, de nouvelles histoires ont été créées et elles ont été regroupées avec les anciennes déjà publiées pour finalement former deux to… This is the most confusing part. Shinobumonogatari (2017) Yoimonogatari (2018) Amarimonogatari (2019) Ougimonogatari (TBA) Shinomonogatari (TBA) Conclusion. level 1. Still, it's worth noting that you can follow this series in multiple ways. The Monogatari series is one of the most popular franchises in the Anime/Otaku subculture. This section contains information about the release organization and chronological placement. Consta de 5 episodios emitidos en japón el 16 de agosto de 2014. There is no specific order to Monogatari series as each part focuses on the interaction of Koyomi Araragi with each heroin. Monogatari Second Season – Hitagi End (Parts 1-4) Koyomimonogatari – Koyomi Seed; Monogatari Second Season – Hitagi End (Parts 5-6) FEBRUARY. Bakemonogatari Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Monogatari (Japanese: 物語, "Story") is a Japanese light novel series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Vofan. Only the books from Bakemonogatari to Owarimonogatari have officially been released in English so far, and only a few parts of the series are fully fan-translated online. The official English release of the novels released this way and has generally followed novel release order for the proceeding parts, the only difference being that Bake and Kizu are swapped at the start. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Nisio Isin is a very popular writer who writes wonderful engaging, immersive, and fun novels to read. This takes the Kizumonogatari placement of novel release order and combines it with the Koyomimonogatari placement of anime release order. save. hide. Even though all the arcs in Second Season except. The Monogatari series has a serious amount of "quirk" to it-- that is, it rather aggressively exhibits certain artistic and cinematographic characteristics in what appears to be a deliberate effort to set itself apart, to be distinct, as if it has something to prove. There are five mainseasons in which the books/anime adaptations are organized: First Season, Second Season, Final Season, Off Season, and Monster Season. One of the best things about the Monogatari series is the fact that it has tons of rewatch value. The anime airing order is the order I suggest watching the series in. Sort by. But again, you should consider your unique circumstances to figure out when to watch it. The rest of the season has been outlined to have Shinomonogatari release within the coming years. Complete your collection with this must-have item for any MONOGATARI fan! Monogatari Series Watch Order. The chronological watch order of Monogatari series is as below-Kizumonogatari Movie Trilogy, released in 2016; Nekomonogatari: Kuro, (Season 1) Bakemonogatari (Season 1) Nisemonogatari (Season 1) Monogatari Series – Mayoi Jiangshi, (Season 2) Onimonogatari (Season 2) Owarimonogatari I Shinobu Mail (Season 3) Nekomonogatari: Shiro (Season 2) Here's a quick guide. Every Monogatari Series Frame in Order. But what's great is that it still works, even after the release of the new series. Its biggest positive is that the story is less confusing to viewers, but only if you’re willing to jump around with the episode list. However, there will be a bit of confusion for this series even though you watch it as we tell you. Monogatari Series Second Season’s name is as straightforward as you can get for an anime. $30.04 $ 30. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. More Buying Choices $20.00 (17 new offers) Ages: 15 years and up. Unless you choose that route, arcs are meant to be experienced in a shuffled fashion. 1. That shouldn't be a problem because the anime adaptations are excellent, as long as you know the correct Monogatari watch order. I want to start watching the Monogatari series, but I don't know where to start. Many sites remove their translations after the official release. Monogatari (物語?, littéralement « histoire de ») est une série de light novels écrite par Nishio Ishin et illustrée par le taïwanais Vofan. Utamonogatari is coming as a LP Box, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Monogatari anime series. A kind of prequel to the final 'Bakemonogatari' arc, that revolves around the oddity that possesses Araragi's class rep Hanekawa Tsubasa... Stars: Hiroshi Kamiya, Yui Horie, Maaya Sakamoto, Takahiro Sakurai Votes: 1,634 Posts 325 frames per day. More Buying Choices $39.99 (15 used & new offers) Ages: 15 years and up. manga_Monogatari_Series Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t5fc1fk3t Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.4. plus-circle Add Review. We'll discuss this in detail later. The best thing about the Monogatari series is that it can be rewatched many times. While First Season consists of two books with two volumes and another two books with only one volume each, Second Season consists of only one volume, one arc books. Is it recommended? If you've followed the anime adaptations since day one, then you probably enjoyed it without any problems. This is the completely original order in which stories were released by author Nisio Isin as novels. This order eliminates most meta narrative elements in favor of a linear, continuous story. This order is how the Monogatari series was broadcasted and follows a choppy and, at times, confusing manner. Many viewers stop watching after a few episodes because of the text that appears on screen. Despite having a common theme, it's fun and exciting to each character's story unfold within the same universe and find the link between all of them. The anime airing order is the order I suggest watching the series in. As the origin story, Kizumonogatari is arguably one of the most accessible stories in the series, having the most action and a fairly straightforward plot. Monogatari Second Season – Nadeko Medusa (Parts 1-2) NOVEMBER. 04. Very few of the series have this quality. Close. Be the first one to write a review. ... 4.8 out of 5 stars 21. Sin embargo, se han publicado cuatro novelas más fuera de las temporadas entre 2015 y 2016: ‘Orokamonogatari’, ‘Wazamonogatari’, ‘Nademonogatari’ y ‘Musubimonogatari’. If the rest of the series seems too intimidating or unappealing for whatever reason, Kizumongatari is a decent starting point for those looking to find a different hook to get them into the series. Certain material has yet to be adapted or translated as well. Kizumonogatari, originally the second released book of the light novel series, was announced as an anime movie in 2012 but was put on a hiatus up until 2015 when the film had finally returned to be released as a trilogy of films starting in January 2016 and finishing a year later. The Koyomimonogatari short stories are not included in the list, see the visual below for placement. The Monogatari Japanese anime television series is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Nisio Isin with illustrations by Vofan. best. A Bakemonogatari manga adaptation began serialization in 2018. If you've finished all of the series for the first time, you might feel excited to watch everything again. Quiero empezar a ver monogatari series y no se como es el orden, si alguien me ayuda seria fantástico plox :,v Some argue this makes certain plot points less confusing. See also: Nekomonogatari #Plot, Kabukimonogatari #Plot, Otorimonogatari #Plot, Onimonogatari #Plot, and Koimonogatari #Plot The story of Monogatari Series Second Season follows the events of Nisemonogatariand takes place during two main time periods: summer and fall/winter. His light novels are engaging, immersive, and fun to read. These are viable, but aren't based on official releases, so they weren't necessarily intended to be seen this way by neither Nisio Isin nor Shaft. His pen serves as his lone weapon. The most general knowledge for an anime viewer is to watch an anime according to the seasons in ascending order. Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Shinobu Mail, Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, Sodachi Lost, Monogatari Series – Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End. See, Other Important Information To Know Before Watching / Reading, Monogatari Series Timeline and Watch Guide. 3. The recommended order to watch the Monogatari series depends on you, the viewer. I want to start watching the Monogatari series, but I don't know where to start. Final Season consists of Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari, and lastly Zoku Owarimonogatari. Posted by 5 months ago. At present, there are 24 novels of the series and the next five are on the waiting list. The Bakemonogatari series has 15 official episodes, but you can only watch the last 3 episodes by getting the Blu-ray version. 81. The following provides info on the most common and official orders. This is compared to the traditional first entry, Bakemonogatari, which purposefully starts the story in the middle of the timeline to create more mystery and intrigue about its characters. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 20. Note that if you watch in this order, you will need to watch Hanamonogatari in between Second Season after the 10th Episode. The arcs are meant to be viewed in a shuffled order. Monogatari Series Anime Order. While it's great to pause and read the text, it's unnecessary. Second Season consists of five stories total being Nekomonogatari White, Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, and Koimonogatari.

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