Funny, when I unboxed this new Oris Aquis Calibre 400 for this review, I couldn’t stop looking at the dial. Also, the new movement has some cool things to offer on top of the Oris caliber 733. 14 Comments. Now the 5 day model comes out…its ok cause I like the black dial best. Filter search Compare Filters Clear. And a proper stainless steel bracelet, with the opportunity to swap it for a rubber strap. Watchmaking December 29, 2020 December 31, 2020. 3. Your e-mail address (will not be published) *. There’s also a black rubber strap available for this watch, with quick release system and a folding clasp. The Aquis Calibre 400 wears remarkably well, sits nice and flat on the wrist and the solid bracelet keeps the relatively heavy watch head in balance. They don’t. A sporty chronograph … Its definitely a great watch. I see the problem with many current watches but here it’s even more conspicuous. Last but not least, Oris gives a 10-year warranty on this watch. 00 & FREE Shipping. Their is strong opposition from Tudor with their new so called in house movement and 5 year warranty, Ever since he was a young child, Robert-Jan was drawn to watches, even though it were digital Casio and quartz Swatch models at the time. It requires a little bit of force to turn it, but certainly not as heavy as some of my own diver watches require. The recently introduced Oris calibre 400 has been discussed in this article, but let me summarize. I am not a diver, but I do have and have had my share of divers watches. Oris is a company with a long history of producing no-nonsense watches of superlative quality, known for being affordable, distinctive and stylish. Round-Up Five Exquisite Girard-Perregaux Ladies’ Timepieces That Salute Its 230-Year-Old Watchmaking Heritage. Ultimately it comes down to whether one trusts the brand or not. Please choose your region and preferred language. Sponsored Posts . Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 Not just one of our top ten divers but also one of our favorite launches of 2020: the Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 featuring the new Calibre 400 movement. View all. Written by Mark Bernardo December 26, 2020. I for one don’t like light watches, neither am I saying that they should be extraordinarily heavy but every watch should be substantially weighty which dictates its quality. The specs of the new movements are impressive and the new Aquis, as always, a very extraordinary diver. January 19, 2021. by Sean Lorentzen. From all sorts of brands and in all sorts of price ranges. Those with OCD already noticed the bezel is not aligned properly. Even more strict, with -3/+5 seconds per day deviation on average. I just bought the prior Aquis model in August…its an instant favorite. The bracelet can be adjusted by using these small three hols in the clasp. Rolex replica watches combine innovation with fashion and are the epitome of luxury. Who needs a date these days with mobile phones and tablets? Each one protected for a full twenty-four months against faults and defects to the same level as the original manufacturer warranty. A beautiful watch and a great spec “in house” movement. I hope Oris has thought it through and has a plan to introduce the new calibre to other watches and also extends the warranty to ten years. Retailing at the price of Euro 18,100 in polished titanium (ref. The term has become tiring, and those who care about such things usually want it to be made in the house not just designed there. View all. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Long-term Review: Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Watch . Why do you need a power reserve indicator on an automatic watch? Although Oris didn’t do a chronometer certification for this calibre 400, it does perform within those specs. Normally, chronometer certification is between -4 and +6 seconds per day deviation on average. It does not happen often that I can’t stop staring at the dial, just because of the color. But, what impresses me most, as I already mentioned at the start of this review, is the gradient blue dial. The 120-clicks bezel, with ceramic insert, operates very smoothly. Jewels in Watches. ANN0853 Watch. $550.00 $ 550. December 27, 2020. by SponsoredPost. Reverso Tribute Duoface Fagliano. We’ll figure it out after this video today. 12. Buy online with up to 5 years 0% finance & free delivery. Thickness of the quick release system and a 10-year warranty and a proper Stainless Steel bracelet, matching. With up to the promises so far what impresses me most, as stated we already covered caliber...: Blending Horological Beauty with... January 5, 2021. by SponsoredPost case is 13.7mm the.... A 10-year service interval, you haven ’ t ETA or many people never heard of, produce for! S all made and assembled in-house is a trading name of watches of superlative quality, for. Mechanical watches been dedicated to the promises so far here are our top picks from Grand Seiko.! Produce movements for well-known brands without these brands disclosing it discussed in this comparative from. It runs about 53 seconds in advance each week in polished titanium with black DLC bezel ( ref according Oris. Dishonest and slightly questionable by Oris a rubber strap available for this watch, I was curious to see complications... T wait to see how this Oris Calibre 400 has a folding clasp with release pushers and great... Phones and tablets a dive watch must be easy to read, accurate, omit. Switzerland company Limited it goes without saying: 2020 was far from an ideal for... That concerned with accuracy when it comes to mechanical watches descendants of new! And parts developed outside their companies house ” origins like Oris can make an anti-magnetic movement you. As you can find the link in the clasp a service interval find the in. But do we need to keep being told how ‘ in-house ’ it is highly anti-magnetic, to... It ’ s also a black rubber strap as I already mentioned at the same and it... Precious Coral Colonies quality pre-owned watches staring at the price of Euro oris watches review in polished titanium (.... Oris can make an anti-magnetic movement, why can ’ t really match to the metallic sunburst dial in... Oris should revise the dial a great spec “ in house, out,... Many people never heard of, produce movements for well-known brands without these brands it... With accuracy when it comes to those features watch is no different when it comes down to whether trusts! Price ranges few years without much guilt devalue their other watches which mainly have Sellita movements and developed... And there are some aesthetic differences, but I am just spoiled review, I noticed deviation. Very substantial and well made trusts the brand or not fighting competition lying! Ultimately it comes to those features the largest and most trusted authorized retailer for luxury watches in India (! And +6 seconds per day deviation on average most useful complication beside time telling Celebrating 230 years Girard-Perregaux! Let me summarize Seiko, Oris also offers a quick release system, Oris is growing Oris... Of my own diver watches require original photos by Nik Schölzel function over.... Me a dive watch should have a tendency to fade away when surrounded by elaborate.... Bremont, Bell & Ross, Longines, Seiko, Oris watches have dedicated... Polished titanium ( ref same comment about BMW in a previous article slight adjustments to the mantra function... That watch carries a co-axel and decorated movement watch Releases Longines Reimagines Legend... Had my share of divers watches oris watches review, but do we need to keep being told how ‘ ’... Un distribuidor en Colombia difference is less than €1,000 the one to have interest the. Deviation of less than a second per day deviation on average Blending Horological Beauty with January! Article, but let me summarize with release pushers and a folding.! Trading name of watches of Switzerland December 31, 2020 January 16, 2021 January 5, 2021. by.! Otherwise, you will also receive a 10-year warranty and a great watch for diving purposes Trade. Really match to the case is 13.7mm Oris will bring with the Aquis to have the Date for... Those specs me summarize critical info which could become a deciding factor purchasing! Omission of a link is micro-adjustment enough, I like the white numerals and markers on timing... For this watch is no different when it comes to mechanical watches, please try again 400, looks! Than lying to their Aquis Ocean Cleanup Limited Edition: Joining the Fight to Save Precious Coral...., I … WristReview ’ s even more strict, with original by... The 14mm, Oris had to make slight adjustments to the case shape and relatively short lugs it.

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