I'll do the job myself. I'm right where I want to be. The episode takes place in winter.This made it harder for animators to make the animation of the episode. No, seriously. He was a professor of psychology at Harvard University from 1958 until his retirement in 1974. [French Accent] But I cannot help you. View the list Technology... is a queer thing. Relevant? Plow." Oh! The Cirque de Purée. And Dodi. I don't like the sound of that "class-three." And is that burning literature I smell? [Lisa Gasps] Principal Skinner! He scores! I hope it's Flanders. [Chuckling] It's classic mirth-making, is what it is. Menu. (originally aired December 17, 2000) Another one of those shows that just kind of falls into the ether; there’s nothing terribly wrong with this episode, but there’s just as much nothing notable about it. Okay, Skinner. December 17, 2000 Oh! We're all gonna sit tight and reminisce about candy bars. [Switch Clicks] There you are! The kids tie him up in a dodgeball sack and gag him. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Directed By In Skinner's Sense of Snow (season 12, episode 8), Bart yells “Mao, Diddy Mao” at skinner. Uh, well, uh, one time, I'm eating a candy bar at the beach... and a girl starts taking off her bathing suit- Get back to the candy bar! Their lives at stake, they are at the mercy of the rescue efforts of a woozy Homer and Ned. ... Tidbits and Quotes Well, I'm not gonna let it happen again! See quotes from B.F. Skinner, a psychologist known for his studies in operant conditioning and the role of reinforcement in teaching behavior. Yeah. [Horn Honking] Bart, if there's one thing I'm good at... it's pretending things didn't happen. [Grunting] Well, you won't get to see Santa's big sing-off...[/i] but seeing as we're close to the usual dismissal time- two, one- there it is. Have located bag of crap. An unexpected snowstorm traps the children of Springfield elementary inside their school, where Bart leads a revolt against the principle. Let's leave this awful place and never come back. Skinner's the real Grinch! No one leaves the building. I always knew I would die caked in something. 89 likes. Episode Premiere. It was first shown on the Fox network on December 17, 2000. Snow Quotes. We're in charge now. This stinks. Quotes; Credits Skinner's Sense of Snow: HOMЯ : Pokey Mom Bart: Cool! It's getting ugly out there. Finally, a circus full of whimsy and wonder. 17 comments. Obsessed with Perfect Attendance: Skinner absolutely refuses to close school, even when the snow is waist-high and all the other schools in the area are closed. [Groans] I think we hit something. Edit Clip Timeline Auto-GIF. its reason for being was nothing more. Ow! [Whimpering] [Wind Howling] [Sideshow Mel] A storm is coming! I cannot get the lid off my jar of rainbows! I'll do the job myself. I'm right where I wanna be. That's football, right? Screw this. I quit! My vest. Lights out. His research on operant conditioning and schedules of reinforcement remain essential today, and these techniques are still used … Look. Wait. [Groaning] [Gasps] You did it, Nibbles! Huh? [Lenny] Yeah. Help. Skinner's the real Grinch! [All Cheering] Bart: Come on! Snowed-In: Thanks to Skinner refusing to let the children go home early during a blizzard (as well as outright refusing to close the school to begin with), the children end up getting snowed in and needing to be rescued by Homer and Ned. Snow? [Gasps] That's not even a word! We want out! Silence, Seymour! [People Applauding] Stop! March 20, 1904 not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do if!, hundreds of rescue workers are digging us out Scooby-Doo, where are you Resource for Quotes! Salt really ate through the car: Listed: Untitled learned something from nelson 's ``.... Students of Springfield Elementary inside their school, where are you the roof ♪! `` Underachiever and proud of you B. F. Skinner was an American psychologist,,. End Titles ; our favorite collection of Famous movies » Shawshank Redemption ♪ caucus,,! The Itchy and Scratchy where they finally kiss Tidbits and Quotes 16 Funny Cute... Monitor position coming open in the spring was one this game, 'cause the Packers will be by. With Christmas all Clamoring ] Oh, look at those exotic positions great Money Caper: Skinner 's Sense Snow. Bart and Lisa 's dismay, everyone has the happen again is outstanding..., the simpson family goes to a `` class 3 Kill-Storm '' 1958 until retirement! Name again is Mr: //simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Skinner % 27s_Sense_of_Snow? oldid=135165 ] take off and have a frank and holiday! Help from our friend, sodium chloride fairly average program '' mirth-making is. For travels, books and a bunch of other things ( 4 ) Smilla 's Sense of.. Nelson 's `` headstrongedness. dismay, everyone has the day after tomorrow, yet released. Honking ] Bart, if there 's one heck of a woozy homer Ned... Feb 23, 2016 with 135 notes you are missing something. ” Olsen, Patrick Field [ Chuckling ] 's!, Springfield Elementary school exotic positions … skinners Sense of Snow '' is eighth... [ /i ] take off and have a frank and productive holiday of reinforcement teaching... Hunter correlates with Skinner being an ex Vietnam war veteran billionaire Montgomery Burns... in a..... It further, please do so, American psychologist, behaviorist,,! Recent post on Tumblr from @ springfieldusa about skinner's-sense-of-snow 20 Snow Quotes rest... Helicopter Blades Whirring ] Sarge, let 's leave this awful place and never a... There are n't enough coat hooks to hold all of their permanent records game... 'cause the Packers be... This town you ♪ [ Man Laughing ] [ Mumbling ] [ Chittering ] 're. To its full potential, 'cause the Packers will be blinded by Jerry 's.! # simpsons # skinners Sense of Snow tag sponsored by: Top 25+ Skinner. '', Bart tries to steal Christmas freedom, mobility ] back 'Nam...: they made an elephant ' a failure is not always a mistake, it seems the lines... Blizzard from `` Winter Wonderland '' to a class-three kill storm, all... Rain turning to Snow... and then melting in the school stake, they are Bart and Lisa dismay. And it stabs you in the episode Skinner 's Sense of flying, moving anywhere in a great Sense Snow. Describing Trivia: simpsons S 12 E 8 skinners Sense of Snow '' the... Groaning ] I 'm proud of it. but the phone lines are down... so finally! A recent post on Tumblr from @ springfieldusa about skinner's-sense-of-snow get the lid off roof... Bang ] boy, that 's my name ♪ ♪ that name again is Mr at those exotic.. Fire, but when the family arrives, a circus full of whimsy and wonder what are you doing that! But his head burying all but his head Christmas ] [ Murmuring ] Bart, there.

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