Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Bridgeport, CT. Sixty-year-old statue pulled down without warning by the city council out of “public safety” concerns. Major journalist and avowed racist, statue removed by his family, saying it was “time.”. Pulled down by the Cherokee Nation, done to promote “healing” in the ongoing racial strife. There are no plans for its restoration. One conservation campaigner tells that the rate of destruction is worse than during the Cultural Revolution. Dedicated on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage, vandalized and will be soon pulled down by the city government as a “symbol of oppression and hate” following pressure from activists. The vandalism of statues and memorials is on the rise in the US, initially starting as a disorganized effort to take down monuments perceived to have links to racism. A flagpole at the 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville, a bit over an hour away from One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, was sawed down, police said this week. During its first occupation in 2015, militants destroyed the Al Lat Lion, a 2,000-year-old statue that once guarded an ancient temple dedicated to … Statue of a Catholic saint who was one of the first missionaries to reach California. Fallen soldier's mom breaks down — then vows to rebuild destroyed war memorial in Sanford SANFORD, Mich. — The road leading to the Sanford Flagpole Monument was closed, washed out by the flood. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Minneapolis, MN. ", "Bombardovanje 1999: Rođeni uz prve bombe o ratu ne znaju mnogo", "NATO bomb reportedly damages hospital, ambassadors' homes", El martirio de los libros: una aproximación a la destrucción bibliográfica durante la Guerra Civil, "Un rayo destruye un emblemático santuario en Muxía", "Palace of King Parakramabahu the Great -", "Ancient Syrian temple damaged in Turkish raids against Kurds", "Syrian government says Turkish shelling damaged ancient temple", "Bedrosyan: Searching for Lost Armenian Churches and Schools in Turkey", "Bahai Temple Ashkabad | Bahai Faith | Baha'i Faith", "Ruined Cathedral Church of St Michael, Coventry (1076651)", "Bulldozers level historic pub after being denied planning permission", "Clandon Park House in Surrey hit by major fire", "Exeter fire: Royal Clarence Hotel collapses in blaze", "Glasgow School of Art may be beyond repair after second fire", "The 1973 Fire, National Personnel Records Center", "Elder Oaks dedicates Provo City Center Temple as 150th temple of the LDS Church", "Site of rare Indian artifacts paved over in California", "Robo de la bandera de los "33" originó nuevo debate político", "Desaparicion de la bandera de los 33 por el OPR-33", Tearing the Historic Fabric: The Destruction of Yemen’s Cultural Heritage, Yemen suffers cultural vandalism during its war, Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed,, Looting and burning of the Summer Palaces,, Lists of demolished buildings and structures, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Articles with unsourced statements from May 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Articles lacking reliable references from July 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A pair of 6th-century monumental statues known as the, Numerous mosques in the territory of Armenia were destroyed during the late 19th century and the early 20th century due to wars and ethnic tensions. Angered some in the city’s dwindling Italian American community, who were not reached out to prior to the teardown. By Ivan Pereira. After being vandalized by protesters, the statue was torn down at night by the city government. Intangible cultural heritage includes customs, music, fashion and other traditions within a particular culture. Statue of Spanish governor who put down a large Pueblo revolt. Statue dedicated to the writer of the “Star Spangled Banner. Pulled down by the city despite resistance from Hispanic Americans after violence between protest groups over the statue led to one person being shot. Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis, IN. One hundred twelve-year-old monument pulled down by the mayor, and moved to the city’s Museum of African American Culture, a move which sparked anger from the local NAACP branch. Examples include the churches in, A German raid during the Second World War destroyed the church in, Allied raids destroyed churches during the Second World War. Statue of Francis Scott Key, San Francisco, CA. It was promised to be removed by the university, which has drawn anger from the artist, who said the artwork is not racist. Friends recall Abe as someone who embodied "resilience, bravery and hope." Zebulon Baird Vance, who served as an officer for the Confederacy. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Middleton, CT. Memorial to the president of the Confederate States of America, hauled off by the city, to be kept in storage while its ownership is determined. The Sanford dam that held the Tittabawassee river failed causing … Courthouse Confederate Statue, Wadesboro, NC. Future unknown. All three were ordered removed by local governments as a result of the ongoing unrest, with unknown final resting places for the statues. The mayor announced he will pull it down, despite resistance from locals. The bench, dedicated to a former member of the club, has sat on the seventh tee for more than 15 years Like many Confederate military monuments, this one dates from long after the war, from 1924, and was made in … Statue of University of Nevada at Las Vegas mascot, which is designed after an 1800s mountain man, but was originally based on a Confederate soldier. At the University of Jaffna in Sri Lanka, a war memorial dedicated to the Tamil people was destroyed over the weekend, resulting in student protests, sudden arrests and a … Sixty-year-old statue ordered removed by the city council following calls from activists and vandalism. Statue of the nation’s founder defaced with BLM graffiti by unknown vandals. ", "25 ГОДИНА ОД РУШЕЊА САБОРНЕ ЦРКВЕ У МОСТАРУ: Ко сачува истину у вјери, храмови ће њега походити...", "Obnova Sabornog hrama impuls za povratak", "Saborni hram u Mostaru: 25 godina od uništenja s nadom u suživot | DW | 15.06.2017", "Mostar: Sedam pozlaćenih križeva za obnovljenu Sabornu crkvu", four imperial persecutions of Buddhism in China, "Old Sterile Death Leaves Its Mark Over Sinking", History in Ruins: Cultural Heritage Destruction around the World, Demolition Of Laoximen: Shanghai’s Best Link To Its Pre-Colonial Past May Soon, Razing History: The Tragic Story of a Beijing Neighborhood's Destruction. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. Several arrests were made in the early hours of Thursday morni… Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Birmingham, AL. Was arrested by local police shortly after. ", "China is Demolishing the World's Largest Tibetan Buddhist Institution, Displacing Thousands of Monks", Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques, Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property, The destruction by war of the cultural heritage in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina presented by the Committee on Culture and Education, "Egypt's Population Boom Threatens Cultural Treasures", "How Egypt is trying to stop looting at ancient mosques", "La petite histoire d'une grande bibliothèque", "Notre Dame Cathedral: spire collapses in huge fire – live news",, "Message to Twitter CEO: About Brahmins, you don't know jack", "Hindu Code bill: Ambedkar was in favour of Hindu Code Bill: Jyoti Wankhede", "Do Ambedkar's writings about a Brahmin counter-revolution in 187 BCE hold a glimpse of India today? A memorial for San Francisco hit-and-run victim Hanako "Hana" Abe has reportedly been vandalized multiple times, raising concerns about "larger issues" present in the city. Many municipalities in the United States have removed monuments and memorials on public property dedicated to the Confederate States of America (CSA), and some, such as Silent Sam in North Carolina, have been torn down by protestors. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus, WI. Over 50 Confederate Monuments Have Been Removed or Destroyed Since George Floyd Riots Began. During the civil unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, a number of … For a majority of the statues removed, the fate of the artwork is currently unknown, while a minority have been moved to cemeteries and museums. The local diocese stated that the statue was not being pulled down out of their own desires, but to protect it from rioters. Painted over by the city due to his pro-segregation past. A Tamil war memorial in Jaffna University was destroyed by the authorities in Sri Lanka, triggering protests by students and community groups and … Captain William Clark Monument, Portland, OR. Future of statue unknown. Monument to Carolina Panthers owner, torn down by team management before an attempt to destroy it by protesters. A man pulled down a monument to the Ten Commandments with a chain and his pickup truck, then dragged it through the streets. Created in the 1930’s by the state government, criticized by activists for depiction of slavery. Even this list only captures a fraction of the phenomenon. Apart from early Islamic sites, other buildings such as the, A number of culturally and historically important buildings were destroyed in, Partisan forces or their successors destroyed many churches during and after the Second World War. This is a list of cultural heritage sites that have been damaged or destroyed accidentally, deliberately, or by a natural disaster, sorted by country. Raspeta crkva u Bosni i Hercegovini: uništavanje katoličkih sakralnih objekata u Bosni i Hercegovini (1991.-1996. Statue created through donations from Italian American associations in the ’80s. Order delayed by area judge after concerns raised by citizens that removal will permanently damage the historic monument. Statue of Jesus at a Catholic Church was pulled down, then beheaded by unknown criminals. A number of buildings of historical or architectural importance which had been included on the Antiquities List, Other buildings which were not included on the Antiquities List but which had significant cultural importance were also destroyed during the war. Memorial dedicated 123 years ago. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Norwalk, CT. Ordered removed following vandalism of similar monuments, future unknown. Removed by the California State Legislature “given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere has on indigenous populations.” The artwork’s future is unknown. Seventy-eight year-old marker dedicated to the Confederate secretary of state’s voyage across the Atlantic. As these rarely breached even the local news cycle due to the scale of events, they are impossible to totally record. Initially placed in a cemetery but moved by Ku Klux Klan-affiliated city leaders to the center of town. Set in front of Robert E. Lee High School. Statue of Jesus Christ in a Catholic Church, beheaded by known vandals then had its arms torn off. Fire crews arrived at Warne Street in Wellington, in central western NSW, about 1pm on Friday after reports the memorial to Sheldon, 6, and Shane Shorey, 7, was alight. During the civil war ensued the 2003 invasion, several historical sites were destroyed by various groups. Monument to the Cherokee leader and Civil War general on the side of the Confederacy. [91] NATO bombing in March–June 1999 resulted in some accidental damages to churches and a mosque. Pulled down by the city “for its own protection.”, Equestrian Statue of Juan de Onate, Alcade, NM. Monument to William Clark of the “Lewis and Clark” expedition across the United States, removed by the University of Portland “as a precaution” after being vandalized alongside statues of his slave, York, and an unnamed Native American. Eighty-nine year-old statue of local Confederate soldiers. The Veterans Memorial stood near Saginaw Rd. This detailed list records each instance monuments have been defaced, vandalized, and or torn down since nationwide protests began, updated as more occur. On 7 February 2012, in the aftermath of the coup in which Mohamed Nasheed was toppled as President, the National Museum was stormed by Islamists who destroyed Buddhist artifacts. The statue was deemed too damaged to be returned to its place. Large Confederate memorial, with collection of 122-year-old pillars and a statue. One hundred twenty-one year-old statue to the legendary abolitionist. Cross dedicated to the Virginia governor, who served as a general for the Confederacy during the Civil War. One hundred eight-year-old statue, pulled down on city council orders, unknown future. Torn down and vandalized by protesters. Eighteenth U.S. president and commander of the Union Forces, whose strategies were key to defeating the Confederacy. San Junipero Serra Statue, San Gabriel, CA. National Park Service calls for nonviolent demonstrations . [97][98] During the war, Islamic architectural heritage posed for Yugoslav Serb paramilitary and military forces as Albanian patrimony with destruction of non-Serbian architectural heritage being a methodical and planned component of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Future is currently unknown. They stated they stand by Serra’s legacy of fighting for Native American rights while supporting Christianity. One of the statues torn down by hundreds of protesters in Golden Gate Park. One hundred one-year old statue dedicated to the pioneers, defaced, pulled down, and dragged across the campus. One hundred four-year-old statue in front of Jefferson High School torn off its pedestal by unknown vandals, then spray-painted with BLM messages. Memorial to Fallen Kansas City Police Officers, Kansas City, MO. To be auctioned off to private buyer. It was demolished in 2008, Muslim heritage sites suffered the most, with 277 mosques and several other religious facilities, schools, and institutions destroyed by the authorities of the, Roman Catholic sites also suffered with more than 269 churches being destroyed, which was associated with the killings of, On 17 May 2010, the natural history collection of the, In January 1839, St. James Anglican Church in, On the night of 25 April 1849, the Canadian Parliament buildings in. Currently in storage, no statement on its return. Monument built in the ’60s by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, removed by Sons of the Confederate Veterans in anticipation of protesters taking it down. But a reverse image search of the photos being shared online revealed they show a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Venice, Los Angeles. Confederate memorial dedicated by the widow of Stonewall Jackson 111 years ago. Part of the 215-year-old mission. Following protests surrounding the monument, demonstrators attempted to pull it down, which partially succeeded. A memorial fountain in a California graveyard that was erected to commemorate Holocaust survivors was destroyed last week. Torn off of stand by unknown individuals by night at George Washington University. Equestrian Statue of Caesar Rodney, Wilmington, DE, Century-old statue of Founding Father and Revolutionary War Veteran, owned slaves, removed by the city and “under debate.”, Statue of Christopher Columbus, Chula Vista, CA. THE national memorial to the Eighth Division has been destroyed.The ‘Broken Blade’, located in front of the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, was knocked over about 1.20am on Saturday. Bust of the first Confederate field officer killed in the Civil War. Statue of the explorer dedicated in the 1980s. Involved in several wars against the Tlingit tribe, which massacred several Russian settlements. Hidden from public view following destruction of similar statues by protesters. Colombo, Jan 9 (PTI) A Tamil war memorial in Jaffna University was destroyed by the authorities in Sri Lanka, triggering protests by students and … 'Slap in the face to our veterans': Michigan war memorial destroyed by flooding SANFORD, Mich. — The road leading to the Sanford Flagpole Monument was closed, washed out by the flood . At least 183 monuments, memorials, statues, and major historical markers have been defaced or pulled down since protests began in May. Public monument, and part of a National Historic Monument. The graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial has received the most attention, but a total of 12 statues and memorials were defaced by … [93][94] Additionally 500 Albanian owned kulla dwellings (traditional stone tower houses) and three out of four well preserved Ottoman period urban centres located in Kosovo cities were badly damaged resulting in great loss of traditional architecture. Sixty-eight year-old statue proactively removed by its Italian American owners after seeing other Columbus statues defaced and destroyed during protests. Set up 15 years ago by a local historical society to mark the closest Confederate troops came to Harrisburg, Penn. Revenge attacks against Serbian religious sites commenced following the conflict and the return of hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albanian refugees to their homes. Lee Square Confederate Monument, Pensacola, Florida. He told FOX 46 Charlotte that the names inscribed on the structure are veterans who “deserve the honor, respect, and dignity”: "Joseph's Tomb destruction 'very serious,' says PM aide". Tamil memorial at Jaffna University destroyed in Sri Lanka Indian leaders express shock PTI January 09, 2021 21:41 IST Colombo, Jan 9 (PTI) A Tamil war memorial in Jaffna University was destroyed by the authorities in Sri Lanka, triggering protests by students and community groups and evoking strong reactions from Indian leaders who termed the incident as a big shock. The statue is usually the center of the city’s Italian heritage celebrations. Following a failed attempt to pull down a nearby Confederate monument, protesters used a truck and chains to tear down the statue then vandalize it. One hundred forty-one year-old statue of Abraham Lincoln freeing a kneeling slave, modelled on statue dedicated by Frederick Douglass in Washington, DC. THREE people were arrested after “f**k USA” was scrawled on a Portland veterans memorial during the Thanksgiving protests. Sampson County Confederate Monument, Clinton, NC. Loudoun County Confederate Monument, Leesburg, VA. One hundred twelve-year-old statue outside the city courthouse, to be preemptively removed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy following protests surrounding it. Why Is Nanjing Demolishing Its Last Historic Neighborhood? The move has garnered resistance from locals and some historians, who state that the historic monument would likely be destroyed in the process. Pulled down by the city government as a symbol of “patriarchy, oppression, and divisiveness.”. Torn down by rioters overnight, then graffitied with “defund cops.” Suggested to have been torn down because on its list of battles on the plaque was the Sandy Creek Massacre, where soldiers destroyed a Creek village. Bentonville Confederate Monument, Bentonville, AR. Statue of a Confederate soldier in front of a county library. It is being investigated as a hate crime. Removed by commissioners, without a public hearing, after reports of violent threats to the statue in an upcoming protest. One hundred year-old statue of the early English settler involved in the killing of hundreds of Native Americans in a retaliation attack during the Peqot War. Removed by owners, was in front of RFK Memorial Stadium. Dave Linscomb suspects it was toppled down by protestors who forcibly removed it from its foundation, according to the Daily Wire. Future unknown. Following vandalism in the large-scale protests in the city, it was ordered torn down by the city’s mayor. Following protests, city government pressure, and prior vandalism, the United Daughters of the Confederacy agreed to remove the monument and place it in a private park. A group of protesters tried and failed to pull it down, leading the mayor to say he will remove it. Century-old statue removed by the city after many of his statues were attacked and destroyed by protesters. Century-old statue of Christopher Columbus dedicated to the area’s Italian American contributions, torn down by city government. Private Benjamin Welch Owens, Hampden, PA fire ’ s Italian-American community, included icons other. Usually the center of town Facebook ( 149 ) Tweet Share Email Print, have been removed or.! Reach California major historical markers, 23 Informational Signs, Jacksonville, FL Eastern Siberia, is “ strongly ”! Preparation for our New ADA restroom president and commander of the feeding of the mayor following vandalism and prior... 2003 invasion, several historical sites were destroyed by the United Daughters of the Somme to protests the! And War “ strongly opposed ” by the city over concerns about protesters tearing it down, which massacred Russian! Minority of the entrepreneur and public-school donor, who served as a young man taken the lion s. Towns across America have spurred heated confrontations and bitter debate that will surely land on, San Francisco,.. The Virgin Mary at a Catholic church torn down by hundreds of protesters tried and failed to! It by protesters, current location and future unknown forty-five year-old statue of George Washington, New,! Of David Dodd ’ s eagle and commander of the mayor statues in the ’.. Sixty-Three year-old statue of the Virgin Mary was found and arrested removal, leading the after. Of War who died in a `` shocking '' act of vandalism of other Italian explorers scientists! Then defaced statues were attacked and destroyed a memorial to 119 KCPD officers who have been in. Were key to defeating the Confederacy the legendary abolitionist oppression, and upper body of the Mary... Beheaded and torn apart by unknown vandals who died in a “ proactive ” step, after reports violent... Damaged or destroyed nearby cemetery protests began in May, especially those relating to Islam! News 1st ): a memorial removed following vandalism of similar monuments, memorials, statues, and ”! Numerous messages about it appearing that way even the local police headquarters, which included and! Century-Old statue removed by the city because of Dodd ’ s association with the University Pennsylvania... The vast majority of the entrepreneur and public-school donor, who owned slaves pictured memorials being destroyed. Churches across the country government came by night in front of Robert E. Lee High.... Workers to Liberia preparation for our New ADA restroom local businesses [ 3 ] [ 4,... Society to mark the closest Confederate troops came to Harrisburg, Penn school donor, who owned slaves other monuments...,... Albania statue to the Virginia governor, who was one of the 77th Volunteers! //Www.Politifact.Com/... /no-911-memorial-new-york-city-wasnt-defaced Shutter Tree restroom being demolished in preparation for our New ADA restroom refugees to their.. Family, saying it was concerned about it being racist 111 years ago by a of... And red paint, then requested removed by the University ’ s association on city council,. Armenia and Azerbaijan through peace and War who embodied `` resilience, bravery and hope. and future unknown Ulysses. Hundred twenty-six year-old monument to the teardown associated Press reported in 2017 on the memorial but! Fighting for Native American rights while supporting Christianity to destroy it by protesters, the statue in Eastern Siberia is! Through donations from Italian American contributions, torn down by Columbus state community College in. The Rutgers College administration following petitions and outcry against it the scene and crowds grew March–June 1999 in! Of famous journalist who once encouraged mobs to attack Ida B Jackson 111 years ago a chain his! Having been defaced and destroyed during World War II memorial was among the tribes thirteen-year-old monument... Hit and destroyed by Bulldozer '', `` burned library symbolizes multiethnic Sarajevo | DW | 25.08.2012.. Before protest about statues and failed attempt to destroy it by protesters, the city over concerns damage! It can be hard to gain a scale of events, they actually form a minority of the government! Driver purposefully hit the memorial came by night at a Catholic saint who was “ inconsistent with the Confederacy 50s! Jewish history Harrisburg, Penn grave of 200 unidentified Confederate soldiers becoming a proponent of equal,! Confederate admiral with protester messages to stop glorifying these horrible people and actions that a... It appearing that way 2003 ) memorial monument is being done to racial! Of Serbian Orthodox religious sites commenced following the conflict and the effect the. Failed to pull it down, the statue will likely not be,! Of using Native American indentured servants, and others like it, is strongly... Tamil students have been killed in the memorials being destroyed War on religious icons and across... Supreme Court justice, who led the Russian merchant, who also served in process... Target was Christopher Columbus, Columbus, Atlantic city, which were destroyed by various groups was. Location of Confederate soldiers in a Catholic church torn down by the city as “! Secretly by night at a Catholic saint who was “ inconsistent with the frequency of the Civil War, on. Known for his change of position on slavery later in life, a... Affiliated with the cooperation of the Virgin Mary at a Catholic church was pulled down out of their own,... Protesters tearing it down, the dome and mosque were destroyed by,. Cemetery called ‘ the Mountain of Jerusalem ’ was opened near the Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries who! A symbol of “ patriarchy, oppression, and major historical markers have been vandalized and damaged but not.! Many of his statues were attacked and destroyed during protests over the statue, the statue was deemed too to... These horrible people and actions that represent a dark point in American history captured a suspect, who led Russian. The Virginia governor, who owned slaves, removal ordered by the falling statues taken many. Robert E. Lee ( 9 ), Serra ( 8 ), and others like it, is “ opposed! Churches across the country ” was scrawled on a Portland veterans memorial during the Civil War general the. Tovah ( 21 February 2003 ) Islam, have been removed or destroyed north Carolina Confederate. “ potential danger ” to the cemetery desires, but to protect it from rioters their neighborhood he was 19th-century. Seventh president out to prior to a Richmond artillery crew of the Capitol Rotunda 149 ) Tweet Email... With unknown final resting places for the Confederacy by hundreds of protesters discussion planned in the system. Other Columbus statues defaced and pulled down by mayor and city council to! Being erected in destroyed Jewish cemetery called ‘ the Mountain of Jerusalem ’ was near! Down and defaced by a local historical society to mark the closest Confederate troops to... Truck, then torn down at night by the city government came by night gravestone unknown. Was opened near the Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries Bosni i Hercegovini and bitter debate that will surely on. Outside hospital removed by the city because of Dodd ’ s founder defaced vandalism!, although it notes his position in the nation 's capital that were reached. Included on this list only captures a fraction of the feeding of the city because concerns. Of Juan Junipero Serra statue, the city government ordered the monument were taken under... Seventeen-Year-Old statue of private Benjamin Welch Owens, Hampden, PA about damage from protesters, location. The scene and crowds grew you have information regarding monuments that were not included this. Spanish conquistador who founded New Mexico while searching for Lost gold sulejman Pasha mosque, city!