He was the first leader to conquer France, but he was definitely not the last. At the start of the revolution, representatives from the Third Estate established the National Assembly where they demanded that King Louis XVI give them certain rights. The rest, as they say, made history. French children's stories. 1900 - Paris, France hosts the second modern day Summer Olympics. With the end of the Ice Age, prehistoric man began to settle down in more permanent agricultural settlements (Neolithic Revolution). Example: If drawing Provence, you would use lots and lots of purple crayons or markers to illustrate its famous lavender fields! That's where the name comes from!). Historical dates. Great for kids... and adults too! In this video we are going to know everything about the French Revolution. Fact 30 - 1800: Spain is forced to return the territory of Louisiana to France in the Treaty of San Ildefonso. Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. French Polynesia is an overseas country of France.It mostly rules itself, but for some things it depends on the French government. The French Government was in constant turmoil throughout the revolution. Services. International Children’s Digital Library. Enjoy a crepe, a thin pancake stuffed with whipped cream or sweet cheese. The political entrepreneur founded her own socialist newspaper and wrote many novels which argued in favor of women’s equality. Later, the Romans would … Study.com has thousands of articles about every Charles the Bald was the first king of France. The Romans spread their power to Gallia and made Gallia their provinces. Read along in French or English. flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? Historical Profile of France. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Harnessing the unlimited power of children’s imagination, French cartoons entertain as they teach. Bonjour! The original inhabitants of French Guiana were Carib and Arawak Indians. 3. Now France has an elected government, and visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery like the Cote d'Azur, famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and delicious food like crepes! NEW Petit Poulet CHICKEN LITTLE. France is a large country in Europe. Inspire your inbox – Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history, updates, and special offers. Because the Romans spoke Latin, the local people learned Latin and began to speak it. French traders settled there in the 1600s. Then around the 5th century, the church became the dominant keeper of the vine and the primary producer of the wines, used predominantly for the Holy Sacrament. Children learn French as they play and learn as they speak. In 58 - 50 BC Roman Emperor Julius Caesar defeats the Gauls and France becomes part of the Roman Empire until 476 AD. It would end in 1763 with France losing New France to Great Britain. Are you curious about the land of the Eiffel Tower? Furthermore, the app contains NO ads. This real-life revolution was more dramatic than any movie! Kids past have a detailed explanation of the French revolution that touches on Napoleon’s reign. LibriVox recording of French History for English Children by Caroline Emelia Stephen. This is a timeline of French history, comprising important legal changes and political events in France and its predecessor states.To read about the background to these events, see History of France.See also the list of Frankish kings, French monarchs, and presidents of France.. 5th century Revolts and rebellion occurred throughout the French countryside, and over one million people lost their lives. 1789: The French Revolution. Learning French becomes a fun adventure for kids with the reward system. Wars and Battles Throughout History. Learn french horn history, how it's made, how it's played, and a fun fact. Create a poster or travel brochure that details French culture and landmarks for prospective tourists. Example: If making a brochure, the cover could show the Eiffel Tower or even the Mona Lisa. Welcome to History for Kids the free online history network. Example: You can begin your timeline by noting that France was first called Gaul, and you can end your timeline with a note that today's French citizens elect their government leaders. They had a difficult time surviving due to tropical diseases. 1914 - World War I begins. Facts for kids.