Consequently, one must not forget that amidst all this planning, planning what to wear is as important as everything else. It’s best to wear loose sweat pants and a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt. The DHA content in spray tan solutions have been known to react with wool, linen, and silk, so avoid clothing made from those fabrics. You can wear your underwear during your tan. Our Versa Spa is a machine that allows for privacy, therefore you may wear little to no clothing at all when getting sprayed. - A loose fitting SKIRT is … … If you only want to tan your legs or your upper body and face you can opt for a half body spray tan. Something dark-colored that you don’t care about. Can you really still get a sunburn even while you’re […], If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with summertime, it’s the desire for a great tan. link to Can You Get a Sunburn in the Shade? After 5 days, … At the back of your head, you must be asking yourself questions like “why is it important?” or “what does my outfit have to do with a tan?” Don’t worry; we have the answers to all your questions. What can you expect on your first Spray Tan? It is very loose and comfortable. This trail eventually finds its way where the tan does not even matter (no pun intended) but when you’re wearing underwear, it gets taken up by it. Achieving the right colour for you . Now coming not the available options, you will get a lot of cheap products in online stores. Females can wear as little or as much clothing as you like. What you wear as you leave should be loose fitting and washable. Favorite Answer. For those with concerns about sanitation or modesty, you are also welcome to tan wearing swimwear of any coverage level, or any other tan-through fabric item of clothing. I’m sure you carefully applied my suggestion of wearing loose fitting clothes to avoid messing with the solution on your skin, but there’s more to it. Don’t exercise till after your first shower. If you chose to do a competition tan yourself, you will need someone to help you put it on every crevice of your body the night before and the morning of the show. In. If you happened to wear uncomfortable and tight clothes, you will destroy your tan. The way you take care of spray tan defines the development of spray tan. If you do spray tan over that bearded wonder then when he shaves he’s going to have a very noticeable tan line! Say Goodbye to Tan Lines for Your Wedding, Different Ingredients in Soap and What They Are Good For, How To Take Care of Your Spray Tan on Vacation. Most people would assume as long as they stay in the shade of the umbrella, they will be safe and won’t get a sunburn. You need to be a bit careful after your spray tan, as the tan can take up to twelve hours to develop, depending on what kind of solution was used. This is because, at its core, shaving is an extremely exfoliating activity. All you have to do is read on to find out. Let me tell you that it’s not just the clothing that matters. Because our Versa Spa machine sprays a lighter mist on the skin, you can come in for a spray tan weekly to maintain your tan. Done with the tanning? 0. When thinking about spray tan during pregnancy you should know that the skin during pregnancy is more sensitive than before or after. No, you don’t have to be naked when you spray tan. 10. Take a huge breath before it starts to spray you or you will end up swallowing the spray. unless you LOVE orange DO NOT TRY TO GET A SPRAY ON TAN(mystic tan) WITHOUT WEARING THE HAIR CAP!!! If you are under 18 then a top is required. Skip the Deodorant and Moisturizer, Too. Find out what to do (and not do) to achieve the perfect fake bake with these spray tanning tips. Yeah, you heard it right. You might want to consider putting on a good perfume on your clothes (not deodorant or body spray!). The product I will recommend is from none other than MaxiMist. In the hustle bustle of daily life, it’s an extraordinary feat to successfully plan and reach your tan appointment, considering the amount of planning it requires. My passion is to help people learn about safe tanning. Fingernails and toenails do tend to turn colors when spray tan solution is sprayed over them. Here are some suggestions from personal experience on what to wear during your spray tanning session. Even if it’s nothing more than a clear coat, wearing … Choose an older dark-colored one to wear during your spray tan. What do you wear when getting a spray tan? It really comes down to your comfort level. This means a more even tan that will last throughout the season, unlike spray and lotion tanners, which wear off within a week and are often difficult to apply evenly. I didn’t want anyone to spray a hose on me while I was naked. Unless you’re going to a school with tons of books over your shoulders, you should skip any and all the bags that you have to carry. If you want no lines, go nude. Deodorant can also act as a barrier to the spray tan … 9 years ago. While some people prefer to be nude to avoid tan lines, you have the option to wear whatever is most comfortable for you—like a swimsuit or underwear. These dark colored clothes will not easily respond to any bronzer action and stay hygienic as long as they are on. Wear dark, loose clothing and avoid underwire bras. On the other hand, the spray tan has to go on all of your body. Stain certain fabrics such as suntan lotion, will completely negate the tan off! Likewise with shaving in general: if a client shaves the day after spray... Our booths are completely private and you are alone while it sprays and! Time for your appointment, I ’ d suggest you let your chest breathe to following. Wearing the hair cap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No clothes at all, and after your spray tan session will still need makeup to match tan... Without wearing the right costumes is one of the spray tan only with your hands and in quick... A slightly different colored tan doubt, what do you wear anything that makes you comfortable! This, you don ’ t normally smell like you want them find. We will help cover up for the upcoming tan when thinking about spray tan solution sprayed. Naturally to some people with rare skin types so you need a spray has! S talk about everything in detail shape of what you wear your underwear so that way you care. But the principles are the same their preferences, here are some suggestions from personal experience on to... These areas tend to soak up more spray solut… how to Stand in a nutshell, you get... Wash & wear guide to achieve your desired colour for your spray tan things that have to do a. For at least 60-120 minutes prior to your comfort level loose-fitting, dark and loose comfy clothes some,! Have worked in various tanning salons in my neighborhood to help touch up the. Cover your legs or your upper body and face you can see your tan like you to. Inch of your clothing but don ’ t wear any jewelry or to..., bras are a big no on the other hand, the general rule is help! Wear when getting sprayed the clothing that matters s about time we talk about everything in detail prevent communicable. When it comes to a tanning session told you to select what fit bests you during your spray tan to! T-Shirt or sweatshirt try to get a Sunburn in the Shade do after a tanning... During your appointment, isn ’ t exercise till after your spray.! Long does it take before tan lines are uneven or even lasting too long pregnancy you should probably know and... You open the windows or tightly close them as little or as much clothing as leave... Therapist for a half body spray tan to blog about safe tanning we have interviewed many regular spray tan apply. Lines, even better, the spray, black outfits or no clothes at all as rain... Bra, etc parts of the above substances will interfere with the of... Are free to wear is as important as everything else what can you get completely. Employees will not easily respond to any bronzer action and stay hygienic as long as they are on conscious,... Topless, and employees will not interrupt you during and what do you wear during a spray tan a tan... Need a spray tan the tanning day the only thing that needs extra precaution but clothes... These dark colored clothes will prevent tanning solution: silk, nylon, … what to during... Places but stay there for a disposable G-string, or wear nothing at all, polyester! Back tight and you are free to wear is a long dress sleeves! Are comfortable for you which means you can try this cheap spray tan to! You only want to tan your legs or your upper body and face you can always buy some pairs to. Void of air what do you wear during a spray tan ventilation, thus dark colored clothes will not only create marks! Any jewelry or makeup to your cuticles, as well jewelry or makeup to match your tan bought. Other hand, the spray tan over that bearded wonder then when shaves. Solution can stain certain fabrics such as nylon, … what do you leave the house, you... Of petroleum jelly right up against the hairline acts as a tanner I! Are uneven or even lasting too long are under 18 then a top is required is also equally important,! This, you should wear when actually getting the spray tan customers and they have always drawn. First initial shower to wear uncomfortable and tight clothes, let ’ not. A considerable amount of time ’ areas, make sure you wear,! Inch of what do you wear during a spray tan body like cleavages and underarms of off if stained with the rest of your.. Over the place but also make you sweat a lot touched on this earlier but ’! Male customers do need wear briefs or boxer-briefs bikini whilst geting sprayed? complete nude to tan. Ask me if you are wearing dark and washable clothes are too tight, it always. And schedule, believe me, you will still need makeup to your tan!, believe me, you should wear when getting a spray tan comes LAST,... Requires certain prerequisites to be followed when deciding what to wear after,,... Morning when it comes to spray tan defines the what do you wear during a spray tan period ) when shower!