With 34 entries this year, this was the most popular category among Alberta brewers. Gold: Alley Kat Brewing Company, Olde Deuteronomy Barley Wine 2018 (Edmonton) Silver: Hell’s Basement Brewery, Heck of a Root Beer (Medicine Hat) Any lager or ale where the addition of fruit or vegetable is a key ingredient and important flavour or aroma component. Brewer. Darker malt flavours should be emphasized and hop character can range from none to moderate. Look no further! Visit the Beer Guides page on JustBeer, then select “Alberta” to view a list of Alberta craft breweries or the Alberta craft brewery map. Ale or lager brewed with addition of alternative ingredients that do not fit into other categories. (212) 419-8286 ... Key figures and rankings about brands and companies. Colour may vary but the overall emphasis should be on balance and accessibility with no aggressive flavours. Bronze: Inner City Brewing, A Day In Bruges (Calgary). Although the more prominent brands are rarely authentic Canadian and … Making your patio dog-friendly is a great way to do this. The oldest of Molson beers … Silver: Origin Malting & Brewing Co., Pioneer IPA (Strathmore) Beer designed to reflect the characteristics of American pale ale or English bitter are appropriate. Gold: OT Brewing Company, Barrel Aged Hack Weight Imperial Stout (Calgary) Bronze: The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, Three Sisters Pale Ale (Canmore). Looking for beer delivery near me? Any lager or ale where the addition of spice or other adjunct (coffee, for example) is a key ingredient and important flavour and aroma component. Discover Alberta's craft beer community - from a list of craft breweries, pubs and taprooms, to the newest and best beers - this is Canada's beer! Bronze: Bow River Brewing, Prairie Night Porter (Calgary). Bronze: Grain Bin Brewing Company, Burgundy Barrel Aged Braggot (Grande Prairie). Silver: Paddy’s Barbecue & Brewery, Foeder Aged Golden Sour (Calgary) English or American versions of IPA are both appropriate. If you’re looking for a craft brewery in Alberta, the JustBeer Alberta Brewery Guide is the #1 source to finding the best Alberta craft beer. Check out the list of craft breweries offering beer delivery services in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding cities in Central and Northern Alberta. Here’s a list of YEG’s best places to grab a pint and a patty, and the best restaurants, pubs, breweries, etc. All Alberta Malt Beer. Ale or lager brewed featuring wheat as a key ingredient and wheat as a dominant flavour and characteristic of the beer, but lacking the yeast characteristics of German- or Belgian-style wheat beer. Here are the results of the third annual Alberta Beer Awards, co-presented by the Alberta Small Brewers Association and Avenue Magazine. The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. Alcohol strength under 5.5 per cent. Silver: Inner City Brewing, OFA (Calgary) Designed to reflect the characteristics of the ales originating in Vermont. Out of the gate, if I had to guess which beer is the most popular in Canada, I would say either Labatt’s Blue or Molson Canadian. There are currently 157 breweries listed in Alberta. Brightside by ATB and Alberta Beer Festivals have partnered up to give you the chance to #BeTheBrewer! Points are awarded for medalling in categories only (not Best of Show) on the following basis: four points for a gold, two points for a silver, one point for a bronze finish. Amber-coloured, malt-accented ale. Look no further! Corona is a worldwide trademark; it is a Mexican beer among the 100 most valuable global brands, according to Brandz™ Top 100 Global Brands ranking. It's also touted as "a crispy Munich Helles-style lager brewed premium two row Canadian malt and a backbone of German Hallertau Mittelfruh and Saphir hops." Here’s a list of YYC best places to grab a pint and a patty, and the best restaurants, pubs, breweries, etc. The Alberta-made beer wasn't allowed to be sold at prices below other beer brands. Hazy, light-coloured, medium-bodied hop-accented ale. About Alberta Beer – Facts About the Alberta Beer Industry. Canmore Brewing Company (Canmore) You can also talk to your local liquor store about their product selection. Wheat is a dominant flavour characteristic, balanced with a noted yeast character appropriate to regional sub-style. Located in Calgary and owned by native Albertans Ravinder and Manjit Minhas, we are proud to represent Calgary in the Canadian beer brewing market. Can include fruit and other ingredient additions. The craft beer scene in Calgary, Alberta. Gold: Campio Brewing Co., Albertasourous (Edmonton) Moderate-to-strong citrus-fruit flavours and aromas with low-to-moderate bitterness. Gold: Collaboration between Undercurrent Brewing (Sylvan Lake), Red Hart Brewing (Red Deer), Red Shed Malting (Penhold), Belly Hop Brewing (Red Deer) and Craft Beer Nation (Red Deer) Ryes Beyond Kveik IPA Copyright 2021 RedPoint Media Marketing Solutions. Number 1 Labatt Blue Bronze: Analog Brewing, Porter Fandango (Edmonton). 12 best Alberta craft beer names and labels Dark Side Schwarzbier – Something Brewing, Red Deer. Bronze: Inner City Brewing, Eis On The Bridge (Calgary). amber ale aurochs brewing belgian ale best gluten free beers bierly brewing blonde ale brewery tours burning brothers brewing celiac disease craft beer departed soles brewing double ipa duck foot brewing eckert malting and brewing evasion brewing fresh hop ipa ghostfish brewing ginger beer glutenberg gluten free gluten free beer gluten free beer brands gluten free beer review gluten free beer reviews gluten intolerance gluten reduced gose ground breaker ground breaker brewing … Gold: Canmore Brewing Company, Railway Avenue Rye IPA (Canmore) Chances are, you might find it in one of the over 1,500 liquor stores in Alberta using this Product Search Tool on www.liquorconnect.com. Ale or lager brewed to higher alcohol levels, usually above eight per cent. Bronze: Marda Loop Brewing, Blackberry Porter (Calgary). The beer was first introduced in 1955 as Busch Bavarian Beer, but the brand name was changed in 1979 to its current title. Explore more of Canada's beer culture and brewing scene. 120 Independent craft breweries in Alberta 10% Market share in Alberta 17 Awards won by Alberta Brewers at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards Alberta’s craft brewers are as open as the land their ingredients come from. Whether you’re looking to check out some craft breweries in Alberta or you’re looking for a specific AB beer, the Alberta Beer Directory will help you find the nearest brewery in AB serving your favourite beer styles on tap and where to buy craft beer in Alberta. Silver: Sawback Brewing Co., Saison Series No. While it generally has an alcoholic content of anywhere between 4 to 6 percent, there are brands that have an alcoholic content which is as high as 17%. A schwarzbier is a dark German lager. This beer is a little harder to find than most, but it’s well worth it if you … Silver: Long Hop Brewing Co, Long Hop Hazy Pale Ale (Calgary) Very dark ale designed to reflect the characteristics of a stout. Bronze: Annex Ale Project, Null Test Kveik Pale Ale (Calgary). Alcohol should be above seven per cent. Ale designed to reflect Belgian ale characteristics, including spicy yeast flavours and aromas and with a higher alcohol content (above seven per cent). Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Alberta, Canada. Gold: Alley Kat Brewing Company, Olde Deuteronomy Barley Wine 2018 (Edmonton) Deep brown, malt-accented ales that are reflective of the traditional porter style. The Alberta Beer Directory was created for beer lovers by beer Lovers. Welcome to Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary, Alberta,one of the top Canadian breweries making some of the best Canadian beers such as Lazy Mutt, Boxer & Mountain Crest craft beers. The gold-winning beers from the other categories (excluding root beer/ginger ale) were judged against each other to determine a gold, silver and bronze rankings for the best beer in Alberta. Silver: Hell’s Basement Brewery, He Ain’t Hefe He’s My Brother (Medicine Hat) To learn more about Big Rick AGD and where you can buy it, visit our website. Silver: Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company, Fruitful Pursuits: Plum (Edmonton) A beer of any style brewed exclusively with grains grown and malted in Alberta. Gold: Undercurrent Brewing, Finn’s Raspberry Porter (Sylvan Lake) Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier. The brewery with the highest number of points. Medium-bodied pale- to amber-coloured ale, with noted hop character and a balance of malt. Red Bison Brewery shuts its doors in Calgary’s Franklin neighbourhood just a year and a half after opening. Silver: Sea Change Brewing Co., Hype Juice (Edmonton/Beaumont) Carling merged with the Brewing Corporation of Ontario (BCO) in 1930. Coulee Brew Co. See more … It’s tough to have clever labelling and clever branding. Gold: 4th Meridian Brewing Company, Border Porter (Lloydminster) In a move that sounds more like high-end corporate espionage than Canadian beer manufacturing, both Molson and Labatt produced brands using this new fermenting process after “borrowing” it from a Japanese brewery. Gold: The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, Root Beer (Canmore) JustBeer is a community for beer lovers and enthusiasts around the world. With a wide variety of styles and breweries from across the province represented, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Bronze: Medicine Hat Brewing Co., Bussmann Cranberry Sour (Medicine Hat). Local craft beer, wine, & spirits boutique liquor store located in Sunalta, Calgary, Alberta featuring North America's first growler exchange program using stai Order by 3PM for same day delivery! Bronze: Troubled Monk, Mary Samsonite (Red Deer). Malt should have darker flavours without being overdone, including caramel, toast, bread and biscuit. by Stuart Forster. One of the most popular Canadian brands is Molson. Silver: Cabin Brewing Company, Retrospectrum (Calgary) Ale brewed with wheat as a key ingredient, and using traditional German or Belgian yeast. Points are awarded on the following basis: four points for a gold, two points for a silver, one point for a bronze finish. Bronze: Olds College Brewery, Cold Winter’s Night (Olds). Use the AB Beer Guide to see a map of breweries in Alberta and create your own beer tasting and brewery tour! TOP BEER FROM ALBERTA, CANADA. We love Calgary and the people who live here. (Calgary/Edmonton) The goal of this guide is to help beer drinkers find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Alberta. The pale ale is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to its price and this might be why the beer is Anheuser-Busch’s second most popular brand. This beer with smooth finish has toasted malt taste … Silver: Analog Brewing, In Another Castle Peach Mango Milkshake IPA (Edmonton) Bronze: The Growlery Beer Co., Wheels Up French Saison (Edmonton). Alberta has a huge craft beer scene with over 100 craft breweries operating in the province. Flavours should be fruity with a light malt graininess. 2:23. Light-coloured lager with noted hop flavour and aroma. Designed to reflect the characteristics of German- and Czech-style Pilsner. Avenue Calgary is a city lifestyle magazine that brings readers the best of the city. With the craft beer trend rising in Alberta, breweries and bars are wanting to stand out from the others. Gold: Blindman Brewing, 24-2 Brett Stock Ale (Lacombe) Hops can vary in profile and perception, but without becoming too dominant in the balance. List of the best beer brand names, ranked by beer fans and casual drinkers. List of top Canadian beers includes some of the greatest beers made distributed in Canada. Bronze: Hard Knox Brewery, Grunt Work (Black Diamond). Looking for the best places for a burger and beer in Edmonton, Alberta? Looking for a keg for May long weekend? This list gathers the names of beer brands you know and recognize, the ones you buy or order over and over. Bronze: Long Hop Brewing Co (Calgary) Medium and darker-coloured lagers. No Deliveries Christmas EVE through to Dec 28. Gold: Odd Company Brewing (Edmonton) Try our corporate solution for free! Score. Silver: Blindman Brewing, 24-2 Brett Stock Ale (Lacombe) Awarded to a brewer that opened in 2019 and received the most Brewery of the Year awards. Non-alcoholic beer is having a major moment. Learn more: About JustBeer • Advertising Options. Silver: Siding 14 Brewing Company, Coal Pusher Stout (Ponoka) A beer of any style brewed exclusively with grains grown and malted in Alberta. With the craft beer scene growing rapidly in Alberta, it can be hard to keep track of all the best places to grab a pint! Bronze: Endeavour Brewing Company, Sudden Draft IPA (St. Albert). Beer produced through the use of “wild” yeast and bacteria, including brettanomyces, and/or through spontaneous fermentation that includes fruit as a key ingredient. Get to know ALBERTA BREWERS. Silver: Sea Change Brewing Co., Death Wave Mexican Lager (Edmonton/Beaumont) Should have more malt character than light lagers, although malt-hop balance can vary. Light-to-amber-coloured hop-forward ale with a moderate-to-assertive bitterness, hop flavour and aroma, depending on sub-style. Silver: Cabin Brewing Company, Chapter 1: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy (Calgary) But according to digital media company VinePair, Budweiser is actually the most popular beer in Canada. All the winners of the third annual Alberta Beer Awards, co-presented by the Alberta Small Brewers Association and Avenue Magazine. Gold: Cabin Brewing Company, Super Duper Saturation (Calgary) Craft beer is a growing field. More about the land. Should exhibit the flavour profiles of the organisms used, including earthiness, spiciness, sourness, mustiness and cellar characteristics. A dry, hop-accented ale fermented using a Kveik yeast strain. Accept Privacy Policy. Check out this list of beer-related job postings in Alberta. Cass is the #1 beer brand in South Korea and is brewed using a 100% non-pasteurized treatment. The Most Well-Known Brands of Beer The beverage is made from the fermentation of starchy products and grains like barley, rice, corn, wheat, etc. Gold: Village Brewery, Village Blacksmith (Calgary) Silver: Campio Brewing Co., All Malt Lager (Edmonton) These are the best places for budget-friendly breweries in Alberta: Big Rock Brewery. Looking for the best places for a burger and beer in Calgary? Gold: Born Colorado Brewing, Arm Candy Milk Stout (Calgary) Hops are Horizon & Cascade (for aroma) Lazy Mutt Alberta Red Ale pours amber to deep red color. Bronze: Analog Brewing, Dry As Bones Dry Hopped Brut Ale (Edmonton). This refreshing beer is the perfect balance between full flavour and easy drinking. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of craft breweries in the US jumped from 2,420 to 6,266 – that’s an increase of 159%! Bronze: Troubled Monk, Ginger Ale (Red Deer), This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Wanting to rent a keg for your wedding? At its low price, it's a good change of pace from similar American beers such as Budweiser or Miller Genuine Draft. Alberta has also opened, as of 2013, Olds College Brewery, which hosts the Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management course, the second of its kind in Canada. Bronze: SYC Brewing Co., Salud! This pilsner is the self-proclaimed best-selling Canadian beer in the world. Minhas Brewery. Labatt Blue is also an innovator — it was the first beer brand in Canada to include a twist-off top. Wit (Edmonton). Wraspberry Ale (4.5%), Wild Rose Brewery. Red Hart Brewing (Red Deer). Bronze: The Establishment Brewing Company, (Calgary). If you’re a beer-lover AND a dog-lover, make sure to hit up these great places that you can grab a cold brew and chill with your pup. (Best of Show and Soda categories are not included). Canadian isn’t just a good beer (2003 North American Beer Awards’ Gold Medal winner in the lager category), it has also been part of our proud drinking heritage for generations. Lagers or ales that are light-bodied, refreshing and not overly hopped. Well, let us be your travel guide! Updated Nov 24, 2020: Looking for a job in the beer industry? Silver: Paddy’s Barbecue & Brewery, Black Lager (Calgary) Continue reading to compare prices of kegs from breweries and local liquor stores and learn the best places to rent a keg in Calgary, Edmonton, and other cities of Alberta. Lazy Mutt Alberta Red Ale crafted from Alberta 2-row Barley Malt, Pale, Chocolate, Black, Munich & Crystal. Cold Garden Beverage Company. Beer produced through the use of “wild” yeast and bacteria, including brettanomyces, or through spontaneous fermentation. The “dry” brewing process was the hottest thing in beer for a brief time in the early ‘90s. You’re experiencing the best of Alberta when you drink our beer. A higher-alcohol IPA. Bronze: Snake Lake Brewing Company, Sidewinder IPA (Sylvan Lake). Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada which has no government involvement in the beer retail, import, and warehousing industries. Exhibits moderate-to-high bitterness and hop characteristics. Any beer that was aged in wood barrels and exhibits flavour and aroma characteristics of the barrel. SkiptheDishes just announced their alcohol delivery service in 3 Albertan cities! Gold: Odd Company Brewing, Mulled Lambrusco Sour (Edmonton) Who says you can’t share the craft beer experience with the whole family? With 27 entries from Alberta breweries, this was the second-most competitive category this year. Blindman New England-Style … The Canadian beer is an introduction to the culture and history of the country with many Canadian and International beer brands available at beer stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the country. Bronze: Cabin Brewing Company, Sunshine Rain (Calgary). We want to inspire readers to take part in their city. Silver: Trolley 5, Upbeat Wheat (Calgary) Corona. Gold: Tool Shed Brewing Company, Red Rage (Calgary) Did you know there are over 2,554 different craft beers in Alberta? Silver: Canmore Brewing Company, Georgetown Brown (Canmore) All rights reserved. Gold: Travois Ale Works, Black Forest Porter (Medicine Hat) Gold: Grain Bin Brewing Company, Welcome (Grande Prairie) Gold: Cabin Brewing Company, Sunshine Rain (Calgary) Sheepdog Brewing (Canmore) Though not spoken of often, it might come as a shock to many that Canada ranks 20th in the world for beer consumption per capita.With common brewery brands such as Molson, Big Rock, King Brewery, Labatt, and Unibroue, Canada is known to produce quality beers. Silver: Ribstone Creek Brewery, Raspberry Berliner Weisse (Edgerton) Includes beer made with alternative grains (gluten-free, for example) or alternative sugars (honey, for example), and smoked beer, as well as beer cocktails. Gold: Blindman Brewing, 24-2 Brett Stock Ale (Lacombe) Silver: Campio Brewing Co., All Malt Lager (Edmonton) Bronze: The Growlery Beer Co., Wheels Up … Batch brewed using the highest quality ingredients, including carefully selected Willamette hops, it’s a smooth, refreshing beer at a great value. Local craft beer, wine, & spirits boutique liquor store located in Sunalta, Calgary, Alberta featuring North America's first growler exchange program using stai Same Day Delivery Tuesday through Saturday. Any ale or lager where sourness is a feature of the flavour and aroma produced through the process of kettle souring. Fermentation has become more reliable and consistent, but recently several Alberta brewers, such as Big Rock and Blindman, have turned to wild strains to create more intense and varied flavours. Count. Bronze: Medicine Hat Brewing Co., Gentlemen’s Stout (Medicine Hat). Silver: Canmore Brewing Company, Chocolate Maple Porter (Canmore) for burger and beer specials. If you're looking for a pale lager, try Molson Canadian 67. Silver: Campio Brewing Co. (Edmonton) Check out Alberta’s kid-friendly breweries in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. Canadian Beer Brands: There are nearly 30 Canadian breweries around the country, and each offers something a little different. Body, colour and malt/hop balance vary. Pint to ponder Molson owns a 20% stake in the Montreal Canadiens. There are currently 96 different beer styles made by Alberta breweries. The Alberta Beer Guide is your resource for a list of all Alberta breweries and beers. Here’s a list of breweries coming soon to Alberta and places to look out for in 2019! Bronze: Blindman Brewing, Triphammer Robust Porter (Lacombe). When someone tells you to “take a pill,” this is what you drink. Silver: Canmore Brewing Company, Ten Peaks Pale Ale (Canmore) Gold: Tool Shed Brewing Company, People Skills Cream Ale (Calgary) Brown-coloured, malt-accented ale or lager. Tool Shed Brewing’s Prairie Pride was the province’s first real terroir beer—and made with all-Alberta ingredients. for burger and beer specials. An IPA designed with features that deviate from traditional IPA, including colour, ingredients or yeast. Bronze: Village Brewery, Village Framboise (Calgary). The search tool is also available as an app in the App Store and on Google Play. Non-alcoholic soda beverages made with traditional root beer/ginger ale ingredients and process. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Calgary with your best friend or looking for some Calgary date ideas, if you and your partner in crime love beer, you have to check out these places together! facebook; Visit www.cass.co.kr × Close Description. So, Leaf fans, every time you drink Canadian, you are supporting Les Habitants. Big Rock Alberta Genuine Draft is an all-natural, easy drinking pale larger. With the sober-conscious movement on the rise, imbibing mocktails is more popular now than ever, … Gold: Sea Change Brewing Co., The Wolf (Edmonton/Beaumont) 1. Is this the beginning of the end for new craft breweries looking to enter the market? Silver: Snake Lake Brewing Company, Ice Cutter Vanilla Latte Stout (Sylvan Lake) The entries are judged by a panel of beer experts who blind-taste the hundreds of beer entries. Alberta has a huge craft beer scene with over 100 craft breweries operating in the province. This statistic displays the sales of beer in Alberta from 2008/09 to 2018/19. The future is here. Silver: Spectrum Ale Works (Lethbridge) Big Rock distributes a variety of beers and ciders throughout Canada. Ale designed to reflect Belgian ale characteristics, including spicy yeast flavours and aromas with a moderate alcohol content.

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