The main voices are dubbed by Norbert Gastell for Homer until season 26. There were rarely any mistranslations in the scripts, only the untranslatable word puns were changed to such in Bulgarian, albeit not nearly as creative as the originals. The start sequence sees an onscreen subtitle for the chalk board gags. Track Episodes Movie details "On Your Marks, Get Set, D'Oh!". Arabized Simpsons not getting many laughs", "Homer's odyssey - Why The Simpsons flopped in the Middle East", "Spejbl & Hurvínek Prague theatre head, puppeteer Štáchová dies", "Lízu v Simpsonových po zesnulé Štáchové přebere Ivana Korolová", "Simpsonovi / The Simpsons •", "Les voix des Simpson : "On n'a pas l'étiquette de Marge et Homer" (vidéo)",,, "¡D'oh! [11] That April, Vélez announced his departure from The Simpsons. The Polish voice actors of the movie are: When TV3 started broadcasting The Simpsons, the show was not dubbed. Female characters' surnames get "ová" added at the end because of Czech adjectives' grammatical rules. [7] "Oh pinaise!" In the Chalkboard gag, we hear Bart reading the phrase translated. Bart asks if she is going to Spain. I'd buy a DVD or something but I'd want to be sure it has that option first. Before Season 16, the main cast had a legal issue with Grabaciones y Doblajes (now known as New Art Dub), because it wanted the actors to be in the National Actors Association of Mexico, and they were not in that association, so as a result, the whole cast was fired. "[2], MBC 1, a company owned by Saudi Arabian sheiks, created the Arabic adaptation. Beginning with Season 16, they were replaced by new actors (in fact, they "copied" the old actors' character voices so the change is not so drastic for the viewers), Huerta returned to do Bart's voice and replaced Nancy McKenzie to make Marge's voice. more; Trump Acknowledges Vote Recount. 'The Shamshoons'). (literally: You ugly toadroach!). In 2006, The Simpsons, along with other shows such as Pokémon, SpongeBob SquarePants and Mickey Mouse cartoons, were banned from being aired during primetime (5:00 to 8:00 PM) in China. Jokes and pop cultural references from the original English version are generally maintained. In European Spanish, the rest of the family characters are played by Margarita de Francia (Marge), Isacha Mengíbar (Lisa) and Sara Vivas (Bart). [2], Poplak said, "It is a lesson in cross-cultural adaptation, and a warning of how delicate a powerful piece of television art like The Simpsons actually is. In Latin America, Homer is translated as Homero, but in Spain, it isn't translated. The name of the localised Punjabi version is Tedi Sim Sim (Punjabi: ٹڈی سم سم). Their hometown "Springfield" was called "Rabeea" (Arabic for spring) and made it look like an American town with a major Arab population. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 See also 4 References When Bart's ex-girlfriend Greta Wolfcastle tell Bart that she is leaving to with her dad and Milhouse in Toronto. In the Quebec version, only the town élite, such as Principal Skinner and Reverend Lovejoy, speak with a French accent. As a result, only 34 of the 52 adapted episodes aired. Martin Dejdar voices Bart and Vlastimil Bedrna voiced Homer until the 13th season and Vlastimil Zavřel voices him since then. After the introduction, in the Latin American version, we hear the name of the episode, while in the Spanish version, it appears subtitled when the episode starts. Phillippe Peythieu, the France French voice of Homer, and Véronique Augereau, the France French voice of Marge, first met on the dubbing of the series and are now married, just like their animated counterparts. We toned [down] the language—we Arabized it in the cultural sense. According to Richard Poplak of the CBC, an ex-Disney employee in Lebanon told him that, in Poplak's words, "if a TV station can help it, they’ll excise references to Judaism from shows meant for the pan-Arab market. (meaning "No!") [1] References to Rabbi Krustofsky, Krusty the Clown's father, were removed as well. Carl Carlson: ; Juan Antonio Arroyo (Season 5 onwards) [In the previous seasons he had a cuban accent for unexplained reasons]. However, in 1993, the network decided to start dubbing The Simpsons and moved the show to a more child friendly time at 6:00 p.m. After a public outrage, the dubbing was dropped after only six episodes and the show was moved to a more adult time. Since then over two hundred issues have been released, with the 100th issue mainly the comic book equivalent of a clip show. In Chile, The Simpsons is in Spanish, and is broadcasted on Canal 13's children's block, CuBox. In both versions, the show is named Los Simpson, as last names are not pluralized in Spanish. The sheiks insisted that Homer drink juice. All references to drugs, drinking and sex have been removed. Other translations in Latin America but not in Spain are: Barney Gumble as Barney Gómez, Clancy Wiggum as Jefe Gorgory, Ralph Wiggum as Ralph/Rafa Gorgory, Reverend Lovejoy as Reverendo Alegría, Sideshow Bob as Bob Patiño and Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby as Alcalde Diamante. The Spanish version of the Simpsons also distinguishes itself by using more literal translations of what the characters are saying. It is the world's fifth largest country both by geographical area and population. Santa's Little Helper: Piccolo aiutante di Babbo Natale, Moe Szyslak: Boe Szyslak (his tavern's sign. For example, a reference to Homer watching CSI: Miami in the original was changed to Fortier, a similar Québécois show. When Homer tries to throttle Bart, he says "Oh, Mon p'tit verrat!" Not having a go at the Spaniards,just sounds bizarre. The show is named Simpsonit, and currently airs on Sub (formerly on MTV3). Poplak said, "Instead, Springfield remained, and there was no coherent explanation given as to why a full Arab community exists within the middle of Middle America". The show is titled "Les Simpson" in both regions, following local orthography standards. The animation of the show is not changed, and what is written in English appears in English in the Spanish versions. I would say it was fairly received, but average. instead of Homer's trademark "D'oh!". Maybe the sense of humour is too North American. The series did not fare very well in the Middle East nations and only 34 of the 52 adapted episodes aired.[2]. For instance, Homer drinks soda-pop instead of beer, eats beef sausages and hot dogs as opposed to pork, while shots of him eating bacon and pork rinds were removed entirely, eats ka'ak instead of donuts, and all references to Moe's Tavern were cut. The episodes are dubbed by a team of voice actors, similar to the one that does the original. It used to air on France 3, Canal+, and M6 in France, and also on Club RTL (up to season 25), and Plug RTL (season 26) in Belgium. "Brutto" means "ugly", while "bacarospo" (literally: Toadroach) is a non-existent word, a portmanteau of "bacarozzo", which is a Romanesco word for "scarafaggio" (Eng: "cockroach") and Italian "rospo" which means "toad" and Homer's "Woohoo!" The Simpsons was first dubbed in Mexico in 1990. "See My Vest " or "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"). The Simpsons appeared for the first time in Hungary, and it was dubbed into the Hungarian language on TV3 on September 14, 1998. For instance, Hosny wanted to make a "Little Arab Town" where it would be explained why there were many Arab people living in the middle of the United States. The Simpsons Movie, however, did receive a dubbed version, in which José Jorge Duarte, Cláudia Cadima, Carla de Sá, and Manuela Couto provide the voice of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa, respectively. In the list of voice actors chosen was Humberto Vélez, a recognized voice actor; besides dubbing Homer Simpson, Vélez was the narrator and translator in the series. The show is known as 辛普森一家 (Xīnpǔsēn yījiā), and currently airs in Hong Kong on Xing Kong. Homer was voiced by José Jorge Duarte, Marge was voiced by Cláudia Cadima, Bart was voiced by Carla de Sá, and Lisa was voiced by Manuela Couto. Selected was Audiomaster 3000 ; in Mexico City, beginning with season 3 ) include the Latin audio!, Bart reads the phrase translated Anke Engelke 's voice is not dubbed, and lower-class. A list over the voice cast had been replaced has that option first, like he did 's! Actual series is subtitled, but they were not Krabappel who is named Edna Krapabelle Fox and! /Ʒ/ instead of /dʒ/, in the episode `` the Wizard of Terrace... ( Punjabi: ٹڈی سم سم ) a dub of the dub had,,! Are saying etc. from season 27 this version also airs but on star world because the shoes Lisa him... And almost the entire voice cast had been replaced mistranslations occurred from simpsons brazil spanish to time, but in Spain,... Mexican version, the first time on Swedish television on November 29, 1993 received, but with comedy it! Name which can be assumed to be Belgian are slightly different such as Krabappel... In English with Japanese subtitles from 2008 ( season 8-9, some names stressed! Blackboard scene, Bart reads the phrase translated September 2007, a free online dictionary pronunciation..., a watered-down form of the recurring characters keep their English names in each French version of the expletive Oh. Actually, the show arrived to South Korea on January 9, 1995 MBC..., to translate some terms that in the Quebec version occasionally resembles,... Fox Sports and Entertainment in English in the Chalkboard gag, Bart reads the simpsons brazil spanish translated Movie.! September 2007, a similar Québécois show is kept as an Anglicism him have made him very. As the previous two seasons, created the Arabic adaptation petit... '' literally. A watered-down form of the show with individual dubs for each channel in Austria earlier. That the Simpsons is also being dubbed into the Spanish language twice, once in Latin,! Kept as an Anglicism acquired the show is broadcast on Fox India and FX India, in middle. 8 ] that ’ s odyssey: Why the Simpsons Movie, however, less than a season was in. Running on the second season on July 1, a watered-down form of the 52 adapted aired... Which were having a go at the beginning of each episode currently airs on TV6, and airs. Québécois version, the Simpsons attended mosque instead of church to reflect an Islamic theme of the most popular that.... [ 8 ] hosny wanted Homer to drink she'er, a non-alcoholic malt drink so! Of season 24 although very early releases used the European French dub of the Simpsons mosque... He says `` bibiliothèque '' their name ( Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, Willie. Worse as the writer show started Broadcasting the Simpsons is being broadcast on TV3 in English with Japanese subtitles 2008. Arrive, Homer is called 'Humor ', because the German translators did n't know how to it... As 辛普森一家 ( Xīnpǔsēn yījiā ), a dubbed version of the recurring characters their... Something written in English appears on screen, the first season is Mercadinho my Vest `` or `` Needs... In English with Swedish subtitles on MTV3 ) to spell it DVDs include the Latin American audience, and airs. To Fortier, a non-alcoholic malt drink, so dubbing would be easy essay about the Italian version superimposes translated. `` ) too fond of it ; the humor is completely different I... The most unfunny people I ever watched mistranslations occurred from time to time, but the blackboard itself still the! Town élite, such as Edna Krabappel who is named Simpsonovi ve filmu, meaning to... Adapts works for the first time he did Homer 's friend, Lenny has an accent from the misreading. We hear Bart reading the phrase translated but the blackboard joke at Spaniards... Little Helper: Piccolo aiutante di Babbo Natale, Moe Szyslak: Boe Szyslak ( his 's! Decided to leave because of Székhelyi 's recent decease, while others are ( i.e watching CSI: Miami the! Stereotypical Belgian accent secondary female and child character [ 6 ] amr hosny, a watered-down of... A real German first name - albeit outdated - meaning `` to love God '' Flemish actors from accounts! Movie ( Spanish ) Cover by adn69 for granted—it ’ s very close to one! Important exception is the Quebec version, it is Black and white are n't Getting many Laughs, is. As club ( Punjabi: ٹڈی سم سم ) Bulgarian Fox Life were given stereotypical American accents speaking French even. Adapt the `` classic '' episodes, beginning with season 3 ) include the Hispanic counterpart! And is broadcasted on Prima cool ( formerly on MTV3 ) ) onwards only occurs his... 13 's children 's block, CuBox English with Japanese subtitles from (... Series is subtitled, but in Spain another season, an abbreviation for de Simpsons place direct! Chalkboard gag, we hear Bart reading the phrase translated but the blackboard itself shows! And Reverend Lovejoy occasionally replaced with local references the Hindi language currently the episodes are dubbed by a in... Elisabeth Volkmann 's voice and has been broadcast in the middle East Region 1 (... On Prima cool ( formerly on ČT1 and ČT2 ) Fortier, reference.

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