In the next couple of weeks we will be talking to your children about baptism, and they will perhaps ask you questions. … because Jesus was baptized and wants us to baptize others. • What were your hopes and dreams for your child in his or her relationship with the Good Shepherd? by Sr Tamsin Mary A talk for parents of first communicants. But what did they need to be clean from? This session is a reflection on the type of answer you might want to give to them. In the waters of baptism, a person says, wordlessly, “I confess faith in Christ; Jesus has cleansed my soul from sin, and I now have a new life of sanctification .” And your sermon in your baptism will be more effective with your friends than any sermon the pastor preaches on Sunday morning—more effective because it comes directly from you. But baptism is also a covenant, a special and very serious promise. In short, in your baptism you are preaching a sermon without using any words at all. Christian baptism is the means by which a person makes a public profession of faith and discipleship. There are many examples of baptism in the New Testament, and they all involve water (Mark 1:9, Acts 2:40, Acts 8:38) to mention just a few. How would you finish these sentences, when speaking with your older child? 5. Because God has chosen baptism as the way we can change from being a sinner and become associated with Christ (become “in” Christ): “many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ” Romans 6:3 “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” Galatians 3:27 isnt it pointless i mean the baby cant decide if it wants to be christian - shouldnt there just be baptism at a later age without confirmation? Baptism is a symbol of your faith. Baptism by water is a “reenactment” of the baptism by the Spirit. In Matthew 3:16, we learn about the time when Jesus Himself was baptized before He started His ministry on earth. I’m a sinner and I can’t stop sinning, but because of God’s grace, I can turn from sin.” Baptism is a picture of the way only God can make us pure and whole. Congratulations! Baptism is one of God's great gifts, a gift meant for all people. Update : ok seems nobody has, what reasons are there for baptism? Our faith should be personal, but not private. Why did you choose them? Isn’t that a picture you’d like to paint for the world? Why did you have your child baptised? The word baptise simply means to wash. They may say to their child, “We baptized you as an infant. • Who were the godparents/sponsors? Share with your younger children: • Why you had him or her baptized? Baptism is a way to say the world, “I can’t be holy on my own. Around 400 AD, a man … 2. It may help if you understand where the idea and practice of baptizing infants came from. You don't need your mom still on your case about where you are, all the time. You have welcomed a child into your family, and you have made the decision to have your child baptized. Baptism matters to you. So, you might still be wondering—why should I get baptized? Baptism is about going public with your faith. Yes, you can still baptize your child in the Church even if you’re not yet married by it. So when the disciples baptised people they were in effect saying these people needed be washed clean. They think that being baptized insures that the child will go to heaven. A natural question would be, “does your age make a difference?” More specifically, you may ask whether infants or young children should be baptized. I did it before and it helped me a great deal, to the point of getting reunited with my Faith and ending up marrying through the Church. The Greek word translated “baptize” is the verb baptizo. why did you baptise your child/ren? You're an adult. Why do you need to be baptized again?” If he lovingly, sensitively explains from the Bible the true meaning of baptism, backed up by his changed life, it can be a powerful witness to them.

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