Meet the Mini Aussiedoodle! See more ideas about aussiedoodle Brushing their coat once or twice a week will get rid of any dirt in their fur. Dad is a registered red standard poodle, mom is a standard red Merle Australian Shepherd. Red merle Chocolate Chocolate and white Tricolour Red sable Black and tan Cream Silver One of the joys of seeing the emergence of this and other hybrids is the natural variation in their appearance. If you’re considering this cute combination, read on to learn more about the origins, plus the pros and cons, of this mixed-breed pup. As mentioned above, the Merle Aussiedoodle puppies are the most costly. Then this is the place! Colours Possible: red, red & white, black, black & white, chocolate, chocolate & white, chocolate tri, black tri, blue merle or chocolate (red) merle click here to see coat colours explained. Heathy, genetically tested, mini … Merle means that their coat is white with black (blue merle) or brown (red merle) speckles. We have a purebred Australian Shepherd red merle female available born November 20th. Red Merle Mini Aussiedoodle – “Bardot” – 7wks old Individual Pictures so you can save them to your computer… she is such a doll face!! Black nose= black-based dog. Our pups will make excellent family dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, or trained agility dogs! Please be wary of breeders selling mutliple breeds! He's 8 lbs and mahogany red. $3500 Check out our Instagram page at aussie.aussiedoodle Our Family raised puppies in our in home nursery with detailed close attention to every need. Find Aussiedoodle dogs and puppies from Oregon breeders. Tricolor dogs may look similar but typically lack the characteristic marbling of merle. Todd is a red merle male AussieDoodle puppy with stunning merle markings. Aussiedoodle puppy for sale will vary depending on the breeder you settle on, and that price is affected by many different factors. We are interested in Aussie-doodle puppies but have heard Blue or Red Merles may be deaf or blind, is this true? Purple … Their coats can be a variety of colors typically seen in Australian Shepherds, like blue merle, red merle, black and red tri, black and tan (AKA "phantom"), parti -- (Black/white,cream/white, chocolate/white, ect), sable, or even a solid color. Adorable Aussiedoodle puppies some with Camo (Merle) coloring and Blue eyes even! Utah Aussiedoodle breeders Kristen will be about 25-30 lbs. Yes and no. Our puppies are raised in-house and are very pampered. $3500 We have a blue merle Aussiedoodle male born December 1st. To We love his white blaze and the cute white spot on his chin. My Aussiedoodle Puppies Katies Pugs and Frenchies Friends and Puppies Contact Us Puppy Contract Katies Pug Males Cherry Valley Aussiedoodles AVAILABLE Aussiedoodles $500 Deposit holds your puppy. We focus mainly on Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Chocolate Tri, and Black Tri. $2000. BLK SABLE, 2 RED/BLUE/COPPER MERLES, BLK SABLE, RED SABLE Find merle Aussiedoodle puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. We are crossing him on our toy Australian Shepherd girls for a wonderful designer F1 hybrid dog that can be low Lady mit ihren neugeborenen Mini Aussiedoodle Welpen in den Farben blue merle, red merle, schoko und schwarz. full grown! Tail will be docked. We offer Sheepadoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Irish Wolfadoodles, Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles and Mini Aussiedoodles. The Aussiedoodle coat can come in a variety of colors: blue merle, red merle, black tri, red tri, phantom (black and tan), sable (black tipped hairs), parti (white base of 50% plus secondary color), or solid colors. Sable Colors Including Red, Black and Phantoms (copper points-generally copper eyebrows, cheeks, front of legs and under tail) Sable colors may vary and change $2800 Sable with Merle $2900 Tricolors (Three Colors) $3000 These dogs love to play but are just as happy to lay at your feet or on your lap if She is a chocolate merle, she stands 18 inches @ her shoulder weighing in @ 27 pounds…making her the perfect large mini Mini Aussiedoodle puppies can range in size from 14-17 inches at shoulder and weigh 15-35 pounds Toy Aussiedoodle puppies can range in size Life Expectancy: 13-15 years Shedding: quite a lot of shedding * Red is also known as Brown.In the Australian Shepherd breed color standards, Red is what they call a … The Poodle phantom look mixed into the beautiful merle pattern of an Aussie. AUNA'S PAST AUSSIEDOODLE PUPPIES Lf.-Rt. This pup is one of a kind. Brown nose= brown-based dog ie; red/brown merle, silver beige, brown sable, brown phantom, & etc. Male is a sand color. Aussiedoodles can have Blue, Green, or Brown eyes, even a mixture of these. Some with blue eyes. All of our Aussiedoodle tails are left natural, just how nature intended Mini Aussiedoodles come in a variety of colors, which include blue merle, red merle, red tricolor and black tricolor. Wonderful therapy dogs for those with Autism. Male is a sand color. READ OUR BLOG POST ON 10 OF THE BEST TOYS AND CHEWS FOR DOODLE PUPPIES! This coloring is off the charts! Current on worming and vaccinations. Price: $2,200.00, including Deposit Deposit: $200.00 (non-refundable) deposit for pick of litter (order of pick-of-litter based on order of receipt of Deposit & Contract),. Expected Mature Size: 25 - 35 lbs Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red). We think he will look a lot like his handsome older brother Walnut.
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