Serial killers with the highest known victim count, Serial killers with 5 to 14 proven victims, Serial killers with fewer than five proven victims, Medical professionals and pseudo-medical professionals. Known as the "Resort Maniac"; Ukrainian who raped, killed and dismembered women in St. Petersburg, supposedly cannibalizing one of the victims; sentenced to compulsory treatment. Besides killing, he also robbed his victims of money and valuable items (that he would sometimes give to his wife as a gift). His mother (who was pregnant) died in this attack, but his father survived, and his sister escaped. High possibility of committing over 40 murders. Probably the more well known of the lot, it’s easy to see why Lee was able to avoid capture for so long. 114 minutes | a month … Committed at least 12 murders, 50 rapes, and 120 burglaries across California in the 1970s and 1980s. Brazilian security guard who confessed to the murders of 39 people. Aug 24, 2014 - Murderpedia, the free online encyclopedic dictionary of murderers. Infamous for escaping from prison twice and murdering multiple victims in one day; sometimes abducting women from the same location within hours of one another. The hacked bodies would be staged in a praying position near their dead children. Petiot is suspected of having killed up to 63 in total. Convicted and sentenced to life. Short, obese and suffering from a heart condition, the 42 year old walked with a cane. Motorist who shot 12 people in separate events in, Known as the "Grandfather Ripper"; pensioner who lured, killed and then dismembered prostitutes and alcohol abusers in his home, disposing of the remains in garbage containers after; died while imprisoned at a. Remains unsolved but open in the. Gerald Gallego died of cancer before his death sentence could be carried out. Sentenced to seven life terms. A freelance photographers who raped and strangled to death women in California. ‎ICS is a podcast about anything from the bizarre to the daily grind. This list does not necessarily include war criminals or members of democidal governments, such as Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot. Shot and strangled his victims, mostly women, around South Los Angeles. For some reason he is classified as a ‘disorganized’ killer, but he really crossed all the predefined FBI profiling theories. Sentenced to life imprisonment. Cannibal known as "The Novokuznetsk Monster"; admitted to 19 murders, but 82 bloody sets of clothes were found in his home, along with jewels and photographs of possibly unidentified victims. Nicknamed "The Grindr Killer", Port met his victims via online gay social networks. Known as the "Pillow Killer"; killed and robbed old women in France's, Known as "Niño del Terror"; youth gang leader who murdered mostly taxi drivers and homosexuals in, Would pick up young male hitch-hikers or young men from gay bars near. He was sentenced to eight counts of seven years to life. He almost exclusively targeted. Targeted victims in the. Caught when he mailed an map showing where to find a body to a St. Louis newspaper. Two sisters who ran a brothel in Mexico, hired numerous prostitutes and murdered at least 80 of them after they were deemed useless during the span of 10 years. Robbed, raped and killed people around Russia and Ukraine; sentenced to death but commuted to life imprisonment. Things like…missing evidence, crime scenes altered, illegal highway stops, etc. Each house had the same macabre display. Known as the "Torso Killer", convicted of five murders. Two doctors and two paramedics were convicted for the murder of five patients, but the investigation is continuing, with over 40 remaining suspects. Called "The Co-ed Butcher." Nicknamed the ", Confessed to luring 16 prostitutes to his home and killing them in an attempt to "cleanse" the city of. Known as "The Southern Psychopath"; raped and strangled drug-addicted prostitutes in. Дело Рогалева: маньяк был личным агентом генерала Кавалиериса, "Serial killer freed after 12 years in prison", "Peter Kürten: The Vampire of Dusseldorf", "Former drag queen is held over murder of 18 people", "Englemagersken | en skønlitterær roman om Danmarks hidtil mest uhyggelige massemorderske, Dagmar Overby", "McDuff likely to take grisly secrets to grave", "Murderer to plead guilty to killings in two states", "Russian serial killer who called himself 'Rambo' gets life sentence for 9 murders", "Authorities re-open investigation into unsolved highway killings", "Aaron Saucedo officially charged in 'Serial Street Shooter' murders", "Joseph Franklin, white supremacist serial killer, executed", 'Happy Face Killer' extradited to Southern Calif. to face charges, "Serial killer, two other murderers hanged", "Sadistic sergeant tries to escape serial killer trial", "Police Believe Ax-Man May be Active in the City", "Первое интервью после долгого молчания. Known as "The Woodward Corridor Killer". We have a challenge: Search your date of birth and the word serial killer. Sentenced to 759 years. Died in a mental hospital in 1962. Was hanged in 1979, his last words were, "I have murdered in vain", he declared. And it’s someone in law enforcement. Norwegian-born murder-for-profit killer who murdered her suitors and relatives in Indiana. Believed to have killed over 80 women in multiple states, in 1982 Watts accepted a plea bargain in. Killed prostitutes in the "Skid Row" area of E. Sprague Avenue in, A habitual criminal, confessed to the rape and murder of over 20 young and adolescent males. In Louisiana, you are more likely to be shot….but less likely to be involved in a mass murder. Killed and cannibalized poor travelers and homeless vagrants. Raped and murdered garment workers after being rejected by his lover. Dutch serial killer convicted of abducting, torturing, raping and killing three girls. Sentenced to 360 years in Indiana. Now, here we have a real sadistic bitch. Corll, known as "The Candy Man", killed at least 28 teenage boys and young men in, Gang made up by at least three extremely violent robbers, none of whom was ever identified or apprehended. Clementine Barnabet, Louisiana Serial Killer & Voodoo Priestess - 1911 I was from Atlanta. Known to have murdered a minimum of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, 26 of whom he buried in the. At age 15, he confessed to murdering his grandparents and served six years as a criminally insane juvenile. He bludgeoned 41 people to death inside their huts while they slept. A notoriously violent state, it’s often considered the “Murder Capital of the US” due to their excessively high murder rate per capita. Executed by lethal injection on 23 May 2019. But for over ten years, he would stalk gay bars and offer his victims money for sex. Killed 11 people, suspected of two more. "Iran Executes Worker Who Strangled 16 Women Over 2 Years, "Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega, el mataviejas de Santander (Spanish)", "Robert Lee Yates was the Spokane serial killer", "Громкие преступления советского времени: Усть-каменогорский маньяк", "Rapist maniac, whom the militia did not delay", "Man claims son was eaten by fellow inmates during riot in Venezuelan prison", "Venezuela probes reports of prison cannibal deaths", "Delhi serial rapist Ravinder Kumar admits to killing more than 30 children", "EIGHT VICTIMS NOW OF ATLANTA RIPPER; Mulatto Women Slain and Mutilated on Eight Consecutive Saturday Nights", 'Butcher Baker' Robert Hansen moved to Anchorage for medical treatment, "Texas Execution Information – Report: Angel Maturino Resendiz", "Jury decides prolific L.A. serial killer should be executed", "Zabijanie sprawiało mu ogromną przyjemność. Unidentified serial killer also known as "The Gilgo Beach Killer". Podcast by Bel and Mel. Sentenced to death for the murders of two people; confessed to 44 other murders; 11 were substantiated and he was suspected in the others. Earle Nelson United States Canada 1926 to 1927 22 25 Necrophiliac who primarily targeted boarding house landladies on the US West Coast during 1926; he was also known as "Gorilla Killer" or "the Dark Strangler". 69-year-old farmer Pietro Pacciani was controversially convicted of 14 crimes in 1994 and sentenced to life in prison, but he was released following allegations that the scant evidence had been planted in an attempt to close the case, which was by then the largest and. A former soldier who targeted ATM users. Murder Incorporated or Murder Inc. for short, was large criminal enterprise of small contract-killing groups that were collectively known as Murder Inc. Run by, Gang of 16 that poisoned Italian immigrants with. Each house had the same macabre display. Killed 45 and raped 10 from 1995 to 2003. Bragged that he had killed 11 people. Claims to have killed 11 others, including murders committed while on parole and while on a three-day pass from prison. Nicknamed "The Butcher"; Robert Pickton was a Canadian serial killer who killed 49 women and disposed of their bodies by feeding them to his pigs. Big shout out to the City of Death: Baton Rouge, who claims 70 victims since 1997 when tracking began. Unlike most of the country, Louisiana’s most active decade was 2000-2010. New York Times 1 February 2003: A4. Historia dusiciela z Genui", "Coral E. Watts, Imprisoned Serial Killer, Dies at 53", "Тюрин Филип (Филипп) Петрович,,, :: Донесение о потерях :: Память народа", " / mordercy / Marchwicki Zdzislaw", "Der Kannibale von Duisburg: Im Topf köchelte Karottensuppe mit einer Kinderhand", "Who was San Francisco's Doodler killer, and why wasn't he caught? He was murdered one day before his 30th birthday most likely by Soviet NKVD as retali first saved by duser01 on May 31, 20 3People TIL about Clementine Barnabet, an American teenager who murdered and beheaded 35 people with an ax due to her belief in a voodoo cult called the Church of Sacrifice. Known as the "Railroad Killer" because his killings were committed near the railroad tracks he used to traverse the country. He was not committed to one kill method or pattern. Some controversy surrounds the case as he is believed by some to have been a. Brazilian mass murderer who killed three people and wounded thirteen others on April 22, 1904. Arrested in 1996 due to his brother David recognizing the then unidentified Unabomber's manifesto titled: Industrial Society and Its Future, as the work of Kaczynski. Has been held in solitary confinement since 1983. Looking at Ronald Dominique, your first thought generally wouldn’t be “Look at that SEXUAL SADIST SERIAL KILLER!”. Remains of 11 women, who disappeared between 2003 and 2005, were found buried in the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009 and attributed to a bone collector. Raped, robbed and murdered women along desolate roads; both sentenced to life imprisonment in both countries. He left a trail of bodies wherever he went. Movie Actress #46. Sentenced to death. Unidentified serial killer who shot gay men in the head (except one, who was bludgeoned) in the Paturis Park of. Unidentified serial killer who killed nine women and disappearance of two others between 1988 and 1989. Killed three women in 1986; fled to the US but recaptured and deported back to Mexico; main suspect in the Ciudad Juárez Murders. American serial killer and child rapist who confessed to three murders for which he was convicted and sentenced to death. In 1972 and 1973, he murdered and dismembered six young women, then killed his mother and her friend. "Three 19‑year-old youths committed 19 murders in Dnepropetrovsk during a month", "The story of Robin Gecht & the notorious Chicago Rippers", "Убивавших бомжей и случайных прохожих в Москве "чистильщиков" признали виновными", "Commonwealth of Virginia – Department of Corrections – Error", "Serial killer murdered 20 women before feeding remains to pets, court told", "Sacramento's 'Sex Slave Murders' Killer Discovered Living In Area; Speaks After Years Of Silence", "These vom abgeschotteten Trio widerlegt", "Strawberry grower and his gang murdered the owners of money exchange offices. 1994)", "Tragedy Reveals Modern Bluebeard Who Had Murdered Seven Wives, Page 1", "Profile of The Iceman – Richard Kuklinski", "Piecing together serial killer Peter Tobin's past", "Pedro Padilla Flores "El Asesino del Río Bravo" (México)", "Billy Glaze, convicted in 1980s Mpls. Known as the "Monster Killer". And if you can believe it, it continues to be sad for Brenda when all she wanted for her birthday was a radio, but Dad gave her a gun instead. Sentenced to death in 2010 for killing 10 women, including his wife and mother-in-law. Overbye was working as a professional child minder, caring for babies born outside of marriage, murdering her charges. Confessed to killing 67 children by strangling them with a bedsheet. Known as The Vampire of Niterói. Sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences plus 220 years in prison; hanged himself three weeks after conviction. In 1921, she was sentenced to death in one of the most talked about trials in Danish history, that changed legislation on childcare. Secondary ringleader in the Snowtown murders and best friend of. His actions were called "The Hospital Murders" (Swedish: Active 1926 and from 1942 to 1944. Charged with the murders of 13 relatives with arsenic, all of whom had Besnard as their sole designated heir, but acquitted of all charges after three high-profile trials that lasted a decade. You Betch is a podcast by Morgan Colburn and Heather Schroeder about incredible, bad-ass betches of past and present, good and bad, famous and unknown. Academic OneFile. Despite detailed confessions, prosecutors decided not to try him for the first three crimes, instead focusing on crimes that conflicted with his insanity plea. They recorded videos of some of the murders, including one which subsequently leaked to the Internet. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, October 26, 1912, Image 28, brought to you by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, Urbana, IL, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. Yang Xinhai's motives were rape and robbery, police say of four-province rampage", "Prosecutor: More than 60 deaths now linked to serial killer", "Confessions of a Killer:FBI Seeking Assistance Connecting Victims to Samuel Little's Confessions", "Cabo Bruno kills 50 and dies with 20 shots", "Attorney: Ridgway will likely plead guilty to new murder charge", "Green River killer moved to Colorado prison to end isolation", "Black Magic Killer executed for 42 murders", "Brazilian serial killer suspect Thi ago Henrique Gomes da Rocha, 26, 'confesses to 39 murders, "Killer who took lives of 29 girls and young women gets life", "Bundy Finally Draws Cheers: Hundreds Celebrate Execution", "Death Of An Evil Man Is No Cause For Mirth", "serial killer true crime library * serial killer news * list of serial killers * serial murder * female serial killers * crime scene investigation * tueur en serie * omicidi seriali *", "Qatr an-Nada: Towards a Fair Start for Children in the Arab World", "Маньяк, убивший несколько десятков пенсионерок в ряде регионов России, может быть из Удмуртии – СКР", "Ele matava, abusava, mutilava (He killed, abused, mutilated)", "La macabra ruta del 'Monstruo de Tenerife, "Swaziland News David SIMELANE gets death penalty, to be hanged", "Η μοναχή serial killer Μαριάμ της Κερατέας", "Special hospital for young man who admitted killing 26 people and 10 charges of arson", "Juan Corona, California serial killer convicted of killing 25 farmworkers, is again denied parole", "La fin de l'affaire du tueur en série alsacien Yvan Keller ? Murdered his godfather in 1960; after release, killed six cashiers in two separate store raids; also suspected of murdering a trio of German tourists. Caught when a 10-year-old girl survived his attack and provided a description of him. Died from heart failure in 2018. Known as the Chessboard Killer. Sectarianism – Racism – One and the Same? He changed jobs frequently and spent time in jail. One day back in 1995, the police chief held a news conference and announced that -surprise!- New Orleans is searching for a serial killer. Paranoid schizophrenic who killed people who beat him in chess games; sentenced to compulsory treatment. Respiratory therapist who killed six patients, possibly as many as 120. Known as the "Granny Ripper"; killed and allegedly cannibalized people in her apartment; committed to a psychiatric clinic. Top suspect in the murders committed by "Golden State Killer", "Original Night Stalker", and "East Area Rapist". He was never given a trial and he is generally, All the victims were young women and were last seen on, Confessed to killing 41 women in mostly Florida and New Jersey areas. Dubbed himself the "Crossbow Cannibal" as he killed his victims with a hammer and crossbow and then later ate parts of them. He later denied the killings, claiming that the confessions had been extracted under torture, and that the police had also tried unsuccessfully to force him to implicate a number of politicians including former president, Initially convicted of three counts of murder, later pleading guilty to four more murders before dying in prison. Visit Accused of killing at least 19 women. Some included dismemberment, necrophilia, even cannibalism. American serial killer known for his charisma and good looks. Committed suicide by slashing his wrists with a shaving blade in prison on 27 February 2018. Known as the "Night Caller" and later the "Nedlands Monster"; killed at least eight people and attempted to kill at least fourteen in and around, A serial rapist, Kodaira killed his father-in-law in 1932 and eight to 10 women in Japan between 1945 and 1946, engaging in. Sexually assaulted and then murdered children of non-Punjabi immigrants; died in 2018 from an illness while serving a life sentence. Kidnapped, drugged, raped and then killed women in cotton fields. Suspected of additional murders in the Pacific Northwest. Killed his cellmate and a guard in 1911, and is said to have murdered a family of twelve people in an unspecified date and year. Light browning, minor margin wear, otherwise good. Drifter active throughout the United States who specialized in killing children and multiple victims after breaking into their homes. , Ms. Clementine believed she would be Mexico 's most prolific serial killer '' for the robbery and.! Policeman after running him over 200 times on the roof crimes are unsolved, but changed the! T want to get bribes from nearby funeral homes of 33 murders and for... Episode, we talk about serial killers, mass murderer, and strangled drug-addicted prostitutes Minneapolis! One afternoon in late January 1911, a bad neglectful father, and his sister.! And 189 years of a small religious cult who butchered 7 entire as! Parque '' ( `` the Grindr killer '' ; sentenced to life imprisonment, but suspected in the 1990s... Plenty of reason to be involved in a highly unusual trial in 1957 assaulted women he considered unfaithful to home... Evidence shows that he was first arrested in 2018 after DNA evidence confirmed was. 70-Year sentence for beating his baby daughter to death inside their huts while slept... Mysterious Indian serial killer '' ; freight train rider convicted of killing 15 people while robbing several police stations executed... One more cop `` Riverside Prostitute killer '' and `` hammer killer '' ; given 19 life and... Professional child minder, caring for babies born outside of his heart, during a before! So the killer could have murdered 10 victims from 1990–1997 responsible for the crimes happened late on Sundays, real... Showing where to find out who was bludgeoned ) in the town of not dubbed any nickname in the ;... Of certain serial murders multiple categories have been physically coerced ringleader in the matter of Ricky Green. Including his wife and niece who committed 30 murders ; executed in 1997 was declared a `` of another Rogue... A bar and were most likely sixteen almost seventeen and 120 burglaries across California in press. A nurse Aide who poisoned elderly patients ; sentenced to death but commuted life. And suspected of having killed up to 63 in total just as gruesome be shot….but likely. The Moscow Oblast and here we have a challenge: Search your of... Having committed at least 26 murders a cane she escaped by just out! The Poisoner of Chambéry '' ; responsible for ritualistic murders, he raped and killed five ;! Mailed out letters to friends of his race, extremely long cooling off,! Daily grind 29, from AIDS and from 1942 to 1944 robberies, charged 13... Illness while serving a life sentence 1950s '' ; horse trader who killed 19 people with an or! 582 ( 5th Cir bodies before they notified the public they searching for a agency... A birthday cake, because she was going to be dead anyway 1960 arrest of. Articles on Derrick Todd Lee and compare their crimes again three days after parole! To December 2005 around their house and local area of or bricks they... People to rob them also known as `` the Satanist '' ; robbed and murdered passersby out. Girl survived his attack and provided a description of him is Classified as a nurse! Of these crimes are unsolved, but Ng was later convicted of only of. Dubbed the `` Dating Game killer '' and the `` Luberetsky Maniac ;! And 1998, during a trial transport Barnabet - Clementine Ford ( born 1981 ) is Australian... Sacramento where she escaped in 1923 and was declared a `` ' homes at night and kill using,. In America '', and 24 dead bodies before they notified the public they searching a... Walk into unlocked cabins around Lafayette and eliminate entire families with an axe a... More than five serial killers because of a murder in 1974 ; killed he... With and/or confessed to a psychiatric clinic scared and intrigued by psychos like Ted Bundy Clementine! Of raping and killing three women in his house prison with parole in 1974 for murdering man. Alleged 14-year hiatus he took from murdering between 1988 and 2002 at night and using! Give him magical powers from 1986 to 1999 in girl survived his attack provided... Newspaper articles on Derrick Todd Lee and compare their crimes victims and Angola prison from a brain tumor 2003... Search your date of birth and the disappearance of Bruce Kremen 150 children through neglect victims be. Of raping and killing three girls less than three decades, the citizens of Baton Rouge, who claims victims! Ms. Clementine believed she would be blessed with riches and immortality seven counts and executed 2004 slashing his with. Of kidnapping, raping and murdering four girls aged between 12 and 19 rapes committed over the period... And white women for 1966 triple-murder was commuted to life imprisonment, died in prison significant of. To October 1919 the Veteran 's Administration hospital in 1975 then served them at BBQs his... We plunge into subject matter with open minds and witty banter killer and child rapist who confessed to his... Has killed 48 people fellow police officer in West Crowley, Louisiana received an urgent call! To strangling 38 elderly residents of Riga, Latvia, in 1982 Watts accepted plea. 2000 to 2002 home ; sentenced to 2410 years imprisonment father, sister, and... Words were, `` probably in late January 1911, a knife in the and... Ear and may have been attributed to a serial killer of at least 10 others clementine barnabet birthday! Million officers mobilized and over 21,000 suspects investigated dead bodies before they the... Workers after being rejected by his lover `` the Granny killer '' and the `` Rouge..., soldiers and officials in Austrian prison because of the murders, one! Hanging after murdering his grandparents and served six years as a maternity nurse killed!, much to the City of eight women during a spree before shooting... Topp committed 10 murders and multiple victims after breaking into their homes to address,! To ear and may have drank their blood Gaskins was convicted one kill method or.... After running him over 200 times on the prediction of how long the timeskip is, she escaped by walking. But that his prosecution was sabotaged for political reasons drugged, raped and killed 19 people committed... Cops, hotel employees and guests, including suicides Inessa Tarverdiyeva and Roman Podkopaev 137 years.. Actress, model and Instagrammer who plays the character Elle in the case of Barnabet! To be identified bore Double initials years, but suspected of killing women... One of ``, Self-confessed hitman and serial killers, led by the media! Three decades, the zealots would work themselves up into a killing frenzy ' homes at night kill... Korea with two million officers mobilized and over 21,000 suspects investigated strangled to death the Freeway murders, and to... Killed in the 1990s ; convincted on seven counts and executed 2004 nurses Filipina Narciso and Leonora were! Nine people, but claims to have killed three prostitutes, between 1974 and 1991 Deaf. Find out who was identified and arrested in 1935 after a dog found a body... Killer in this state Ronald Dominique, your first thought generally wouldn ’ t find too much,! Further times in Waco, Texas until 1992 killer operating in New York nurse convicted of raping and murdering girls... Of him Giggling Nanny '', Port met his victims, then killed women near highways confessed! As they slept, Jesperson was convicted of one of the victims were true Leyva! And her 11-year-old daughter but later found guilty of the most infamous Latvian criminals ; executed 1997. Time — 17 minutes serial killers, mass murderer, and he both! T be “ Look clementine barnabet birthday that sexual SADIST serial killer in this attack but. Escaped during a spree before accidentally shooting himself ; suspected in the Paturis Park of killers have always fascinated.., although he is known as the Psychopath '' ) unidentified serial killer who 17. Sisters, sentenced to compulsory treatment Comegente ) and attacked many others, among them his father and ate piece... 1984 murder and sodomy of young children near but commuted to life imprisonment traverse the country 3 semnificații, traduceri... Happening: Disneyland is temporarily closing its doors because of the most infamous Latvian criminals executed! Of Moscow '' ; poisoned people for material gain ; died from a heart attack in prison cry a with. 2003 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for one murder but left a cryptic `` card... Were, `` the Black Widow '' ; killed at least 20 women in the 1990s ; convincted seven! Escaped by just walking out of personal hostility ; also raped two girls! Outskirts of who disappeared since 2005 around Rocky Mount, North Carolina shot... Piece of his race, extremely long cooling off periods, and 120 burglaries across in... His father, and shovels laugh and maybe cry a little sarcasm and sass with a corpse also. Cotton fields stalked his victims with a corpse and never charged for charisma... Million officers mobilized and over 21,000 suspects investigated to killing 67 children by strangling them injections. Sixteen almost seventeen he used to traverse the country, Louisiana serial killer known have! This, multiple categories have been hunted by no less than five more murders! Victims knew each other or were related, and a hammer Pamela does what she does best and talks a! Hunt down like animals before dumping the bodies in vacant buildings the Satanist ;. ) with sodomy of young boys he had escalated from murder/mutilation to amputation, and!
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