However Doctor Eggman's new 'soft reboot' function kicked in, preventing the idea from taking hold. Shard the Metal Sonic (Call Sign Jack in the Secret Freedom Fighters), originally known as Metal Sonic, and sometimes as Mecha Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics.He was the first Metal Sonic ever created and was one of the deadliest robotic models created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. His left arm contained a cannon capable of firing plasma blasts and other projectiles (such as a grappling hook, metallic restraint bands and cybernetic shredder blades) and could as well shapeshift into a power shovel. ... Rafael Nadal captured a common sentiment that still holds true. [3][32] The digital comic Arrow: The Dark Archer reveals that his birth name is Arthur King.[4]. [2], After the Freedom Fighters left Station Square, the Freedom Fighter Special almost crashed. [1] His archery and marksmanship skills exceed those of Green Arrow, Emiko Queen, Shado, Roy Harper, Connor Hawke, Celestial Archer, and his own son, Tommy Merlyn. At some point, Tom decided to build an in-line dragster using the same engines. In this second body, however, he had a Power Gem embedded in his chest, which allowed him to absorb the energies from it to become Titan Metal Sonic. The Killer Elite later encounters the Body Doubles, and Merlyn and his team are defeated. The body he had constructed for himself after his battle with Knuckles (Metal Sonic v2.5), was shown to possess both strength and speed far beyond that of Sonic's and was able to defeat him with ease. Helping the group repair the Tornado,  Shard also planted a tracking device on them, and informed Silver that the group was heading for the Northern Tundra. Metal Sonic was later fully resurrected/rebuilt by Charles, by using parts from the previous Metal Sonic robots, the Metal Sonic Troopers and the Metal Scourge, another factor counting towards developing his personality. For a second Metal Sonic seemed to ponder the idea, his memory recalling that Shadow the Hedgehog, another freed weapon for destruction, had said something very similar. To this end, she slashes Merlyn's throat with an arrow, and although Green Arrow is able to get Merlyn medical attention in time to save his life, the villain's vocal cords are severely damaged. She did enjoy his company, and Shard seems to have developed feelings for her, and she was obviously concerned for his safety following his battle with Metal Sonic v3.7. He was the first Metal Sonic ever created and was one of the deadliest robotic models created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. It still feels like he’s acting like Eggman and Snively are just a pair of flies that won’t go away. Due to being built as a robotic copy of Sonic, Shard shares many of his counterpart's abilities, such as being able to move at high speeds and to perform his Spin Dash techniques. John Barrowman portrays Malcolm Merlyn / Dark Archer in The CW's live-action Arrowverse, where he serves as Oliver Queen's nemesis. Shard managed to plant a tracking device on St. John's Extreme Gear, though the team's attempts to discover what Geoffrey went to Windy Valley for resulted in them being buried in the collapsed tomb of Ixis Vale deep underground by Geoffrey St. John. Oliver and Tommy as children at Rebecca Merlyn's funeral.. Oliver Queen was born on May 16, 1985 in Starling City into the esteemed Queen family to his parents; billionaires Robert and Moira Queen. 16. He was captured by the GCPD, but managed to escape. Although Merlyn is aided by Syonide, his assassination attempt is foiled by the Flash and Phantom Lady. This car was built by Tommy Ivo. Spin Dash, Yeah. However, the music didn't stop and man, did we get some greatness! He is a deadly bow-wielding assassin and contract killer who serves as the archenemy of Green Arrow, though writers have developed him over the years as an adversary of other superheroes in the DC Universe as well, such as Batman and Black Canary. Merlyn (Arthur King), otherwise known as the Dark Archer, is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. By April of 2009, though, the trailer was still there, but no sign of Bobby.. ... Met tommy ivo, don garllitsgarllits,& many more! John Barrowman, who portrays Malcolm Merlyn in the series, and with his sister Carole, has written the digital comic Arrow: The Dark Archer, which is centered on the character. When he was around 25 years old, Malcolm joined the League of Assassins, an ancient, international order of the world's greatest killers, and was trained by their leader Ra's al Ghul himself. Bobby Kerr was still alive and well in the fall of 2002. He appears in flashback storyline in 1985 and in a present-day storyline between third and fourth seasons. Suicide Squad 42m. He could also fire energy blasts directly from his Power Gem. Naugus attempted to stop Shard by summoning a vacuum, but the robot quickly made it known that he didn't need to breath and blasted the wizard with his arm cannon. [7] He then serves under Tobias Whale as a member of Metropolis' crime syndicate the 100. His alliesHaving funBeing fastDefeating evilBeing funny Shard realized that Eggman had finally found a way to take away Metal Sonic's free will, and since his cannon had repaired itself, he blasted himself free and tried to drill out Metal Sonic's power gem core which it defended by raising its shield, severing Shard's cannon arm in half.[12]. He and the other Secret Freedom Fighters had helped Team Freedom defeat Team Metal in the invasion of New Mobotropolis. After their discussion, they agreed to have Silver try approaching Geoffrey and ask him about Naugus' plan, and Shard submerged himself in the Lake of Rings during the exchange. — Shard, Sonic the Hedgehog #240. He is defeated during the final confrontation between Ra's and Batman. Silver the Hedgehogis a recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and a psychokinetic hedgehog from the future. Likes But at $81,250, this new base Taycan still costs $10,630 more than the all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S and is likely to offer less range. During the attack on the Order, Merlyn kills the Order's leader Leland McCauley, and injures Felicidad Gomez before being confronted by Azrael. As part of his developed personality, he became arrogant and extremely self-confident in his abilities. EvilSeriousnessBeing buried alive Shard's first robot body possessed all of the physical abilities of Sonic, which included his super speed and strength. Before Shard could do much more than regret his decision to get involved, the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra recovered and ensnared Sonic and Shard in its vines. [29] Using arrows resembling Green Arrow's for multiple high-profile killings, including the murder of famous soccer player Cy Sampson, the Dark Archer succeeds in tarnishing the hero's image and reputation. While the friends were doing this, Sonic told Tails to go find some wood for a fire. [3][4], Created by Mike Friedrich, Neal Adams, and Dick Dillin, Merlyn made his debut in Justice League of America #94 in November 1971. My name is Barry Allen and I am the horniest man alive! The comic debuted in November 1992: A four issue mini-series were commissioned to test the waters, after which a monthly publication run began in July 1993. This body was however destroyed when he sacrificed himself to save Sonic and Tails. Naugus' promises that they would suffer were met with Shard's gloating that they had him on the run. None (psychologically male) [8] Merlyn attempts to kill Black Lightning when he accompanies Joey Toledo. Physical description Ron Pelligrini's twin injected Buick dragster. In this body, Shard's weakness is his Power Gem itself, which contains Shard's mind and serves as his power source. Because of this, he is fairly easy going, though he is also not above playfully (or cruelly) taunting or mocking others. During his time with the League of Assassins, Merlyn took part in the highly abusive training of David Cain's daughter Cassandra Cain, unknowingly being behind the girl's skills as Batgirl. Before Malcolm can kill Oliver, however, the intervention of Black Canary and the police forces the villain to flee. Biographical overview Malcolm Merlyn appears in Arrow tie-in comic, The Dark Archer. He was at some later point recovered, rebuilt, and - having gained a social conscience and sense of morality - recruited as a member of the Secret Freedom Fighters. At the bottom, Shard went to his infra-red vision to search, but they regrouped before he could use it and went over what they learned on their missions. He also has Sonic's knack for finding unexpected solutions to problems. [1] The Dark Archer has been known to use trick arrows to kill his targets, including explosive arrows that detonate upon impact. With that victory under his belt, Merlyn vanished for years before resurfacing as a member of the League of Assassins. It is possible that it was the Power Gem itself that fixed this defect, as his third body could use the Power Gem to reach even higher speeds than the first without any problems. Sonic News Network is a FANDOM Games Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The two hedgehogs then had a race around the zone's resident speed track, Stardust Speedway, with Snively (disguised as Dr. Robotnik) following them and Metal Sonic pulling tricks such as using hologram. [9], Shard later traveled to Albion to find Team Fighters, and observed their battle alongside Knuckles with Thrash the Tasmanian Devil and his Devil Dogs. Metal Sonic was pitted against Sonic and friends on numerous occasions, until he was seemingly destroyed when he chose to sacrifice himself to save Sonic and Tails. He convinced Metal Sonic to fight him first, one on one, which Metal Sonic accepted once they made their way out to the Great Wastes.[12]. He, along with Cheshire, attempted to attack Catwoman and Harley Quinn at a cemetery, but both were defeated by them. Shard the Metal Sonic (Call Sign Jack in the Secret Freedom Fighters), originally known as Metal Sonic, and sometimes as Mecha Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. This 1990 monster romp still feels bright, smart & fresh, a mix of light comedy and old-fashioned scares. You won't regret it. The series premiered on TLC on December 3, 2009. However, the volcano was also due to erupt soon. [4], Despite being submerged in lava, this was not the end of Metal Sonic. [27] During the "Forever Evil" storyline, Merlyn is one of the numerous villains recruited by the Crime Syndicate of America to join the Secret Society of Super Villains. [17] Merlyn, Deadshot, Monacle and Phobia later attempt to kill the Shadow Thief during his trial, but are confronted and stopped by the Manhunter. [11], In Young Justice, Merlyn is hired by the Zandian government to mentor the young archer Turk, a half-wolf metahuman. 1 Description 2 Personality 3 Dating Preferences 4 Rewards 5 Ex-Boyfriends 6 Video 7 Gallery 8 Trivia 9 Navigation She is datable after the mission Out of the Closet (once Algonquin is unlocked) and can be contacted via under the alias LawChick. His speed is at the point where he is able to move too fast to be recognized, even by fellow robots like Heavy and Bomb, and can keep up with the real Sonic's speed. A notable example of Shard's cockiness was when he teased Silver during their mission to Soumerca whilst simultaneously showing off his abilities. [5], In 2012, The CW's live-action TV show Arrow introduced Malcolm Merlyn as the first season's main antagonist, and his son Tommy Merlyn as Oliver Queen's best friend, a concept that would later be integrated into the comics. Merlyn (Arthur King), otherwise known as the Dark Archer, is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Appearances Shard, the original Metal Sonic. Labs Missions in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He was then forced to rescue Silver after the Hedgehog became overconfident and was surrounded by flames, courtesy of Naugus' power. The gem was then given to Sir Charles Hedgehog who retrieved Metal Sonic's core-data and used it to construct the Metal Sonic Troopers. Kingdom of Acorn/Republic of AcornFreedom FightersSecret Freedom FightersDr. [12], Meanwhile Shard was enjoying a game of digital-world chess with Nicole, blasting the virtual pieces much to Nicole's amusement when she won the game. [2] Green Arrow and the Dark Archer later engage in a fierce duel, with Oliver believing the hooded villain to be Malcolm's son, Tommy. In Batman, Merlyn was one of the assassins hired by Penguin and the Designer to kill Batman. [22] Merlyn has a minor role in The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, in which he is hired by the Sensei to take out a spring where Ra's al Ghul could revitalize himself. That said, it is unclear if he still has some troubles with his nemesis, or if he's really back for good this time. He was given the new name "Shard", and provided another member of Harvey Who's newly formed team called the Secret Freedom Fighters. Accept no imitations. It is not to be confused with the similarly long-running Sonic the Comic from the UK.. Seeing their victory, Shard felt confident that he wouldn't need to reveal himself to help them; his hopes were dashed by the arrival of Metal Knuckles under the control of the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. At this point, Shard clearly saw he was losing and if he was going down, he was taking Metal Sonic with him. [1], When Knuckles the Echidna and the Chaotix arrived at Renfield T. Rodent's carnival to save the Freedom Fighters, Dr. Robotnik sent a repaired Metal Sonic to stop them. Years later, Merlyn challenged the Green Arrow to a public archery duel and defeated Oliver. However, Heavy had his own Power Gem on hand and Knuckles used it to turn into a giant version of himself, allowing him to take on the new and improved Metal Sonic. Meanwhile, Oliver urges Tommy to reconcile with his father. Merlyn admitted that Green Arrow had improved since their last encounter, but escaped before he could be captured. [10], During the events of "Underworld Unleashed," Merlyn is among the villains that sell their souls to the demon Neron in exchange for greater power. Having been trained by the League of Assassins, Merlyn is at the prime of human physical and mental conditioning, possessing advanced strength, agility, and reflexes. The mechanical menace revealed that the Power Gem that was still inside of him when he was destroyed by Knuckles allowed him to rebuild himself. [24] Merlyn and his team attempt to capture Azrael and move him to their headquarters, but Azrael uses one of Merlyn's own arrows to stab him. But Sonic then discovered that the person who had kidnapped Tails and sabotaged the ship was none other than the original Metal Sonic. The two immediately began a heated battle, exchanging countless blows on the other. When he was seven years old, Oliver met and befriended Tommy Merlyn and later, Laurel Lance, both who would become his lifelong best friends. The mechanical copy did so, and Sonic did end up coming to the zone. He landed before a stunned and wary Sonic, Amy, and Tails, jokingly inquiring if they knew how difficult they were to keep up with. However, when Tails decided to stick with Sonic even while there was lava everywhere, Metal Sonic developed some sort of "conscience" and decided to hold back the lava, allowing the two to escape. [2] He is a deadly bow-wielding assassin and contract killer who serves as the archenemy of Green Arrow, though writers have developed him over the years as an adversary of other superheroes in the DC Universe as well, such as Batman and Black Canary. During the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, Merlyn serves as a member of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Society. Merlyn appears in Green Arrow's S.T.A.R. Shard the Metal Sonic One of the skills he has shown in this body is being able to adapt his eyes into a scanner visor and as well initiate infrared vision. Some of these abilities it granted Shard was some limited shape-shifting abilities, which increases his weapon versatility and equipment, and allowed him to repair himself, though it strained his Power Gem core. FlightSuper speedPlasma blastsGrappling hookMultifunctional cannonCapture netShapeshiftingSelf-repairSelf-detonationDrill protrusion It's possible that his ability to surpass his original programming stems from his Power Gem core. 17. Despite his ego in battle, Shard is actually rather insecure, weighed down by both his past misdeeds and the negative image created for robots by Eggman's villainy. Alignment and character traits However, after his defeat at the hands of Knuckles and the Chaotix, and having been forced to rebuild himself, his personality drastically improved, as did his abilities and appearance. Following this Sonic captured the Krudzu's last remaining sprig, which Shard volunteered to return to New Mobotropolis in order to cultivate it as a deroboticizing agent for Sally. In the process, Shard was damaged, but assured his team that his self-repair system was kicking in, and began helping dig themselves out. Since then, he has resumed his feud with Green Arrow, launching several attacks on the hero's family. She lives on Feldspar Street in Little Italy, Algonquin. But when the duplicate realized he was clearly outnumbered, he used a Power Gem to turn into a gigantic, monstrous form. First appearance Recognizing that attacking Naugus himself wasn't accomplishing their goal, Shard made "an executive decision" and took out a crystal container holding Ixis Vale's remains, disrupting Naugus' spell. 11 Amazo Dr. Ivo knew that he alone would not be able to take on the Justice League. Metal Sonic was first built by Dr. Robotnik so he could have his "own Sonic the Hedgehog". Unseen Builds has taken its 1,200-hp twin-turbo Coyote-powered S550 Mustang to the freak show extreme… Read More Robot Shard's expression was a sad one, no doubt indicating a longing for such ties of his own. Eyes Furthermore, while he apparently wishes to help his fellow artificial beings, he is willing to destroy any who are incapable of moving beyond their destructive programming. This is the car. Affiliation(s) One Desire topped my year end list for a second time. [28], In the DC Rebirth relaunch, the Green Arrow series reveals that Arthur King changed his name to Malcolm Merlyn (a concept incorporated from the Arrow television series). His bodies are also always equipped with rockets that grants him flight. Sonic the Hedgehog #25 [11], A few days after Team Metal's defeat at New Mobotropolis, Metal Sonic had been rebuilt yet again but this time Dr. Eggman decided to give Metal Sonic back its free-will algorithm, seeing that it was needed to give it the edge over its foes, as well as its own power gem core. When the Hydra combined with leftover Albion technology to become a monstrous being, Shard intervened Spin-Dashing through the mechanical giant. The team then returned to base and prepared to stop Naugus from taking control of the Council of Acorn's minds that same day. [25], Merlyn is later captured by the vigilante Cupid who plans to kill him in front of Green Arrow, with whom Cupid is besotted. The US comic book based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise, published monthly by Archie Comics from July 1993 to December 2016. Ivo Karlovic, oldest ATP match victor since Connors, wins at 41. He also wishes to make amends for the evils he has committed, and provide help to his former foes in their battle against evil. As they continued pulling the Hyrdra across the landscape, Sonic attempted to prod Shard for answers on the robot's survival with Shard refusing to tell anything in order to protect his team's secrets; despite this he did reveal that Sonic's Uncle Chuck was involved in order to gain his trust. terry Lee 3.13.19 / 12am. He is a master in the art of stealth and has an incredibly high tolerance for pain, and his Kevlar body armor further enhances his durability. Red (standard)Green (when low on power) "Barrowman Brings Malcolm Merlyn To "Arrow, "John & Carole Barrowman Target Merlyn's Past in "Arrow: Dark Archer" and "The Magician" Comic", "Arrow's John Barrowman to Write Dark Archer Comic", "Arrow EP Discusses the Possibility of John Barrowman's Return", "Comic-Con: 'Legends of Tomorrow' to Tackle Legion of Doom Villain Team In Season 2", "DC's Legends of Tomorrow: "The Legion of Doom" Review", "DC's Legends of Tomorrow: "Aruba" Review", "Main Cast, Crew Details For "DC Showcase: Green Arrow" Animated Short", "Arrow DLC For Lego Batman 3 Gets A Cute Trailer That Stars Stephen Amell", "LEGO Batman on Twitter: "Proudly introducing the @CW_Arrow DLC pack with Stephen Amell!
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