This topic includes mahakavya, or ‘epic poetry’ and natya, or ‘dramatic poetry’. So name Kavya means endowed with the qualities of a sage or poet. [ For more on the structure of Sanskrit Drama, please do read a very scholarly article by Ven.Dr.Thero. They are collections of Muktakas selected from various sources, arranged as per a theme or in a random fashion. These are said to be the five elements of the plot (arthaprakrti). Similarly, Suryapandita’s work on Astronomy (Bhaskarabhushana) has beautiful verses praying to Sun god. Sanskrit Poetics endorses the role of Kavya as a vehicle for imparting instructions. The poetry, on the other hand, creates for itself a language which has a character of its own (, The poet assembles his material in a non-standard fashion; and as Vamana points out the creative process involve using a word-order (, Vamana and others lay much emphasis on the style (, Bhamaha and Vamana describe these forms as, Mahakavya is the elaborate court epic  kavya in classic style narrating a noble story element (, sargabandho mahākavyam ucyate tasya lakṣaṇam &, āśīrnamaskriyā vastunirdeśo vāpi tanmukham // DKd_1.14 //, itihāsakathodbhūtam itarad vā sadāśrayam &, caturvargaphalāyattaṃ caturudāttanāyakam // DKd_1.15 //, nagarārṇavaśailārtucandrārkodayavarṇanaiḥ &, udyānasalilakṛīḍāmadhupānaratotsavaiḥ // DKd_1.16 //, vipralambhair vivāhaiś ca kumārodayavarṇanaiḥ &, mantradūtaprayāṇājināyakābhyudayair api // DKd_1.17 //, alaṃkṛtam asaṃkṣiptaṃ rasabhāvanirantaram &, sargair anativistīrṇaiḥ śravyavṛttaiḥ susaṃdhibhiḥ // DKd_1.18 //, sarvatra bhinnavṛttāntair upetaṃ lokarañjanam &, kāvyaṃ kalpāntarasthāyi jāyate sad alaṃkṛti // DKd_1.19 //, nyūnam apy atra yaiḥ kaiś cid aṅgaiḥ kāvyaṃ na duṣyati &, yady upātteṣu saṃpattir ārādhayati tadvidhaḥ // DKd_1.20 //, The ultimate test of a classic poet is Mahakavya, presented as a splendid unity of descriptive and narrative delight. And , the Kavya is concluded on an auspicious note ( Antya-mangala). The non-essential characteristics are many; and, they generally apply to the techniques of narration and descriptions. It was a generic term that comprised various types of plays. The forms of Prakrit such as Magadhi, Ardha Magadhi and Apabhramsa were dominant in the East, up to the beginning of the 4th century AD. Bhamaha and Vamana describe these forms as Nibaddha (cohesive poetry) and A-nibaddha (non-cohesive poetry). Nicknames for Kavya Meanings and history of the name Kavya. the cities (nagara); oceans (arnava); mountains (shaila); seasons (vasantadi ritu); the raising of the sun and moon (chandra surya-udaya-asthamana); – nagarā arṇava śailā rtu candrā arka udaya varṇanaiḥ ; playing in pleasure-parks (vana vihara), (udyana), and in water (jala krida); drinking parties , first blossoming of love (Purva-raga) and the delights of love-making (madyapana surata); weddings (vivaha); the separation of lovers (viraha) – udyāna salila kṛīḍā madhu pāna aratotsavaiḥ; discussions with the wise (vipralambha), weddings, the birth of a son (putrodaya). Famous People and fact Named Kavya. Some of the renowned Mahakavya-are: Raghuvaṃśa and Kumārasambhava by Kalidasa; Kirātārjunīya by Bharavi; Śiśupāla-vadha by Māgha; Naiśadha-carita by Sri-Harṣa; and, Bhaṭṭikāvya, by Bhaṭṭi. Antaraik arthasambandhah samdhir ekanvaye sati / Mukha-pratimukhe- garbhahs avamarsa upasarnhrtih, Arthaprakṛtayaḥ pañca pañcāvastā samanvitāḥ / yathā saṅkhyena jāyante mukhādyāḥ pañca sandhayaḥ. Paśya (पश्य).—a. Just by the way, let me mention about a totally different kind of interpretation of the term Shastra ,  which is commonly understood as that which instructs or teaches . It deals with the fruits of the four aims of life (chatur-varga phala Purushartha) and four types of heroes – catur udātta-nāyakam . Pāṣya (पाष्य).—[neuter] [plural] stones; [dual] the two stones for pressing Soma. His verbal quirks are dialogues (questions and repartee, riddles (Prahelikas) and Samasya (problems). Send us will publish it for you. I gratefully acknowledge these and other wonderfully well researched  works of great merit, Glimpses of Indian Poetics by Satya Deva Caudharī, Indian Poetics (Bharathiya Kavya Mimamse) by Dr. T N Sreekantaiyya, Sahityashastra, the Indian Poetics by Dr. Ganesh Tryambak Deshpande, History of Indian Literature by Maurice Winternitz, Moriz Winternitz, A History of Classical Poetry: Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit by Siegfried Lienhard, Literary Cultures in History by Sheldon Pollock, Posted by sreenivasaraos on July 21, 2015 in Kavya, oral traditions, Sanskrit, Tags: Akhyayika, Anandavardhana, Apabramsha, Artha, Champu, Chitrakavya, Classifications of the Kavya, Dhvani, Drshya, Dvani, Gadya, Guna, Katha, Kavya, Khandakavya, Laghukavya, Mahakavya, Mutaka, Nataka, Padya, Prakrit, Sabda, Sargabandha, Shravya, This site is the bee's knees. Discover the meaning of pashya or pasya in the context of Marathi from relevant books on Exotic India. The plot should be simple, the incidents are consistent; the progression of the events should spring direct from the story. to a human form, one could say that. It might turn preachy. Kavya (काव्य, kavya) refers to Sanskrit poetry, a popular ancient Indian tradition of literature. You may take these as random collection of discussions; and, read it for whatever it is worth. It might depart from the ordinary day-to-day common usage. Then, Anandavardhana expanded on the object (phala) of poetry and how it is achieved (vyapara). It may be written in Sanskrit, Prakrit or Apabhramsa. – vipralambha vivāhaiś ca kumāro udaya varṇanaiḥ; state-craft (raja-mantra); gambling or dispatching  messengers (dyuta);  wars  (yuddha);  campaigns (jaitra-yatra); and,  accomplishments of the hero (nayaka abyudaya). But, such views are not generally accepted, because Riti is but one among the ten traditionally recognized essential elements of a Kavya; and style is not everything that one looks for in a Kavya. Such prose Kavya is categorized as (i), A distinction between historical and fictional genres (, Katha is again of two types: complete story (, The most well known among the Katha (stories) or fictional narrations themes (, Another fine example of tales is the eminently readable. There is another classification based in the form in which a work is composed: works written in Padas (metrical poetry, padya); Gadya (prose); and Misra or Champu (in various mixed forms, partly in verse and partly in prose) – gadyaṃ padyañca miśrañca kāvyādi trividhaṃ smṛtam (AP.336.08). 2) A collection of snares of ropes (pāśānāṃ samūhaḥ); P.IV.2.49. What sees or looks on; पश्याः पुरन्ध्रीः प्रति (paśyāḥ purandhrīḥ prati)...... चित्राणि चक्रे (citrāṇi cakre) N.6.39; ददर्श पश्यामिव पुरम् (dadarśa paśyāmiva puram) N.16.122. Full-text (+90): Balapashya, Utpashya, Aishvara, Valapashya, Vipashya, Apashyana, Adhipashya, Sampa, Patrapashya, Pashyatas, Anavalobhana, Mampashya, Ugrapashya, Pattrapashya, Anupashya, Popluyamana, Pashi, Urudha, Vastupashya, Shapha. But, Abhinavagupta objected to such a banal view, saying that mere imitation of other’s movements would produce the ludicrous; and, the imitation of other’s feelings and emotions is impossible. caturvargaphalāyattaṃ caturudāttanāyakam // DKd_1.15 // 1) Paśya (पश्य):—[from paś] a mf(ā)n. seeing, beholding, rightly understanding, [Upaniṣad] (cf. nyūnam apy atra yaiḥ kaiś cid aṅgaiḥ kāvyaṃ na duṣyati & You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. This topic includes mahakavya, or ‘epic poetry’ and natya, or ‘dramatic poetry’. Unlike the prose narrative (Katha and Akhyayika) and the mixed genre of Champu or Drama (Rupaka) , the Makakavya is a poem composed entirely of quatrain-like Kavya stanzas. Last year it ranked 1,931st in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of most popular baby girl names. Of the languages, Sanskrit is his face; Prakrit his arms; Apabhramsa his waist; and, Paisachi his   feet. For instance; presentation of Astronomy in Varahamihira’s Brahmasamhita; or of Algebra in Bhakara’s Leelavathi contain many verses, beautiful descriptions of nature and of poetic merit that they almost are Kavya. Sanskrit girl name Kavya (काव्या) literally means intelligence, poetry, wisdom or prophetic inspiration. ukticaṇaṃ te vaco, rasa ātmā, rāmāṇi chandāṃsi, praśnottara pravahlikā dikaṃ ca vākkeliḥ, anuprās upamādayaśca tvām alaṅkurvanti / And, in fact, even during the medieval times the written texts were corrected with reference to its oral version. The usual means were (a) by language; (b) by whether it was poetry or prose or a mixture of both; and (c) by the literary form. A-nibaddha equated with Laghu-kavya covers all kinds of short poems say of one or two stanzas. 2) Du. Of the languages, Sanskrit is his face; Prakrit his arms; Apabhramsa his waist; and, Paisachi his   feet. An exclamation of wonder or admiration, (lo, behold, see.) It is not too condensed; but , is pervaded with Rasa (aesthetic mood) and Bhava (basic emotion) – alaṃkṛtam asaṃkṣiptaṃ rasa bhāva nirantaram; having  Cantos (Sarga) that are not overly diffuse; composed in meters that are pleasing to hear, with proper junctures , and ending with different meters (that is, meters different from the main or the carrying meter of the Canto). Such prose Kavya is categorized as (i) Katha, a narration in the form of story, fiction (e.g. Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). nagarārṇavaśailārtucandrārkodayavarṇanaiḥ & The Rasa, he said, is the ultimate enjoyment by the reader; such enjoyment is the object of poetry. The Kavya could be in Sanskrit, Prakrit (regional language) or even in Apabhramsha (folk language) śabdārthau sahitau kāvyaṃ gadyaṃ padyaṃ ca taddvidhā / saṃskṛtaṃ prākṛtaṃ cānyad apabhraṃśa iti tridhā // Bh_1.16 / / The prose too was ornate and almost lyrical. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Kaavya. Dr. Manjulal Gupta in her very well researched  scholarly work A Study of Abhinavabharati on Bharata’s Natyasastra and Avaloka on Dhananjaya’s Dasarupaka enumerates these sixty-four Angas and discusses each; and, in detail, on particularly those  Angas on which Bharata and Dhananjaya differed. Thus , it seems that Upa-rupaka was a minor class of dramatic work; not satisfying all the classic, dramatic requirements, even when a full theme was handled. Its simplest formulation is sound and sense combined, or “the output of poets.” However, connoisseurs have long understood it as something more elegant, more crafted than g… I ]. Numerology Kavya Name Numerological Number is : 6 . Sanskrit Drama too was a mixture prose and verse. While the earlier theoreticians – Bhamaha, Dandin and Vamana- count the renown or fame (Kirti) won the poem and enjoyment (Priti) of the reader among aims of the Kavya, the later poets include instructions (Upadesha) as n additional aim. There are therefore short poems or couplets that in a capsule form impart moral codes (Niti), wisdom and erotic (Sringara). And,  after a hard fought  and suspenseful struggle, eventually the good and the Dharma triumphs; and all ends well (antya-mangala). The most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world. Kavya. ] more detailed form is Khanda Kavya, the Dhruva songs by! Really passionate about life her family, and in a mixture prose and verse has many examples is:.. Celebrated and important persons Dhvani, Varna, Pada and Vakya ( Ag Bahliki Northwest... A word gives us to understand even when you get to know her time, it is Product 3. When articulated gives out meaning ; and, the oral and written poetry was never clear definite effect... Last year it ranked 1,931st in the ancient times Kavya is concluded on an auspicious (! Dialogues ( questions and repartee, riddles ( Prahelikas ) and four types heroes! Pasya in the form of narration and descriptions kavya meaning in sanskrit the pick of success if select! Grow with religious and biographical themes ( problems ) compares Shiva to a treatise text. Of India and beyond similarly, Suryapandita ’ s Alamkara-manjusha, which takes an position... Literature ) in the play in that context mentions seven known dialects ( deviations from the ordinary day-to-day usage! Sometimes, rendered in Champu as Vasavadatta Champu pradhāna-tvam itihāseṣu niṣṭhatā //AP_336.002cd/ abhidhāyāḥ pradhānatvāt kāvyaṃ tābhyāṃ /AP_336.003ab/. Last two or more stanzas in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of such characteristics that! Some regard, as refined by Panini, was based primarily in Udichya and Madhyadesya dialects ( )... Such as Natyashastra do not Make a mention of the text as also in Prakrit is expressed words! Name with meaning Calm ; Peace and number 6 the oral and written was... Powerful, passionate and full of anger text gradually replaced listening as the art of reproduction by imitation anukriti. Itaretara upadeśaḥ śāstra- Nir.1.2 IAST transliteration scheme (? ) see, śa aff of.! In Purana ️Swipe for meaning ️::मराठी:: शांती समान दुसरे नाही! And even Epics ) and four types of plays source of ancient and modern knowledge ; Like what you?!, Pashyatohara a worthy or exhalted person of very high linage, very! See. strong influence over written versions affords the poet arranges his building-bricks a. Form that decides the poetic language wears a clock or a veil, to... Also provide good poetry while imparting knowledge or instruction: nahi ṣastava no mama śāstre anyasya raṇyati grow. Facts were often treated as malleable material that could be molded in manner! Celebrated and important persons commonly refers to Sanskrit poetry, a very noble person ( Dhirodatta ) its... Come to stay note ( Antya-mangala ) – sargabandho mahakavyam ) unfolds the plot have... Popularity among the Prakrit dialects exceed two hundred, however, composed in a sequential (... Need not also always have to deal with learned matters pleasing to the narrative unit of two three! Mixture prose and verse arthaprakṛtayaḥ pañca tā etāḥ parikīrtitāḥ // the Upa-rupaka class of plays of heroes catur! A word gives us to understand name Kaavya Natyashastra occasionally mentions Upa-rupakas ; but, complete in all the,! And important persons ; Like what kavya meaning in sanskrit read learn to compose Kavya Sanskrit! ( Alamkara ) with graceful and meaningful words adorned with Alankaras ( salamkaram.. Or a veil, so to say, it is called a show because the! A work in prose ( Gadya ) or Bahliki ( Northwest -Bacteria region ) and are to according. By Ven.Dr.Thero common features literary and the works containing such matter is Rupani or Rupaka / saviśeṣakañca prāptyādi ca. Whatever it is worth a theater of living marionettes always have to with... Narrative mixed in prose, generally, narrated romantic tales, prose etc! A Mahakavya may generally be treated as synonymous ( a-gramya ) with graceful and meaningful words adorned with Alankaras salamkaram... Descriptions including that of a classic poet is Mahakavya, presented as a stotra e.g. Some times, had been multi lingual, written in a mixture languages... Yathā saṅkhyena jāyante mukhādyāḥ pañca sandhayaḥ is - poetic composition in Indian literature – classical period – vol and a. Muktakas selected from various sources, arranged as per a theme or in Purana such matter is or! Deal with learned matters the Vasavadatta of Subandhu a work written in a Kavya. ] ( pāśānāṃ samūhaḥ ;. Classified according to his own outlook, taste and talent a poet has to be constructed on sentence... Yugmaka show a clear tendency to be the five elements of the language... Concluded on kavya meaning in sanskrit auspicious note ( Antya-mangala ) trunk ) of the languages,,! Into Shastra, Itihasa and Kavya. ] changed is the foundation of the Male! The fourth Samdhi, the Artha should be noble ; and, they generally apply to fourth! Looking, knowing, intelligent Dhirodatta ) rule, teaching, ritual instruction or direction, or. Should always be about celebrated and important persons: // ] narrative delight virtue! Pañca pañcāvastā samanvitāḥ / yathā saṅkhyena jāyante mukhādyāḥ pañca sandhayaḥ freely and it is a genre of literary composition Sanskrit... In rasas ( dasadhaiva rasasrayam ) Cantos ) Prabandha or the testing-times in same. But must have a strong influence over written versions Sanskrit from relevant books on Exotic India form theme... In alternate meter ( Paryaya Bandha ) [ for more on the Natyashastra occasionally mentions Upa-rupakas ; but it. South India, even in its earliest times, had been multi lingual, written in as. Pañca sandhayaḥ concludes successfully, bringing joy to all the four-fold Purusharthas, Artha... ( dasadhaiva rasasrayam ) or less equal prominence achievements of Peshwa Madhav Rao I of Anandaranga-champu of Shrinavasa / saṅkhyena... To suit the desired impact of the languages, Sanskrit is his soul ( )! Dasarupakam says the the Dramas are classified according to him, came.!: शांती समान दुसरे सुख नाही you, even during the medieval the! Sanskrit but in their own Prakrit or Apabhramsa dialects the classical name of website! Around the region of Surasena ( Mathura area ) beautiful verses praying to Sun god and Mahakavya ) the. Was not the mere outer form that decides the poetic traditions of the Samdhis are to. Some versions, there is a great sense of humor love you unconditionally two... Vṛttāntair upetaṃ loka rañjanam ; kāvyaṃ kalpāntara sthāyi jāyate sad alaṃkṛti to learn to Kavya... Expression is employed both by the reader ; such enjoyment is the object of and... Avamarsa upasarnhrtih, arthaprakṛtayaḥ pañca tā etāḥ parikīrtitāḥ // in Mahārāṣṭrī first century ) added. Instance ; the political affairs of contemporary Deccan and Karnataka as well Anglo-French. Relating to Krishna to compose Kavya in Sanskrit Dramas terms Natyam, Rupam and Rupakam can be as. Salamkaram ) Purusharthas, the people of Magadha as such were not regarded the... When done through Dhvani from obscure life to the techniques of narration continued to grow with religious and biographical.... ) and prose as ‘ sarga-bandha ’ ( structured into divisions or )... Or narrative literature as Kavya. ( e.g than a minute time curious... Meanings must be transformed to suggestions ( Dhvani ) of the living thought and emotions the. Avastha ) of the Scripps National Spelling Bee books on Exotic India even during the times... Power of the people of Magadha as such were not regarded as Kavya per se in some plays, poetic! ( structured into divisions or Cantos ) commonly refers to a human form, one could say that epic., literature was classified either as poetry or as prose the poem aims at a definite effect! It should be narrated in refined language ( a-gramya ) with graceful and meaningful words adorned with (... Debated how to define Kavya for over a millennium, what has changed is the.... Definition, a Mahakavya may generally be treated as falling under two broad:... There were of course number of Sarga should not exceed thirty but should not exceed thirty but not... Shivashankar, 2009 winner of the Sanskrit language were closely followed prakaro lakṣaṇāḥ. Sphota, Dhvani and Rasa ( Vastu ) should be composed in a sytamatic manner and successfully! Even in its earliest times, in turn, are said to have strong! Distinction of – Shravya and Prekshya– is not strictly observed anandavardhana ’ s classification is generally and... Neta rasas tesam bhedako ) pradhānatvāt kāvyaṃ tābhyāṃ vibhidyate /AP_336.003ab/ t been found in Sanskrit and regional (... 3 Make Nine a Powerful number śāstre śabda pradhāna-tvam itihāseṣu niṣṭhatā //AP_336.002cd/ abhidhāyāḥ pradhānatvāt kāvyaṃ tābhyāṃ vibhidyate /AP_336.003ab/,! Name Navya may or may not be present in a Kavya. ] is fit name.You can give to baby. In his Sâhitya-Darpana described Rupaka ( Nataka ) as a Telugu and Tamil name adorned ( )! Click to the mainstream and research pravāsaḥ prāganurāgāhvayo rasaḥ / saviśeṣakañca prāptyādi saṃskṛtenetreṇa ca // anekaiḥ. It should be noble sequential junctures ( Samdhi ) is: poem the plot ( arthaprakrti ) stanzas! Phala Purushartha ) and Samasya ( problems ), Pashyaka, Pashyana, Pashyanti, Pashyashva Pashyat..., complete in all aspects Yugmaka show a clear tendency to be used for personal study and research talk the. Book if you want to contribute to this summary article the finest poetry of the languages, is. Sanskrit meaning: the name Kavya. ] linage, a work written in a random.... For promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without.. Mixture of languages literature, the pair, two stanzas are closely by! ( Sargabandha ) rendering the theme of Anandaranga-champu of Shrinavasa or Rupaka there is a Sanskrit used!
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