The sparring with Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu was filler. Hell no. For the Second Tournament of Power, His power level rises to about 2,550,000,000,000,000,000. » re: Piccolo Battle Power w/out Nail and Namekain Fusion Multiplier. Just curious, I see the "power levels are pointless" statement made quite a lot but for the life of me I cannot think of anytime where a power level advantage did not yield a victory., Press J to jump to the feed. Which in turn means that after fusing with Nail, Piccolo's power was increased by a measly 5%. Freiza, but when they split and piccolo was made, how was piccolo defeated by kid goku who was less than a 300 power level, when frieza was over 1 mil. It is more of an assimilation (the alternate title of this type of fusion) than fusion, as one Namekian absorbs the energy, strength, memories, and intelligence or thought pattern of another. He died with a power level of 2,500-3,500 and only spent 6 or 7 day with King Kai, so it should be impossible for him to be Nail PL. Was Piccolo above Ginyu here? According to the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, the Super Namekian state is unlocked when a Namekian achieves a higher level of consciousness. Can you site a specific example where two power levels were stated specifically (i.e. Close. As strong as the plot required, just like everybody. Piccolo at 28000 fused with Nail 40000 would shoot his power level over 1 million. Piccolo turns into a “Super” Namek (yeah, thanks Krillin) after fusing with Kami. He's lying. Goku's battle power was 924 when he was charging his Kamehameha. Freeza threatens to torture the Saichōrō, saying that Nail must give up the password. ... After they fuse together, Piccolo's power level increases dramatically to the point of being even with that of Frieza's second form, and possibly even stronger since Frieza made the decision to … I think Piccolo definitely trained, though. I think it was the same as when he fought Nappa. OUT OF DATE PAGE 1 Dragon Ball Minus 2 Dragon Ball Z (Past) 2.1 Episode of Bardock 3 Dragon Ball 3.1 Son Goku Arc 3.1.1 Emperor Pilaf Saga 3.1.2 Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle 3.1.3 Tournament Saga 3.2 Red Ribbon Army Arc 3.2.1 Red Ribbon Army Saga 3.2.2 General Blue Saga 3.2.3 Commander Red Saga 3.2.4 Fortuneteller Baba Saga 3.3 Piccolo Arc 3.3.1 Tien Shinhan Saga 3.3.2 King Piccolo Saga … 1. Fusing with Piccolo put them over 1,000,000 thats all we know. 3. His power level was 1,000,000 When he fused with Nail his power level shot up to 1,042,000 Namekian fusion don't work that way. Goku was training on Kaio's planet for 158 days. The whole point of power levels was that power levels are pointless. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Piccolo eventually agrees, after some questioning of Nail's motives, wondering if his personality will still be the same. What I mean is that the characters beat their opponents because they were faster and punched harder, not because they developed novel techniques and/or outsmarted their foes. Nail just knew it was hopeless and had one last trump card to play. This would give him a power up greater than what Goku got training in 100G. Krillin called … Yeah, I mean logically it doesn't make much sense for him to be on par with or stronger than Nail, but this was at a point where power levels were basically skyrocketing to whatever they needed to be to fit the plot so "But training on Kai's that long shouldn't have given him such a boost!" I'll actually humor your question unlike the other members who've posted. There is no way at all of knowing if he is half as strong as Nail was, or 10x stronger. ... After Piccolo fuses with Nail, he becomes even to Freeza's second form, or possibly even stronger (Freeza transformed again after Piccolo's power increased without his weighted … It is only 1 after all. We have to remember Piccolo got to King Kai's much stronger than Goku had but had been there for much less time, so probably between Goku and Vegeta in the Saiyan saga. Merging however brought them to a power to rival Freeza's second form, a level exceeding one million. I understand this, but levels were still given for the characters at this stage in the series so I was just wondering what his might be. I like that you worded this as a question.. He probably doesn't really surpass 1 million until he reaches his white and purple form. I had him sent out by some scientists, explaining that I wasn't happy with his Power Level and wanted to see if he could handle such a weak planet. 1. He had a similar power level spike (though not nearly as drastic as with Kami) when fusing with Nail. After Piccolo re-fused with Kami, he powers up to levels well beyond any of the existing Warrior-type Namekians ever before. What is the difference between say, Perfect Cell and Kamiccolo (besides power level), in terms of their fighting ability? First of all, you're wrong about a few things. Nail asks Piccolo to fuse with him in order to increase his chances against Frieza, and at the same time save his life. face, height and build). He trained on King Kai's planet for almost exactly six months (April 29-November 2) and his power increased about 24x. He is the personal bodyguard to Grand Elder Guru, and is incredibly strong for a Namekian. That's something we only present in the anime. There is an alternative though. His chest and stomach are mostly exposed apart from a long flowing brown vest. Nail seems to be too honourable to lie just to save his own life (If you could even call it that); no, Piccolo's power really must have been something. If you're going to assume that characters are lying about these statements obviously meant to be taken at face value like tons of other Shonen series have (Bleach and Naruto for obvious examples), then where do you draw the line? This is nothing like dance or potara fusion, its very different. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Perhaps his meditation increased his power somehow, or he trained in secret. He didn't really train. So I'd reckon about 4'000. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. How strong do you think Beerus is with this new god technique? Vegeta stands up to Frieza, ready to fight him at last. But anyway, he's safe and that's what matters.' I put him at 50 000, given Nail said he was very strong and how confident he was going to Namek. All of the neat combat tricks we saw in DB and early DBZ went out the window in favor of just having more powerful striking, ki blasts, being faster, etc. For Nail to be amazed at Piccolo's level, he would have to be far stronger than 3K since that is the level of the average namekian warriors. 76% Upvoted. I don't think Piccolo would have wanted to use two wishes on himself if we was only marginally stronger, especially knowing the enemies on Namek far surpassed Vegeta. And that's that people simply talk shit sometimes. Goku went from ~1000-1500 (vs. Raditz) to ~8000 (without using Kaioken), so would it be safe to assume Piccolo was ~28,000 (3500*8). Even using the Kamehameha, his PL only went up to about 940-something IIRC. Piccolo was way weaker in the Frieza Saga. Hell their combined power after fusing is only in the realm of 25x Nails original power. How strong was piccolo when he first got. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Piccolo Battle Power w/out Nail and Namekain Fusion Multiplier - Page 2. But there's also the chance that Nail was goading him into fusing with him. ~ DW7stillrules, I love how dende and piccolo didn't even try to get krillin out of hell. Piccolo did absolutely nothing after his training with King Kai before fusing with Nail. This is extremely important because when Piccolo finds Nails dying on the Wasteland of Namek. Not to mention King Kai never even trained Piccolo in the manga- he simply sat there meditating the entire time. Piccolo at 28000 fused with Nail 40000 would shoot his power level over 1 million. If only we knew how fusion works, how powerful it makes the fusee and how. I know power levels "don't matter", but whenever a character with a weaker power level fights a character with a greater power level, he loses. It's hard to accept that levels don't matter when the battles consist of one fighter's punches (ki blasts, etc) doing no damage to a superior opponent until that fighter powers up, trains etc, and then his punches begin to harm his opponent. And his second form is not 1 million. For one, Goku's power level against Raditz was 416, not ~1000-1500. No body swap. What was Piccolo's power level when he was Wished to Namek, just before fusing with Nail? basically doesn't hold any weight as an argument at that point. Both participants must willingly consent to fuse in this manner and usually the pair agrees to the stronger of the two to serve their body as the host; the reason for this consent is that the body of the absorbed Namekian disappears during this fusion and th… I would say he really wasn't all that much stronger when he got to Namek than he was when he died. Frieza has arrived on the scene with Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Dende. He would later fuse with Piccolo, meaning he would continue to hold the … Nail commented that his power was amazing, which implies to me that Piccolo was stronger than him, putting him over 42,000. Frieza begins to power up. Remember how Frieza’s third form beat Piccolo effortlessly? This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Piccolo (Pre-Nail fusion) vs Krillin (during Freeza fight) Dragon Ball - General This ... Vegeta did state that Krillin's power level was rising during the Freeza fight and this was long after Krillin fought Ginyu in Goku's body who had a pl of 23,000Vegeta also thought Krillin's help along with Gohan would be enough for him to overtake Freeza. He lost an arm during the fight, but regenerated it. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. In fact, he was the most powerful Namekian alive at the time of Frieza's attack on Namek. He also wears baggy white pants with a blue sash and the brown pointed boots common amongst his race. time to settle this once and for all. He was on King Kai's planet for literally one week, far less time than Goku was. His power level is about 250,000,000,000,000,000 and later 750,000,000,000,000,000.
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