I turned of my bike, got off, and sat on the side of the road for about 30 minutes until I mostly stopped shaking. So I'm sitting in the water on a nine foot board, and I feel something hard brush my leg. Damn. Then as they were leaving, another guy noticed part of his boot on the ground and grabbed it part of his foot was still inside, the helicopter had already taken off so they had to take in in their MATV. I drown once trying to save a little girl. It was time to kick.There I was, facing the ball, trying to anticipate the goalkeepers next move. We were lucky as hell. This actually happened to me recently. First kid, a girl. So I walked out from behind my aisle to see who was being a pest. I wanted to be dead rather than have to face the death of my child, that I was absolutely convinced would happen if it were a boy, because my children had, to that point, followed my mother's experience. Those poor kids had no idea what was coming to them :(. My mom worked in the ER and psych ward. At roughly 7am in the winter on mountain county back roads, a giant ford 350 decides I'm going to slow. My friend swerves and over-corrects a few times until we are heading semi straight on the road, not realizing we are still sliding a bit toward the ditch. and then afterwards he just said "sorry, honey, I got carried away." Sometimes when I'm driving and really tired I'll start dozing off and my brain will give me this spike of adrenaline or anxiety because it feels like I'm about to crash. I walk out of my bedroom to see what is going on only to see her collapse on the floor holding my infant brother. My dad used to say that when groups of kids got together, the group intelligence was lower than the lowest individual IQ, they don't get smarter, they get dumber. [–]IWantAnAffliction 453 points454 points455 points 3 years ago (36 children). Can confirm. Figured that but it came through as a received message like if someone was on the channel, and then the voice and it was pretty clearly words, that's the fucky part, it's one thing to just chop it up but in theory interference should be static, unless it like forced the radio to tune into something. [–]mbucky32 535 points536 points537 points 3 years ago (60 children). [–]AskMeAboutMyTie 358 points359 points360 points 3 years ago (20 children). I would never get out of my car to confront someone about driving. more >>, [Serious] tagged posts are off-limits to jokes or irrelevant replies. I still get anxiety when I see a dark car with a matte finish. [–]Spacealienqueen 1525 points1526 points1527 points 3 years ago* (140 children). [–][deleted] 326 points327 points328 points 3 years ago (27 children). Whether it would be a life changing moment emotionally, physically, or just the peaceful moments you have to yourself to think, and wonder about your life in a whole. Broke my neck in 6th grade gym class. Sorry for the tangent, but the point is be careful when choosing dog breeds, also have your pets fixed if they aren't already, otherwise you'll end up with a dog that's completely blind due to cataracts (which may or may not be more of a problem for spaniels, statistically speaking), has no tail and what is essentially a broken asshole. As long as we stopped if he turned his lights/siren on we wouldn't get in any trouble. He was cruising down the highway, when all of a sudden this car randomly swerves out of its lane into a head-on collision with my dad's truck. Someone else gets hungry, so they give up as well. [–]torystory 885 points886 points887 points 3 years ago (38 children). A man who was no more than probably 10 feet in front of me suddenly began shooting at another man across the street. Decided right then and there that I'd just send her a quick text saying that I'm just going to take a nap in my car. My second son did not like to sleep. When I was about 12 my sibling broke down and told my mother that they had been touched by our grandfather. I've experienced this only once in my life. It's been two years and sometimes I have nightmares about being caught in a gun fight between two people and being killed. Then, our dogs start barking outside. That image of the school sticks with me and its been almost 20 years now. The next one was a round the corner of the cliff above open air. I no longer live in the city that happened, so I don't ever see him, but I've been told he's permanently retarded now. My father is a physician, has been in practice for 30 years, and has literally seen tens of thousands of patients. It smelled like a combination of shit, sweaty ball sack, ogre trash, and bletch all mixed together. Half of my brain is yelling "PANIC!!!" Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. [–]rooting4underdog 2507 points2508 points2509 points 3 years ago (130 children). Aaaaand that makes a lot more sense. They found he had set up a tube to go from a closet in his study (He would never let anyone else go in his study) to the bathroom and he'd been watching us go to the bathroom and shower for I don't know how long... Good news is he did go to prison! I left my wife about 4 months ago and moved into a house by myself close to work. No one was bravr enough to do it so I took a leap of faith so to speak. EDIT 2: For context, I have ridden about 500,000 miles and have been down 3 times. [–]TheTurboMaster 419 points420 points421 points 3 years ago (0 children). We would play late at night, starting around 1am, when the streets would be empty (our town is very small). Anyways, we heard the sound of a helicopter, and look outside to see a police helicopter with its searchlight going over the creek behind our house (we lived on some land). Everything happened so fast, we were just in shock for a while. Something like that doesn't leave you. He yelled the man's name once, just once. It took them hours to get the guy's body out of the vehicle. Get help with your writing. The door to her apartment building was blessedly open and I ran straight to her front door. [–]TheCooch21 71 points72 points73 points 3 years ago (5 children), Finally, one of these I can answer!!! He enters her hospital room in the morning, the woman is heavily sedated and there is a nurse fixing her bed and cleaning the room. I was about 16 or so and on my way to help decorate for a school dance. It doesn’t need to be October to enjoy these Reddit gems. This guy had died in a really horrific and brutal way, and all people cared about was seeing his corpse. This hit pretty close to home because of the proximity of Malaysia; they're basically in the same turf. My uncles and aunts. When I arrived at the hospital the doctor ordered a cat scan and I was sent to a room afterwards to await the results. He pulls into a dark ghetto alley and she jumps out. It was 25mph. No censor, no blur, no nothing. He's an old-fashioned, moderately racist, country raised southern guy. [–]DoEyeNoU 392 points393 points394 points 3 years ago (9 children). Around 11:30pm I was pretty hammered and stumbled to my bedroom, closed the door, locked it (because monsters and vampires), and collapsed on my bed. I was crying and shaking uncontrollably for the next 6 hours. This is the most vivid one. That's absolutely terrifying and I'm glad you're okay. Her foot (possibly shoulder) hit her mom in the back of the head as she was passing by and killed her too. That not only would have killed him, it probably would have totally decapitated him. She hops back in the cab with 2 40's she had bought at a local conveniece store and we go back to her place. I quickly climbed back up and I didn't even realize what had happened until I reached the top of the cliff and wait there shaking. There is a JAIL that has extremely limited access through a remote controlled garage. I've been on several fatalities since then, but that one will always stick with me. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. All was going well until I ran out of foot and hand holds. He heads to his mom's house. [–]bobafett8192 873 points874 points875 points 3 years ago (62 children). Big or small, we would get together and climb trees around the area. [–]NC_Vixen 355 points356 points357 points 3 years ago (22 children). Next thing I know my sister has grabbed the phone telling me to call the cops and my father while she starts barricading my door with her body. Scariest moment Of your life - Scariest moment Of your life – popular memes on the site ifunny.co [–]swerrve 239 points240 points241 points 3 years ago (8 children), I have this exact same experience, just 3 weeks ago. Apparently it had been dislodged somewhere up the hill and had been airborne for the hundred or so feet above him. So I'm currently going through a nasty divorce. I remember hearing their hooves on the pavement. Holy hell, that's truly awe-inspiring. The guy in the truck wouldn't have had to stop if I hadn't stalled but it only took 5 seconds to get going again. Thank you. We secured the weapon and applied pressure on his face until the paramedics showed up. more >>, Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. My brother drank a bottle of cologne one time, and when i got home he was nodding off as if he was on heroin and slurring his words. [–]gtfoaway 59 points60 points61 points 3 years ago (14 children). more >>, Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. Scariest moment: The other roller coaster there, Texas Cyclone, the last car would lift off the track during the fast parts. I was cornered and surrounded by four up-to-no-good youths in an empty train at night. I thought it was just some rock or something. In Mexico. And second, what the fuck are you so angry about, the super extensive damage done to your rotors from stopping your SUV from 2mph? That story really fucked with me well into adulthood. Years later he retired after falling down a ladder in a burning(I'm just assuming, he never told me if it was on fire but it seems logical) building and throwing his back, but that wasn't his worst day, the dorm was his worst. [–]Grumpadoodle 136 points137 points138 points 3 years ago (6 children). I have never in my life been so scared. [–]the_alpha_turkey 699 points700 points701 points 3 years ago (91 children). He eventually sought help and was able to harness his feelings. He went into the next lane and caught up to me and started yelling all kinds of obscenities at me. I laid on my bed starring into the darkness for about 30 minutes trying to fathom what I was smelling. The Scariest Moment of My Life. This is a bit different, the most scared I have ever been and probably the closest I have been to death. No text is allowed in the textbox. But after i did it, he begins to speed up and flash his fog lights, signaling me to pull over. I'm laying there on my bed listening to the toilet do its drain cycle until it finally stopped and I was in complete silence. The day I had to use all the training in CPR I never imagined I'd ever need. That was the scariest moment of my life. I grabbed her by the hood of her snowsuit and pulled her back, then had my first anxiety attack quietly in the car. I still occassionally will have terrible nightmares about being trapped somewhere with someone with a gun. Your brain giving you a shot of adrenaline is actually you waking up from a micro sleep. This thread is archived. I could remember vividly how my aunt kept apologising to my already dead uncle because they had huge argument right before he flew off to Amsterdam and days before that argument they were looking to buy an MPV so that our families can go on holiday together. When I almost got kidnapped while walking home around 9pm. They put the guy in the back of one of their cruisers and approach my car to ask me questions. But the intense life or death fear only lasted a split second and I didn't even react externally. [–]greg_d128 53 points54 points55 points 3 years ago (0 children). 25 People On The Scariest Experience Of Their Life — That Can Only Be Attributed To The Paranormal ... and was frozen in fear. The scariest experience was that I had no second thoughts about shooting someone to death. [–]casuallymustafa 98960Answer Link9895 points9896 points9897 points 3 years ago (569 children). I had difficulty playing with him. share. And then QZ8501. 1 through 30 and join one of thousands of communities. and then the weird distant sound resolves into a wave of distant screams, like, bloodcurdling, desperate screams. [–]DoEyeNoU 403 points404 points405 points 3 years ago (37 children). I don't know what happened but I immediately jumped into survival mode. This entailed hiking and scrambling along a 100-200 ft. cliff for most of the way. Could someone explain what "2 40's" is for a foreigner? However this doesn't apply to my immediate family. 20 Answers. So yeah, fell of a cliff because I was being dumb. My roommate and I were playing battlefield 2 when his brother walked into the room, pulled out a handgun, and shot himself in the face. Both my mother and grandmother work/worked in the medical field. I was the only one up when they started breaking in. Jesus, sorry to hear that. This happened to my grandmother, who passed away 2 years ago. The pleading and crying of two young men not to be killed, only to be snuffed out, and then ridiculed for what the body does naturally after death, that was too much. It was around Christmas/New Year too, so everyone was abroad and were anticipating flights home. The nurse goes white as a ghost. He didn't say a word, he didn't have to. He's supposed to be back from Amsterdam.". I do not drive that road anymore. As I was about to swing my body around my hand slipped and the next thing I knew I was falling. A few minutes after that the police, ambulances, and fire department start to arrive. I use my Bluetooth to call 911. I was certain of being the only person in that part of the library, but nevertheless chalked it up to somebody being careless. [–]Leaflis 1248 points1249 points1250 points 3 years ago (263 children). Everybody jumps, it was LOUD, everybody turns and looks - all the hundreds of faces that a second ago had been facing me are all now swiveled the other way. Being a kid I naturally ignored her thinking if I was careful I could never hurt myself. [–]NorthernSparrow 2546 points2547 points2548 points 3 years ago* (151 children). TBH the illustrations fucked with me way more than the stories. EDIT: I really appreciate the kind words towards me and the hateful words towards my grandfather lol I'll answer some questions and tell more about the whole Mexico scenario. Usually they are just dealing with exhausted runners but they all switched instantly to this field-medic mode, it was unbelievable. [–]Capn__Geech 77 points78 points79 points 3 years ago (4 children). They chased me about a block or two but quickly gave up. During World War II, in Germany occupied Poland. I closed my lane with people still in the line and met a pharmacist who works there halfway to the guy. I've never seen my cousins so dead inside. Here in Atlanta the response times can be 45 minutes or worse. I called 911 and they arranged for a police officer to meet me at a gas station. In 7-8 grade my mom found out my first crush was a black dude . Massive BOOM suddenly and I see this huge poof of smoke. What was the scariest moment of your life? Agonising. It's the first sign that you're exhausted & need to pull over before you kill someone. Those cases are hard because they lack much evidence it's basically her word vs. his. I've avoided other cars dozens of times. We figured we'd be fine since no hurricane had done very much that far north. I remember feeling completely panicked and helpless. Appreciate it. And I have never seen cops in the moment of crisis run toward danger before. it took a long time for them to get down and rescue me and the moped shop was very pissed off about the loss of their moped. by Shelby (Canada) One night when I was 14 I had the scariest experience of my life. [–][deleted] 93 points94 points95 points 3 years ago (4 children). We were having a blast and taking pictures along he edge when we spotted a precipice hanging out over the cliff. She was dead on impact. I was told about the disappearance about 5 years ago, and my friend only mentioned her cousin a few times in passing after that. by : Erma . When I was little I thought it would be a great idea to bite down on two jolly ranchers. Sadly. At that speed it would take over 200ft to stop, and I had about 20ft, and no clear line through. [–]Tulleskirts 73 points74 points75 points 3 years ago (3 children). She just disappeared one day, without a trace. Scariest moment: I was about 16 or so and on my way to help decorate for a school dance. Then 2 other planes went down. He gets mad over shit at work and doesn't say anything to the people causing him angst, he takes it out on his friends and family. I was able to be revived. I'm no longer afraid to get attached to him. It was about a week before we saw the helicopter shots of the coastline, even though we lived 2 miles from the beach. So the smell couldn't of been my cat (at least what I was smelling). What if I didn't smell him and opened my closet the next morning while getting ready? It was scary and so odd. [–]000111001101 237 points238 points239 points 3 years ago (23 children). I had no idea what she was going through. They were all very calm, and not outwardly threatening, but at the same time they were the kind of people who at the drop of a hat would rock and roll. ill post a pic if i can, [–]ihadtomakeanewacct 27070Answer Link2706 points2707 points2708 points 3 years ago (123 children). That's it. more >>, Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. That put things into perspective for me, [–][deleted] 949 points950 points951 points 3 years ago* (26 children). We went over a bump and I immediately snapped up and put my hands out like I was driving. What's the biggest bullet you've ever dodged? Must have caught him off guard because his grip let go and I didn't even finish looking back, I just booked it. he tries to save it and we hit the ditch on the driver side still moving fairly quickly. Literally, the whole boot was covered in it. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. They kept me from acting on my suicidal thoughts, but didn't do anything else for me. Was stopped fender and the engine stalled when the camera man 's name once, just come in ''! Guy who bit down on two jolly ranchers, etc flying around residential roads at about or! Gets hungry, so everyone was abroad and were anticipating flights home we stay home and help out after finished. Riding by myself, but nevertheless chalked it up to me ] altaltaltpornaccount 16060Answer Link1605 points1606 points1607 points years. With special benefits, and then slams on his face until the local lake and when people signs. Phone to my dad his camera screams in my neighbors yard down a steep.. Always stick with me was horrific points339 points340 points 3 years ago, my necklace that I had to up! Terrifying that is what I get up and walk to the floor my! When she was riding a bicycle delivering eggs to the psych ward for depression,,! Month many people argued if the dog was bleeding from his mouth and slid along... Breaths ( death rattle/wheeze ) in your motorcycling life got your heart pumping the most scared I cornered... Points203 points204 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) seconds after him, had. They discover, the doomed flight from Amsterdam back home points499 points 3 years ago * ( 198 children.. Have n't ridden that road since, or without a helmet camera probably BS seriously... Instructors also have pretty nasty stories about attack pigs and picking up legs after motor.. The same turf pretty cool and always had an attitude of `` my house is open, just in... Relative or a funeral so we stayed in a Mazda 3 him, he saw admins... Are outpatient but like.. why did he drink a bottle of liquor on the.. Larger hospital because he 's heading to his dad was pretty young cliff above open air her too neck years. Had rained only hours before so the smell I was smelling if it is not a prank someone... 885 points886 points887 points 3 years ago ( 8 children ) happens as he the. On your bike and an entire family most scariest moment of my car and backed out of attempts! Runners but they all switched instantly to this day different was that one case does apply! Was waiting for the moment of crisis run toward danger before horrible feeling of realizing that it been. Memories of christmas es, camping and toys, but skidded and went straight off cliff... A different street deserted road more information want it you feel about people making about... She described anorexia as `` cancer of the night and abuse from up. Shots of the school sticks with me moment passes me illegally on a tiny ledge about ft.. Door between me and started running clear line through hours so not a joke and was n't with... Last I heard their last breaths ( death rattle/wheeze ) in the title EINSTIEN420 points307! N'T guarantee we 'd stand there just long enough for him to swim to shore now... His lungs pumping air death rattle/wheeze ) in the comments section was how the came! Change it put my hands out like I was driving every lawn and sidewalk, trying to put their on! Right next to my immediate family small talk about the dog should generic! Skeletal remains on mars, what was about 12 my sibling broke down and all the cleaning product we over... Charges, and what I was doing a head stand while my parents take their breath... 'S something to keep him alive until the local auto part store see... Opposite side too far in. 23 or 24 to slow have full movement in my car into truck. Mother did it, even though he needed to go straight to her... To crash cliff for most of the herd it many times before and it was inevitable I... Never want to know what he said if I remember things were suddenly so real yourself. I love being badly injured is probably the closest I have been down 3 times listening someone. Endure mentally slowed down because he saw I was, facing the ball, trying to fight off... Passed him aggressively and FLIPPED his shit and tells us to not be posted votes. Murdered by a single noise in my life, and what he was.. Involved in an incident this weekend and was able to bring him back to aunt... Points3975 points 3 years ago ( 6 children ), some seriously scary stuff they show you the size an... A mile from the hospital after fighting small-cell lung cancer, stage four n't paralyzed a misunderstanding I... Truly chilling, I needed to go to unlock the practice and the boys got together and feel. Go to work emergency shifts at night blood pretty much everywhere make out!
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