The TV set (close-up) is orange-brown, with an antenna to the top left. "Million Dollar Abie" introduced a version of the opening that had a similar sequence to the condensed version, but was edited from the full version. We fade into a dark blue screen. It is more crudely animated (looking similar to the animation used within the first season's episodes) than Season 2 onward, and it was done entirely by Kevin Petrilak. At the bottom of the TV (from left to right), there are two green dials, two small buttons, and an extra green dial (NOTE: The TV set in the Season One opening sequence is not the same TV set used within the Season One episodes). Also, Bart's chalk still squeaks, unlike later episodes onward. This reappears in Season 28's "A Father's Watch" using the condensed opening theme. This also appears in some HD episodes. These are the first two episodes of the series to use this opening. The scene cuts to Homer, once again working on the rod and leaving the plant while the rod bounces into his back as the quitting whistle blows. The new shot includes: Agnes and Chalmers interrogating Skinner, Milhouse playing ball with Richard and Lewis, Willie on his tractor, Ralph playing on Frank Grimes' grave, Martin about to be beaten by Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph, Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Quimby and Miss Springfield wearing each other's sashes, Chazz Busby, Captain McCallister holding a three-eyed fish, Patty and Selma still sunbathing in their suits, Cletus and Brandine with Plopper, Kang and Kodos in their UFO, Burns and Smithers, Kent and a cameraman, Sherri and Terri still texting, Krusty smoking on a wall with "El Barto" graffiti, Bumblebee Man and Luigi watching the UFO, Eddie and Lou at the bus roadblock, Snake stealing Lou's gun, Fat Tony with Legs and Louie burying someone, Miss Hoover changing the flat tire on the broken-down bus, Wendell still leaning out of the bus, kids in front including Janey, Dr. Hibbert with a clipboard (but no Monroe), Duffman, Jessica Lovejoy, Mr. Teeny and Sideshow Mel, God (whose head is off-screen) fighting the devil (who's standing on a tower), and Rod and Todd playing in their yard. Because the live action sequence was made in the UK, there are some slight cultural differences, such as Homer and Marge driving on the left in a right hand drive car, and the actor playing Chief Wiggum wearing a British police uniform. Mr. Largo stops the band and points Lisa out of the door, due to her unacceptable playing. Click here for your invite! Due to this new format, the opening credits sequence had to be reanimated. He steps back out and screams as Marge's car approaches. The shot zooms out to reveal that sweatshop is contained within a grim version of the 20th Century Fox logo, surrounded by barbed wire, searchlights, and a watchtower. During the rest of the show (until Season 20), starting with "Simpson and Delilah", the colors remained the same, except for the music and Bart's chalkboard gag, which was constantly using high color saturation. She jumps off her bike in the driveway, grabbing her books and instrument case. Homer's scream is more high-pitched and the school band performs a slightly distorted version of the theme. The head then falls off on Ralph Wiggum, about to eat an ice cream. He screams a short scream silently (later season one episodes had a proper scream), and runs into the garage as her car pulls in behind. The new opening sequence … There is an Elfman version of the cut and condensed theme, but only in FXX reruns of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?". Frightened, he looks behind his left shoulder, then behind his right, and then opens the door leading into the downstairs hallway of the house (In "Bart the Genius", Homer's scream is absent). Another fall afternoon at Springfield Elementary finds Bart Simpson engaged in his after-school punishment. Also in "Barting Over", part of the closing theme plays between when the school is shown and after Bart finishes axing the chalkboard. In "The Call of the Simpsons" and "Krusty Gets Busted", Lisa's bike sequence was a little shorter. Maggie's hands are also now straight on her side rather than put in triangle position and as she is checked out the cash register flashes $847.63. As Marge and Homer walk home, we see Apu, Manjula, and the octuplets outside of the Kwik-E-Mart, singing, "Don't stop, make it pop". On the other half of the tree, the background is completely different when Marge and Maggie pull in. The Simpsons Intro Recreated By Family In Quarantine Is Delightfully Accurate. Well, actually if you leave out the evidently superior sharpness of the drawings (“as meant to be by the authors”, one says in these occasions) there isn’t much of new … The Opening Sequence. Edna Krabappel comes in to the shot when Willie starts to walk into the school, and sings "Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back," pulling Willie into one of the classrooms. It is more crudely animated (looking similar to the animation used within the first season's episodes) than Season 2 onwards, and it was done entirely by Kevin Petrilak.We fade into a dark blue sky with a stratus cloud in the middle. Chief Wiggum stands in place of Dr. Hibbert in the pan. Community Discussion . He screams, and runs into the garage as her car pulls in behind him. On their way to their house at 742 Evergreen Terrace, the members of the family weave dangerously through traffic and in between fellow Springfield citizens. This version of the theme was first heard in its condensed form on the season 3 premiere "Stark Raving Dad", though the full-length version did not debut until "Saturdays of Thunder" on November 15, 1991. These episodes include ". This version began to be used more frequently during season 5, and again from seasons 7-9. Season 1 The first season is the start of The Simpsons universe. The sequence was updated for Season 2, featuring better animation and various changes, notably the new zip-pan across Springfield before the driveway scene. The … Bart skateboards in from the right, jumps the retaining wall, and bounces off the roof of Homer's car only to land with a thud in the driveway. Series creator Matt Groening gave the idea his blessing, and helped try to make the sequence as close to Banksy's original storyboards as possible. The Simpsons all arrive home at the same time. Final use of the original 1990 intro from "Lisa the Drama Queen" in 2009 5665. Log in. Also, in both episodes, the last few notes of the opening theme when the TV credits are shown are the last few notes of the current end credits theme. A version exists where it retains the Springfield swoop, but after Homer at the power plant, it cuts to the driveway scene (to Lisa's bike sequence and the driveway scene for FXX reruns of Season 1 episodes). Richard isn't with Milhouse and Lewis, but with Jaffee and, A short parody as "The Thompsons" in the episode ". The camera zooms out of the room and pans towards the school's entrance, where Bart happily bursts out of the front doors on his skateboard, flies past the flag pole, dives back down, and skateboards past a big field with trees (which is obviously drawn very crudely, similar to the backgrounds of Season One episodes) while going farther away. As the other students look on, she dances her way out of the classroom as she continues playing. The TV set is light orange-brown, with an antenna on top of the TV on the top left and a gradient blue screen. During the lines "But the party don't stop, no," the Simpsons run into the living room and sit on the couch, which is then lifted into the air by several other characters celebrating their arrival, who are Milhouse, Willie, Skinner, and Krabappel once again, as well as Krusty the Clown, Nick Riviera, Rainier Wolfcastle, Dredrick Tatum, Jonathan Frink, Duffman, Mr. Burns, and Smithers. The scene continues to zoom in through a window of Springfield Elementary, where Bart is writing the Chalkboard gag. Feb 2, 2007 6,292 2 51.50024, -0.12662. The toys are then placed into a cart pulled by a panda which is driven by a man with a whip. The sequence was completely remade for The Simpsons Movie and features the orchestrated version of "The Simpsons Theme" as adapted by Hans Zimmer, which is slightly different from the first track of The Simpsons Movie: The Music CD. new Simpsons opening sequence is 16:9. There is a clock showing 3:00 PM, and a wastebasket stands to Bart's right. This sequence is similar to the previous one, but features many visual changes that take advantage of the wider format. The opening still contains the Springfield swoop, the chalkboard gag, and Homer at the power plant, but after that it cuts to Lisa's sax solo. The caution sign over Homer's head has two holes on the right side, both blank. Library. However, they fall off the ladder as they hear the whistle for the end of the shift. The original plan was to begin the season and the series in the Autumn … Then it cuts again to the school, where the band is practicing. The camera very quickly pans over the same static landscape shot of various Springfield locations and a mix of both familiar and relatively unknown characters like the Season 2-early Season 20 opening, but this time it includes a lot more familiar characters, even God and the Devil. What is shocking is that Fox ran Banksy's ballsy critique of outsourcing, The Simpsons, and the standards and human rights conditions that people in first world nations accept. Then it cuts to inside the Power Plant, where Homer is seen working on a carbon rod in his hazmat suit. Specials & parodies The Thompsons Bart, having presumably walked all the way home, then wonders where everyone is. Recognizable characters include (back row, right to left) Wendell, Database, Martin Prince, Jr., Richard, Lewis, Cosine, Ham, Report Card, and Jessica Lovejoy, and (front row, right to left) Janey, Milhouse, Sherri and Terri (playing video games), and Lisa. This time, there is an oil stain on the driveway, and Homer arrives home first. On "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)", the opening is almost the same as the first short version, beginning with the opening going through the "P" of the title card to Bart's classroom. Bart, then passes Clancy Wiggum standing on the corner, who yells and shakes his baton at Bart. On the big screen!!" The head then falls off on Ralph Wiggum, about to eat an ice cream. In more recent seasons, the couch gags have tended to be more outlandish and absurd, sometimes showing the Simpson family sitting on the couch in different types of media (claymation, live … The camera goes from the "P" of the title card directly to the classroom with Bart's chalkboard gag, skipping the swoop through Springfield and the pan of the school's exterior. This is the first canonical episode that does not feature the original theme song in the opening sequence in any capacity, in the show's history. By Eddie Makuch on April 16, 2020 at 6:12PM PDT 1 Comments A very short version was used on syndicated airings and reruns of "Sideshow Bob Roberts", as well as the Complete Sixth Season DVD print of the episode. As the car approaches another road, the camera cuts back to Maggie as she steers again, and the car makes another turn. We see the power plant, welcome sign, and Springfield Prison behind the plant. Lots more to come, request your favorites! The zip-pan to the right shot includes: the highway, Milhouse throwing a baseball, kids playing in a yard, Nelson and thugs with kid in trashcan, Richard and Lewis, Jimbo threatening Martin, Mr. Winfield and Sylvia Winfield in rocking chairs, Patty and Selma suntanning with cone bikini tops, Kent Brockman reporting, Sherri and Terri holding hands, Herman, Grampa and Jasper holding a book, the retirement castle, man reading the retirement castle sign, old folks walking out (like those that Marge sees holding hands in 7G11), Sam holding thumbs up, Lou and Eddie behind a barricade, Marvin Monroe holding a clipboard, Wendell with his head out of the bus ready to vomit, Dr. Hibbert comparing notes with Monroe, two blond girls, cat-eye glass girl in street, Otto next to broken down bus, a bucktoothed boy from orchestra in street, a mountain on the background, a bluebird that Maude sees, Flanders house, Ned and Todd holding another bluebird. 1. (NOTE: The final use of the chalk squeaking was in the episode "Homer Defined".) We swoop over the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the Springfield Tire Yard, fading into a street in Downtown Springfield afterwards. The opening sequence is the Guillermo del Toro parody from the episode, "Treehouse of Horror XXIV". The "Ahh Chorus" synthesizer pad plays and the yellow text, "The Simpsons" materializes out of a mist. This is found in FXX reruns of a few episodes, starting with "Bart the Genius" and is common in Season 4. In this scene, the bald man is replaced with Mr. Burns and Smithers, looking at a layout plan when the end-of-shift whistle blows. The full opening even became absent after "Homer Scissorhands". Homer then grabs Plopper and proclaims that the pig is his "summer love". For the last four episodes of season 2, starting with "Lisa's Substitute", a slightly alternate take of the season 2 scream was used, sounding somewhat similar to the season 1 scream. Except for the very first shot with the "THE SIMPSONS" text appearing out of the clouds, every piece of the opening is present in this version, with even multiple chalkboard and couch gags filmed. She pops out of one of the shopping bags, and Marge sighs in relief. It's uncomfortable and dark, and not what's expected from the modern Simpsons, which mainly consists of 'Homer hurts himself' jokes." This marks the second time that The Simpsons has changed its opening sequence.Here's the original (sorta) opening from Season One. The sequence was used instead of the regular opening titles on the episode "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", first broadcast on FOX on March 26, 2006 with the images during the driving scenes mirrored so that the cars appeared to be driving on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the left side of the car. The only two episodes with the short version of the opening are "Bart the General" and "Life on the Fast Lane". This part may be of variable length, and a split second longer than the previous opening. Homer's "D'oh!" The living room is mostly the same, but the TV is now a widescreen HD model, with the antenna still on top. FXX reruns (that are part of FXX's weekly Simpsons block and not part of FXX's Simpsons marathons) also have edited season 1 openings, though they are also edited versions of the longer opening. It seems unlikely that the cost of raising a child has changed that much, so this number is probably a reference … After the bell rings and Bart runs out of the classroom, the scene cuts to Homer at the power plant, thus skipping Bart skating out of the front doors of the school. new Simpsons opening sequence is 16:9. Types of Openings. The camera cuts back to Maggie, revealing that the wheel is just a toy for her car seat, as the camera pans out to show Marge driving. At home, Homer pulls into the driveway. She makes a turn (to our left) down the street passing by a tree, and finally arriving at the Simpson house. In this scene, Grampa is seen in the passenger seat during the Marge reveal (but not until then), with Maggie in the middle. Moe and Homer have their arms over one another's shoulders singing "Tonight, Imma fight, 'til we see the sunlight." The newspaper also reported that the creation of the sequence "is said to have been one of the most closely guarded secrets in US television – comparable to the concealment of Banksy's own identity. Thread starter richard.mac; Start date Feb 16, 2009; Sort by reaction score; Discuss the new announcements in our Apple Silicon forum. Inside the car, Maggie is shown steering the wheel. The camera then pans on a large shard of glass, a piece from the destroyed dome. The new sequence was unveiled when the show made the switch to HDTV on US network Fox this week. in blood (dipping the brush into a jack-o-lantern bucket when it's time for a refill). The theme music was arranged by Alf Clausen and this version has been used since Season 3. The sequence features the characters performing actions that relate to the lyrics of the song. The bike moves into the garage, the door already opening for Homer's car, as Lisa runs to the door. The sequence was used instead of the regular intro in "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", first broadcast on Fox on March 26, 2006 with the shots during the driving scenes mirrored so that the cars appeared to be driving on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the left side of the car. The chalkboard gag "(I must not write all over the walls)" is written all over the classroom walls, clock, door, and floor. It continues to zoom in on the town where Jimbo Jones and Kearney Zzyzwicz saw off the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue in front of the town square (a reference to "The Telltale Head", when Bart cut it off). Meanwhile, after Homer discards the uranium bar, it lands on Otto Mann (this time, there is no dust when the rod bounces away.) As well as the ever-changing running gags (the couch and the blackboard), viewers see Homer misplace a piece of radioactive material, Maggie appearing to drive a car and Bart landing his skateboard on Homer's parked car.
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