Training at DTRTI is imparted through mandatory and In-Service programmes as well as national and regional course which include special and request courses in addition to the Excellence Series of Programmes. Matters relating to infrastructure, repairs and maintenance including ATC projects. Framing and interpretation of rules regarding allotment of residential accommodation in departmental pool. will report through CIT (Inv.). Coordination with OECD in work related to Working Parties 1 (including BEPS work taken by WP- 1) and Task Force on Digital Economy; Coordination with OECD in work related to Global Forum on Tax Treaties; Any other work assigned by the Director (FT&TR-I). Leave Matters in respect of the cases where powers have not been delegated to CCIT/DGIT. Chapter XVIII viz. Supervision and control of officers & officials posted under him. Approval under section 36(1) (xii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961. 110 of 2010), International Businesses: Sections to be remembered, Tax rates as per Income-tax Act vis-à-vis tax treaties. All Complaints/representations, Parliament Questions, PAC work, Consultative and Advisory Committee work relating to the above. It acts as resource centre for keeping record of information, both paper and electronic, appearing in the media. TDS Defaults of Short Payment, Short Deduction, Interest etc. DGIT (Vig). Approval u/s 35(1)(ii)(iii) relating to above subjects of the Income-tax Act, 1961. i-taxnet - Intranet of the Income tax Department which is used for electronic compilation and transmission of statistical reports. Coordination of work for identification and action against officers/officials who are either on unauthorized leave or are absconding in the Income tax organization. All schedules to the Income-tax Act, 1961 except Schedules II & III. All matters relating to search and seizure including statistics and cases relating to Sections 132, 132A and 132B of the Income tax Act, Survey operations and CIB work. All matters and cases or classes of cases relating to the Audit & Public Account Committee, Court Cases before High Courts and Supreme Court and appointment of counsels in respect of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 and/or the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988. Millions faithfully file their 1040 forms each April. (i) To identify different types of risk areas relevant to the tax gap in the Income Tax Department and to conduct risk assessment of such areas. ), Member (Inv.) Raising awareness among the deductors and taxpayers by organizing trainings and contact programmes. "Nyayarth apne bandhu ko bhi dand dena dharm hai", these were the words of an honest income tax officer Mr. Tiwari. I. through bilateral and multilateral arrangements (excluding UN and SAARC) 1961. The life of an income tax officer is completely in his hands. Besides ensuring connectivity, Profits and gains of business or profession, Aggregation of income and set off or carry forward of loss (Chapter VI), Special provisions applicable to firms (Chapter XVI), Deduction & Collection of Tax at Source (Chapter XVII(B) & (BB)), All legislative matters relating to Wealth Tax Act, 1957, Penalties and Prosecutions (Chapters XXI and XXII). •  Empanelment of eligible IRS officers to the post of Secretary, Addl/Joint Secretary. Use this calculator to estimate your capital gains tax. representative, broker - dealer, state - or SEC - registered investment advisory firm. Matters relating to Income Tax Settlement Commission, settlement cases and issues relating to Chapter XIX-A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and Chapter VA of the Wealth Tax Act, 1957. 2. All matters relating to Central Direct Tax Advisory Committee and Tax Administrative Reforms Committee. Salaries B. The Central Board of Direct Taxes is a statutory authority functioning under the Central Board of Revenue Act, 1963. Here's a breakdown of how the federal government spends your tax money. Write off, Processing of matters relating to write off, analysis thereto. All matters relating to subjects dealt with in the following chapters of income-tax Act, 1961: All matters having bearing on subjects dealt within the following Chapter of the Income-tax Act, 1961. (iv) To analyze compliance behaviour and develop treatment strategy. Monitoring and periodic review of expenditure incurred, Propose re-appropriation, surrender of savings. Representations against adverse remarks in confidential reports-Review and revision of CR forms. Chapter XIV Sections from 139 to 146-All matters relating thereto. Taxation). Collates CAP-I and CAP-II statements of the field offices of the Income tax Department. sale of any security. Departmental Website: The National website (bilingual) of the Income Tax Department (. Problems relating to scaling down and write off of Arrear Demand. Monitor the Tax Returns Preparer (TRP) Scheme. Complaints and representations relating to Wealth-Tax/Expenditure Tax Acts. material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or All work related to Permanent Account Number (PAN). All matters relating to Computerization of NADT including development and maintenance of website of NADT. Processing of Systems Reviews/Appraisal conducted by the C&AG and included in the Audit Report of the C&AG. and others. We provides high quality service at an affordable price. Taking action on informal assurances made in the course of the meetings of the Public Accounts Committee relating to audit paras dealt in the Section. However, it levies corporate tax on oil companies and foreign banks. IN THE INCOME TAX APPELLATE TRIBUNAL: "A" BENCH: CHANDIGARH BEFORE HON'BLE SHRI D K SRIVASTAVA, AM AND HON'BLE MS. SUSHMA CHOWLA, JM ITA No. The New Income Tax Slab for FY 2020-2021 has revised the income tax slabs for different income groups. The Facts About Income Tax. The Nodal Office for work relating to authentication of Notifications issued under the Income Tax Act to be laid on the table of both houses of the Parliament. Director General (Vigilance) under the control and supervision of Pr. Departmental users across the country. Monitoring of DO letter, working and internal action plan ofDGIT (I&CI) and issues arising out of the same. •  Recruitment Rules for Group A , Group B and Group C Non-IRS Cadres. counsel/central agency and. Automated processing of TDS Statements to generate "Annual Tax Credit" statements for taxpayers in Form 26AS, for reconciliation with the TDS Certificates. All matters related to Unilateral APAs in respect of cases whose name commences with alphabets L to Z. tax on OID or from whom you withheld (and did not refund) any federal income tax under the backup withholding rules even if the amount of the OID is less than $10.00. All references to Board emanating from Valuation Cell and appointment of Valuation Officers. Act, 1961. The information in this material is not intended as tax or legal advice. Understanding Marginal Income Tax Brackets. Matters related to Platform on Collaboration of Tax. All matters relating to tax planning and legislation relating to direct taxes referred to Chairman by Member (Legislation). Coordination of training on international taxation, transfer pricing and exchange of information with NADT and RTIs. Certification of corporate income tax returns is official attestation by the APEX Team, as a tax consultant, that the corporate income tax return and treatments applied have been reviewed and comply with legal provisions in force. All matters relating to IBSA, BRICS,CATA, CIAT and SGATAR. and CCsIT (Central). All administrative matters related to ITOUs. Financial Management relating to expenditure budget for which ADG (Expenditure Budget) is the nodal agency, shall be supervised by him on behalf of CBDT. Matters relating to Standing Committee on Parliament. Grant of vigilance clearance to various retiring officers as well as on other matters if so required. Monitoring of grievances related to PAN with NSDL e-Gov & UTIITSL received on CPGRAM, e-Nivaran and other modes. DGIT (Vig. Planning and conduct of Orientation Courses for the newly promoted ACsIT. The cases were developed based on available data in the departmental database, analysis of their financial statements, market intelligence, and discreet field inquiries, said … Matters relating to Data Bank, NATGRID and related issues (including SEIN Node). Strategizing for augmenting revenue collections, TDS growth recovery matters, arrear demand recovery etc. The work relating to the following subjects has been assigned to the Pr. All matters relating to expenditure budget. … MIS Reports on searches and search assessments. •  Deployment of staff nominated by surplus cell. (ii) To select areas requiring deeper analysis for risk-assessment and to conduct risk assessment in such areas. All works related to the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 and/or the Prohibition of Benami property Transaction Act, 1988 mentioned as under: Matters of the reward to informants and related reports. The content is developed from sources believed to be providing accurate information. Please consult legal or tax professionals Issuance of sanction order in the capacity of 'Sanction Communicating Authority' in respect of various Infrastructure Projects. Opening of new Heads of Accounts under Revenue Receipts. Oversee and coordinate all matters being dealt by Aaykar Seva Kendra. Delegation of powers of write off to ITOs, ACITs, DCITs, Chief Commissioners/Directors General. Income which do not form part of total income and other exemptions under sections 10, 11, 12 & 13 [Excluding section 10(4), 10(4A), 10(6), 10(7), 10(8), 10(9), 10(15)(iv)]. Sections 154 to 158-All matters relating thereto. The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts. and shall be made with the approval of the Competent Authority as per Transfer and Posting guidelines, 2010. Take remedial action on account of any change in the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules and/or Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules pertaining to vigilance matter. Unless there is an exact indication in the Income Tax Act itself, that interest payable on income tax refund amounts fulfill the basic character as income (defined under Section 2(24) of the Income Tax Act) cannot be ignored. Non-filers Monitoring System (NMS)-Pilot project to prioritise action on non-filers with potential tax liabilities. o Amounts $10.00 or more are reported. D.Income from other sources excluding section 58(a)(ii). Incurring contingent expenditure on a/c of telephone, furniture, stationery, books etc. Log on to e-filing portal at DGIT (Vig. Planning and conduct of courses for other organisations including domestic and international courses. • Organizing and coordination in-service training programs for officers of the department. Coordination and compilation of Annual Report of Ministry of Finance (CBDT Part). Spokane, Chapter XII C with regard to special provisions relating to retail trade. ), Pr. All matters relating to administrative approval for filing, dropping or withdrawing of prosecution cases in respect of offences mentioned in Chapter XXII of the Income-tax Act and corresponding provisions in other Acts relating to Direct Taxes. Contact . Setting up and certification of Aayakar Seva Kendras as a part of Single Window System for public service delivery. Preparing action taken reports on the Annual Reports of C & AG, and also on PAC Reports. Computation of total income- following parts of Chapter IV: A. Searches, seizures and reward to informants. All matters relating to Audit & Public Accounts Committee. Advance, part and final withdrawal. Matters relating to survey operations under Direct Tax laws. Parliament Questions and PAC and Internal Audit matters relating to Wealth-Tax/Expenditure Tax Acts. Matters relating to budgeting of Wealth-Tax Act as well as of Expenditure Tax Act. except Section 182(3). Coordinating and monitoring the processing of recommendations contained in PAC Reports and furnishing Action Taken Notes. in work relating to. Policy relating to infrastructure requirement of the Department. Special provisions applicable to firms. All matters relating to Inter-Government Agreement (IGA) with the USA under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) under the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) (including at the Global on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purpose), Country-by-Country Reporting and the Common Transmission System (CTS). Handles any other work assigned by Chairman, CBDT and other higher authorities. procedure for recovery of tax and procedure for distrait by the Income-tax Officer. Managing PAN Service Providers agreements with M/s National Securities Depository Limited e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) and M/s UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL). Counting of previous military and civil service for Pension, Leave etc. Work relating to Pr. (ii) Zonal matters falling under Member (Admn. Apex Income Tax is on Facebook. All technical work related to Data Analysis, Data Safety, Data requisition and dissemination, etc. All matters relating to DTAA with countries in the following geographical regions: All TP and non-TP matters relating to Mutual Agreement Procedure and Bilateral APAs in respect of countries mentioned in S.No. All matters relating to Exchange of Information in respect of countries in the geographical regions assigned to JS (FT&TR-II). Technical support to RCCs for Updation/Correction/Standardization of hierarchy, roles, privileges, AO codes/position codes for all officers on ITBA-HRMS system. Basis of charge excluding sections 5(2), 9 and 9A. Work connected with interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the various Tax Credit Certificates Schemes under Chapter XXII-B of the Income-tax Act. (b) Institution, disposal and pendency of appeals, references before Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals). Statistics are being collected from the field establishments i.e. All the matters relating to Tax Payers Services including grievances except CPGRAM. Monitoring of DO letters and working of DsGIT (Inv.) Monitoring of PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), VHNIs (Very High Net-Worth Individuals) and HNIs (High Net-worth Individuals) to reduce tax risks and deepen the tax base in these groups of taxpayers. Issue Budget Circular (issued by Budget Division normally in the month of September). All matters relating to Interest Tax Act, 1974, Compulsory Deposit Act, 1974. Refund banker-System driven process for dispatch and credit of tax refunds. DPCs for promotion to the grade of JCIT, CIT, PCIT, CCIT and Pr. All DGsIT (Inv. Functions of ADG (organization and management services). Processing of draft audit paras for Audit Report (Revenue Receipts) Direct Taxes from C & AG's Office in individual cases relating to Income-tax, Corporate Tax. Matters relating to prosecution and compounding under Direct Tax laws. 839/Chandi/2009 Assessment Year: 2006-07 A.C.I.T., v M/s Apex Enterprises, Circle-I, C-176, Phase V, Focal Point, Ludhiana.
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