The Germans kicked out the international bankers and many Dutch joined them in the fight against Bolshevik take over of Europe. We just need to get our house in order and hang a few politicians and ex politicans from light posts. Hitler started as a socialist. None of those are "conservative" values. Make no mistake whatsoever about it, however, that these completely evil approximations of actual human beings are nothing, if not equal opportunity enslavers, given the chance. I'll bring my half a gut, you bring your half a brain. From the Kochs? However, the Koch brothers appear to have different views on those issues. Your hollywood history is too obvious. Fred Koch calls Eisenhower a communist but he has no problem helping Stalin's communist state develop their oil reserves. Because of that I'm under the impression the Koch's are a threat to organized Jewry. In 1984, David co-founded the predecessor to the non-profit Americans for Prosperity (AFP), among the first of many political major groups the brothers would fund and operate. Though their last name is Jewish in origin, the Koch brothers have pledged over $3 million to the Catholic University of America. Unfortunately most seem to use that power to increase their wealth. And so these enormous data sets overlap. The Koch brothers are ready to help. This is the climate that the two brothers, Charles and David, grew up in at home and then they inherited a big pile of money from daddy Fred, and then they put that into their own organization and they built it up to where it's now - a 100-billion-a-year enterprise. The Russian hordes would of gang raped all your females from 8 to 80 before sending all men to gulags, The British would have fire bombed your cities, the french would have used you for slave labor, and the Americans would have nuked you. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” ― Benjamin Franklin. An "agenda" matters little to those who can think for themselves> College students are displaying no intelligence at all and the adults here are indignant about what? Since the beginning of the year, the Koch brothers — avid opponents of Trump’s “America First” agenda on trade, immigration, and foreign policy — have lobbied the Republican-controlled Congress to support their agenda of tax reform, prison reform, and amnesty for illegal aliens. Rather than get all upset over what I have posted do your own research and learn the facts. Kock Brothers are major corrupters.Selling shit rolls for everyday fools, they need world markets.If they do not have President in their pocket, they can loose big chunk of business. As of March 2019, he was ranked as the 11th-richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $50.5 billion. They ruined his health. Likely go to school and pursue self interests, but these busy greedy power hungry billionaires never have enough. The Kochs' war on poverty. Please don't lump me in with bible thumping Republicans. Koch Industries, the brothers’ privately owned oil, chemical and household products company, has sponsored the summits twice a year since 2003 and they are where it all comes together in Koch … In a free country, while everyone else is picking sides... Our cousin Jews are strangling stupid Americans who slog it only to surrender to the Jewish lobby that is controlling everything in America from Congress all the way down to controlling the lives of ordinary people. Get a clue, minimum wage causes job loss. the united states military has been training and equipping killers for awhile now...good thing all of them are completely satisfied with whats happening. Mande Smogor says…Charles Koch promotes fear mongering on climate change, and basically destroy minorities, the elderly, anyone who isn’t rich, and unions. [14] They have since organized a network of an estimated 500 libertarian and conservative donors,[15] candidates, think tanks, and other groups. Why? Again, don't fool yourself. I'm sorry, but this is really a little silly. I like how they did it, too. the Anti - Monopoly laws and also exposing the Terrorist Tactics Self serving individuals, seeking favour and privilege by kowtowing to the invading forces. Corporations have also been powerful enough for 60 years that they have worked with CIA in such things as advantageous coups on democratic governments abroad. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. Never understand a working class person supporting this kind of BS...always amazed me. I don't want to actually die from anger. Why the hell else would you make such statements? However, there are also many who use their money and power to exhibit undue and unethical influence on the US government and our lives, including trying to buy election results. Your historical outline of ww2 is a perfect example of your klownish mind. Send them back to SS Real or NO MORE DACA DEAL! The Koch brothers are responsible for the creation and funding of right-wing policy efforts and a range of foundations. All those unnamed "special" school programs? It's 10X harder than my PT fast food job and yet it pays the same-BS! No, I didn't learn about the history of the invasion of Holland by Nazi Germany from some Jew tube university and I'm not American. The family business was started by Fred C. Koch, who developed a new cracking method for the refinement of heavy crude oil into gasoline. They killed his entire family. The whole conservative vs liberal crap is a distraction to hide the real puppet masters and group behind the downfall of the USA-Zionist Jewry. THIS IS YOUR ONE TIME LIFE TIME CHANCE. I have no love for the Kock brothers but George Soros among other leftist billionaires are using their money to install socialism! Sure and I feel like a slave doing max work for min wage for the labour pimps. Healthcare in the hands of the government is a VERY bad idea. Wow and can you imagine the Liberal Dems were in charge of it all for the last 6 years! "[21] According to the Koch Family Foundations and Philanthropy website, "the foundations and the individual giving of Koch family members" have financially supported organizations "fostering entrepreneurship, education, human services, at-risk youth, arts and culture, and medical research. America. - They are right on! America has nearly three millions in jail most of whom are poor African American who committed petite crimes while the Jews are ruling America. Our debt is increasing exponentially, and nobody seems to actually WANT to balance the budget. Those people can become plastic surgeons in Hollywood. The Koch bros own 2 million acres of the tar sands-they could name it Athabasca and make it the 51st state, If they aren't stopped, perhaps they will own all land in Alberta north of Edmonton. If you have any doubt about what I've just posted, I suggest you go to the Netherlands on May 5, next year, and go to any pub and start telling your revisionist history to the locals. As an example of their influence, investigative journalist Jane Mayer noted House Speaker John Boehner's appeal to David Koch in 2011 when Boehner needed votes to prevent a government shutdown. Mike, you are better than this. The 2 party system as it is presents a false choice. The worst bit is that senates and Congressmen compete to appease and please their Jewish masters. This comment is a truthful statement of the facts which are entirely essential to take this hate torrent you are allowing from the realm of discussion to understanding the true nature of those who continue this hatred. "[12] In addition to the direct action of the non-profits, the groups have also contributed financially to other philanthropic organizations in the fields of research, public well-being, arts, and education, including contributions to scholarship programs, university support, and loan assistance through organizations like the United Negro College Fund. My parents have told me of some terrible times during the Nazi occupation. You win! These two a** holes are not alone, they have the entire capitalist pig buying their bull s*it. History is like clock, where high noon on top is democracy and as you go both left and right, nazism and communism meet at the bottom at 6 o'clock. The sicker one is the more money they must spend and be billed, at profit. They gassed, shot, tortured, buried alive over six million jews and four million Christians. Even in a poor district, if the folks got off their dead butts they could see to it their kids got a top education. Those interests have enslaved unborn generations of Americans to perpetual debt. And THAT is what we as a society have to fully grasp. The Nazis gaped at the suffering and literally masterbated while watching naked young women being gassed to death. = Rockefeller. ie: At The Movies with Roy & beepath". Supporting crooked Hillary, they have assurance, her 500% and more after immigrants, timely enabled to vote, will never let you decide own future and your children. Care to read the rules, then try again? Stalin himself brought Fred Koch into the Soviet Union for building pipelines and teaching them how to be oil engineers. We will go through good times and bad times, but if we have true faith in G-d and overselves, we never will need hatemongering and paranoia gibberish. Otherwise we're stuck with this.. so your point is? the addition of a new ambulatory care center. [29][28] Anthropogenic climate change skeptic Willie Soon received more than $500,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and a trust used by the Kochs. Close, I'm a semi-colon, for real. It surprises me that these people arn't assassinated. Gellein: And you obviously have other big data platforms as well, like i360, also funded by the Koch brothers. I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. [27], According to a report by American University's Investigative Reporting Workshop, the Koch brothers have built "what may be the best funded, multifaceted, public policy, political and educational presence in the nation today. You are a product of Murdoch and Koch's. Hate the Koch Brothers...actually despise them! Possibly a wise choice. Hitler entered Holland, in spite of their declaration of neutrality, and occupied the country until Allied troops, specifically Canadians, chased the Nazis out in 1944-5. They opposed George W. Bush on many issues, are pro-choice, support same sex marriage, and worked closely with the Obama White House for the Obama administration's criminal justice reform initiatives that aligned with their own. Sigh...sad days are ahead folks. And, what exactly is wrong with socialism. Let me know. The photo above the headline, of Pope Francis between the two Koch brothers, did not assuage the provocation. Don't see how that makes me the "klown". Govt school Marxist emotionalization indoctrination. But some of us use facts and live in reality. Fred Koch was against the civil rights movement, saying that it is communist threat and that the white children should not go to school with black children, because that would lead to mongrelization of the races. Principles don't mean much when there's a buck to be made. Koch told Axios that he is now looking to go down a new road with a less divisive strategy. This has all already been done in Portugal, and with tremendous results. 'I have made many mistakes in business,' he said. It's just a gutless attack hiding behind DISQUS. More than 50 years ago Fred C. Koch, father of the controversial billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, warned in an alarmist pamphlet that he wrote and distributed to more than 2.5 million people that “socialism is the precursor to communism” and accused President Dwight D. Eisenhower of being a communist. Heads or tails? The United States fought the American Revolution primarily... September 16th, 1920. [16], The Koch brothers indicated that they intended to raise almost $880 million in support of candidates in the 2016 elections,[17] and have given more than $100 million[18] to conservative and libertarian policy and advocacy groups in the United States,[19] including the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, and more recently Americans for Prosperity. As Ben Franklin put it when opposing the gov't helping out the poor: “I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. So tell me mate, how is your comment related to the video? "The suit coats say "There's money to be made." Ah how lovely, it regurgitates Fox News sound bites. Dad told me it was hero worship for the kids, like kids now idolize sports celebrities. Drifting - Pearl Jam. Five public rallies are scheduled for the next week. Learn to read and think mate. Many European nations are socialist. In fact his history is inside out. They know they could never take it that far, obviously, so they'll settle for the next best thing, smug Jim Crowian pinheads that they are, which is to make it as hard as possible for minorities to get a leg up in life with a good education, or to pollute their outstanding white schools and neighborhoods with inferior minority values, talents, and genes. A simple google search will show the overwhelming joy the Dutch exhibited when the Nazis were ejected from their country....a joy celebrated enthusiastically even today. ", then next post you say "Respect others opinions and you might get heard and may even be taken seriously.". WTF are a few oil refineries ? It's not to be her total food cost as the video implies. It's just a matter of when. Wayne Manzo is just another liar and deceiver who is spreading the laughable WTC/911 bull**it. They, then manage to encourage Japan to bomb Pearl Harbour, so America can legitimately enter the war. No celebrations, ever, marking the end of British occupation. All kids need is a good reading writing and arithmetic. But it is the Koch brothers’ quiet philanthropic efforts that garner them the most bang for their buck. Can't wait for the documentary exposing the evils of George Soros and the true background of B. Hussein Obama. America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, not the land of government picking the corporate winners and redistributing the wealth. Maybe 21 bucks each. Does it make you feel better? Wayne Manzo and Mohammed Humaid provide the Nazism , anti semitism of a genocidal paranoia. The Kochs have also worked to push legislation aiming to adjust federal sentencing guidelines and reduce prison populations. You are the one running, running, running away. Get rich, really rich, if you would like your life and family and world to be as worth considering as their own. So this is the Umbrella corporation :-) He comes off more as one of the clowns in the glittery audience unhesitatingly agreeing with the ideas, rather than someone capable of generating very many of his own. They then would fight each other for the control . I'm only a financial conservative, IOW, a Libertarian. Are you that much of a friggin Klown ? PROFIT>?> Why should there be any profit associated with healing people? It's about the Koch brothers. For, without the Jews, there is no Christianity. Getty Julia Margaret Flesher (L) and David Koch attend 2016 Time 100 Gala, Time’s Most Influential People In The World ... Charles and David Koch are the famous Koch brothers… There were no British troops in Holland in 1940. So what if the Kochs have money? From this docu I learned that the Koch bros are one of the few fighting against the EXACT same thing the Socialist-Communists (Rockefeller, I am not one to condone violence, but I'd have to agree, after watching this documentary I'd find it hard to imagine many people would be able to hit their brakes in time if they recognized either of those two crossing the road. The things many schools fail to do a good job of because they are too busy emotionalizing the kids with BS. No principles, no shame, only blindly following the golden rainbow at any cost! I'm a social liberal. Four sons of Fred C. and Mary Robinson Koch: This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 13:07. The bottom line is, the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath is completely at odds with the idea of personal financial gain through the sickness of your patient. I suspect that your relatives, if they exist, do not speak openly in Holland of their activities during the war. They go after both Jews and Christians and seek to destroy both religions by fomenting hate between us. A person could write a book on all the "pot calling the kettle black" in this docu. Koch’s use of secret billionaires’ cash to secure the Senate and states is not new. We are already paying for it. Seems like posting comments is a key to unlocking the stupid. As much as I agree with the democrat's stance on civil rights, I abhor their bleeding heart communist values. So, tell me what your parents did in the war ? Amusing how you mention facts and reality, then go on about hiding behind DISQUS. The Koch brothers are the poster boys for the top 1%. MAYBE your mindset is just wrong? "organized by Zionist Jewry"? Their right-wing political Panzer Division descended on a New York City hospital over the weekend to protest (!) A group of 50 Catholic leaders are criticizing the president of the Catholic University of America (CUA) for accepting a $1 million donation from a foundation controlled by Charles Koch, arguing that his ideological agenda is not in line with Catholic theology.. Charles and David Koch built a political network of libertarian and conservative donors and the brothers funneled financial revenue into television and multi-media advertising. Koch has been co-owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of Koch Industries since 1967, while his late brother David Koch served as executive vice president. George Wallace used in the 60s, Koch-supported candidates in North Carolina are pushing to make public policy based on Wallace's "segregation always" pledge. They are working and not just living the life on the Atlantic or Pacific. The Koch brothers are at it again. They want to keep going corrupted way. haha, they're not even jewish, they just have jewish roots. Original… That's because it never happened. Now,Fox(Faux)News has brainwashed millions with their rhetoric though most fail to realize that they actually sued for the right to basically lie to the public. On how the Koch brothers' father built oil refineries for Hitler and Stalin. The military runs things, (Vietnam & 9/11 both proved that). But all you can do is invite me to be among a horde of brainwashed hoodlums. Why moderate my comment. The Koch brothers are well-known and are famous for making significant donations. I'm sure there's already a doc here about 'the great satan' ( or black Jesus if that suits you better ). At (depending upon security level) ~$30k/year to house one prisoner, the amount of money saved would put a serious dent in our deficit spending. Sorry to offend by this analogy, but it is the truth. Not today anyway. There are PLENTY of ways to trim the size of the gov't without touching Social Security (to boot, the gov't OWES Social Security Money). Fred's four sons litigat… You gave Jhbomb full uncensored access to foment genocidal hatred. Cutting out the DEA, DHS, ATF, and dropping all "illegal substance" laws would empty roughly 75% of the prisons, would significantly lower violent crime (much in the way the end of prohibition significantly lowered crime), and would allow the US to open as many free rehab centers as needed. The description of this film is ridiculously full of hyperbole meant to cause a certain emotional reaction in the reader. "invading Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium," - sorry but it was the British invasion forces in those lands that precipitated all that. Jhbomb is sick and places as his friends in this world the sickest, most demented twisted people. Please watch many other docus on this website to get an education about what the Rockefellers, Soros, etc have done and are doing to this once great country. PS; Torch of statue of liberty sticking up from beach sand, does not look promising. healthcare is a sizeable chunk of GDP. What do you call? So I guess those of you that are pro Pimp Daddies Koch have a lot of money! We want the gov't to be MUCH smaller. The Netherlands had declared their neutrality, hoping to avoid any participation in the war just like they did in WW1. That filthy creek would benefit from HEMP and so would the people. Until then, you are ultimately nothing to them, expendable, and whatever chains they can buy to throw around you are only what your kind deserve. To win in 2016, Koch planned to amass and spend $889m – Koch Industries even bought the … 70% of Americans are social liberals and fiscal conservatives. Because he is pleasing the Jews to show them he is on their side! Their greed is phenomenal-you or I would retire from work after a million or two. You remember the virulent anti-Semite Ford who not only received Hitler'sjhighest decoration but also produced vehicles for him in Germany during the war and then tried to sue the US for bombing his factory. If you want ballet, pay for it yourself, why should I pay for your kids ballet? There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. We don't need Telepathic, Collectives controlling and owning You must have attended one of their schools. they will die one day and there will be 2 motherf.....s less. How fascinating. My comment is about the hypocrisy of these two. Born in a small town in … Of all the wealthy people in the public eye, I can't think of any more thoroughly disgusting than these two. Why would you care about a documentary about billionaires other wise? Shut the politicians up. 'End Obamacare' ? We live in a croney-capitalist society instead of a free market system as was intended by the founding fathers. The Koch family (/koʊk/ KOHK) is an American family engaged in business, best known for their political activities (active role in opposing climate change legislation, donating to libertarian, criminal justice reform, and Republican Party causes) and their control of Koch Industries, the second-largest privately owned company in the United States (with 2017 revenues of $100 billion). With his wealth and power he began to wage a systematic attack on the American values, including funding the John Birch Society. I will skip this one. CFR, TriLateral Commission = Rockefeller, and many others. The Nazis did not stop Bolshevism. Steven Stahl writes… I have lost a huge amount of respect for you. The Nazis destroyed Germany leading to the death of over 50,000,000 people in the Euroopean war. (Author's Note: This started out to be "The Gospel According To The Koch Brothers" but the subject matter nearly exploded my laptop - it was too much for one article.) The Koch family has been defining the lives of the ordinary, working Americans, under the radar, for more than 50 years. The LIBRE Initiative is revving up a grassroots effort to lobby Congress, backed by the billion brothers Charles and David Koch. Whatever race you may happen to have been born into, if you don't fit their definition of intelligent and worthy, which is that you consider making obscene amounts of money the height of morality in this world, and, more importantly, if you have not, for whatever reason, actually done so, they will consider it only fitting, only the natural order of things, indeed a very manifestation of God's will and righteousness, that your neck, too, be as firmly lodged under their boots as they can possibly arrange. Free turkeys, holiday parties, classes in 'dinner on a dime,' with a side dish of conservative proselytizing. Yes, I have seen American senators take out ads in the Jerusalem Post. Russia! Among them is the Americans for … They stated their hatred for communism but were still willing to help them if it lined their own pockets. Not sure if he's the main topic but he's used as the cover image for the doc. So we can afford it. The Kotch Brothers are my heroes. As an agnostic atheist, I find the Democrats AND Republicans equally idiotic. Wow I see it's ok to destroy a country and humans just because you employ lots of people to do it. It was the Koch's Even Ms Tate would agree, I'm sure. Even though the political activities … While George H. W. Bush had still supported research into global warming under the Global Change Research Act of 1990, acceptance of scientific evidence on climate change began to weaken due to the Koch family's influence. Jhbomb creates fiction. If our tax money would cover all that healthcare (especially the $10k/day to keep someone on a respirator when they have no brain function), the healthcare premiums wouldn't have gone up for the average salaried employee, yet they did. - are they jew liars too??? That means they can only afford so many employees at a certain wage. They have operations in 45 states. Biggest piece of proganda I have seen in a long time, The Golden Calf has grown up to be a hollow Bronze Bull... the devil is a two faced hermaphrodite... They operate Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. They have holdings that range from oil and gas, to paper products, forestry, consumer goods, plastics and ranching. Sad that two men that could make the country a better place are funding for the disruption of lives in poor and middle communities. "Progressive" is a misnomer for just another flavor of Collectivism as are Socialism and Communism. You are the typical stoopid American, that gives us all as bad rap. [2][3] Fred's four sons litigated against each other over their interests in the business during the 1980s and 1990s. You have demonstrated your knowledge or lack of history from your jew tube university. They used oil lines in poor upkeep until they gave out, causing a giant oil spill, then understated the oil loss on their balance sheet to boost their perceived profits, while at the same time destroying the environment. it's time we get back to the constitution. My comments are related to this 'video' in that they're observations about the comments on this 'video', and the logic you use in your arguments 'about this video'. "I believe in gay marriage," David Koch told Politico in a 2012 interview. they use to connect the various Koch Kikes together. This site promotes conspiracy flicks of a ridiculous nature such as alien and UFO conspiracies but doesn't have anything exposing the parasitic and complete control of the west by organized Zionist Jewry. Then, this is really good, they, somehow, get Hitler to invade the Soviet Union. they are both getting old and one thing what they fear the most is getting old. Without communism , nationalist socialism would not have become strong, and without Nationlist Socialism the communists would never have taken control over Eastern Europe and wage war around the world. Government and politicians. Organized by the Cato Institute, the meeting shifted the position of the Republican Party on climate change. They marched naked children into chambers where they defecated and urinated and vomited as they died from the poisonous gassed. The Cato Institute, which Charles Koch helped create in 1974, is consistently ranked as among the top 25 U.S. think tanks overall in terms of influence on public policy in the United States.
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